Amendment ID: S2819-25-R1

Redraft Amendment 25

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Transit Users

Mr. Keenan, Ms. Rausch, Mr. O'Connor, Ms. Edwards, Ms. Moran, Messrs. Timilty, Tarr and Pacheco move that the proposed new text be amended by striking out section 45 and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

“SECTION 45. Not later than July 1, 2023, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation shall install and maintain electric vehicle charging stations for public use at: (i) all service plazas located on the Massachusetts Turnpike; (ii) the parking lots of not less than 5 commuter rail stations; (iii) the parking lots of not less than 5 subway stations; and (iv) the parking lot of at least 1 ferry terminal.”; and

in section 46, by inserting after the word "to", in line 560, the following words:- ", parking lots for public transit stations".