Amendment ID: S2989-5

Amendment 5

Green lights for municipal emergency management vehicles

Mr. Tarr moves that the proposed new text be amended by inserting in line 295 after the word, "registrar" the following:-"(viii) A vehicle owned or operated by the municipal emergency management as appointed by the municipal governing body may have mounted thereon flashing, rotating or oscillating green lights. Such lights shall only be displayed when such owner or operator is proceeding to an emergency or in response to an alarm and when the official duty of such owner or operator requires them to proceed to said emergency or to respond to said alarm, and at no other time.

No such green light shall be mounted or displayed on such vehicle until proper application has been made to the registrar by the emergency management director as appointed by the municipalities governing body and a written permit has been issued and delivered to the owner and operator. In the event that the operator is not the registered owner of the vehicle, no permit shall be issued until said owner forwards to the registrar a written statement certifying that he has knowledge that such red light will be mounted and displayed on said vehicle."