Budget Amendment ID: FY2022-S3-298-R1

Redraft ENV 298

Shellfish Advisory Panel

Messrs. Tarr and O'Connor moved that the proposed new text be amended by inserting after section _ the following new section:

SECTION _.  There shall be established within the division of marine fisheries a shellfish advisory panel to advise the director on matters of concern relevant to shellfish fisheries, provide a forum for Massachusetts governmental entities to receive and disseminate information relevant to shellfish resources and shellfish management, and allow members of the public and representatives of governmental entities of Massachusetts to bring forth emerging issues in shellfish fisheries.

The shellfish advisory panel  shall include: the director of the division of marine fisheries or a designee, who shall serve as Chair; the commissioner of the department of agriculture resources or a designee; the commissioner of the department of environmental protection or a designee; the head of department of public health’s food protection program or a designee; the director of the office of coastal zone management or a designee; the executive director of the Massachusetts commission on Indian affairs or a designee, two members of the General Court’s joint committee on environment, natural resources, and agriculture or their designees, and up to 15 individuals appointed by the director with due regard for coastal geographic distribution and stakeholder representation.  Said 15 individuals shall be appointed by the director as follows; one shall be a representative of the national oceanic and atmospheric sea grant programs established within Massachusetts; two shall hold valid seafood dealer permits and be involved in the wholesale or retail sale of shellfish; one shall hold a valid Massachusetts commercial fishing permit and be involved in a Massachusetts managed wild harvest shellfish fishery; two shall hold valid state and municipal  commercial shellfish permits and be involved with wild harvest of municipally managed shellfish; three shall hold both a valid Massachusetts aquaculture permit and a municipal site license for the commercial production of  shellfish; one shall hold a valid recreational shellfish permit within a municipality of Massachusetts and be involved with the recreational harvest of shellfish; two shall be current municipal shellfish constables nominated by the Massachusetts shellfish officers association; one shall be a member of the marine fisheries advisory commission; and one shall be a representative from a non-governmental organization involved with shellfish conservation.

Individuals appointed by the director to serve on the shellfish advisory panel shall serve a term not to exceed three years and may be eligible for re-appointment by the director.  The shellfish advisory panel  shall be convened by the Chair at least twice per calendar year to address issues of substance related to shellfish resources, fisheries, and management and assist in the dissemination of information to stakeholders. The Chair shall consider the input of the panel.

Nothing herein shall be construed to conflict with section 52 of this chapter.