Budget Amendment ID: FY2022-S3-387

EHS 387

Radio Reading Services

Ms. Chandler, Messrs. Lesser, Moore and Velis, Ms. Comerford, Messrs. Eldridge and Kennedy, Ms. Gobi, Ms. Moran, Messrs. Fattman, Hinds, O'Connor, Gomez, Cronin and Timilty moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 4110-1000, by adding the following words:- “; provided further, that not less than $100,000 shall be expended to each of the following radio reading services: Audible Local Ledger, Inc., Audio Journal, Inc., Berkshire Talking Chronicle, Lowell Association for the Blind, Inc. and Valley Eye Radio, Inc.", and by striking out the figure “$6,359,783” and inserting in place thereof the following figure:- “$6,859,783”.