Budget Amendment ID: FY2022-S3-521

EHS 521

Academic Health Department Partnerships Trust Fund

Messrs. Finegold and O'Connor moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, by inserting after section XX the following section:-

Section XX. Said chapter 29 of the General Laws is hereby further amended by inserting after section 2KKKKK, inserted by section 1 of chapter 254 of the acts of 2020, the following section:-

Section 2LLLLL. There shall be an Academic Health Department Partnerships Trust Fund. The fund shall be administered by the commissioner of public health to support the administration of the academic health department and the academic volunteer corps. There shall be credited to the fund all money received from public or private sources including but not limited to, gifts, grants, donations, bequests, contributions of cash or securities, contributions of property in kind from persons or other governmental, nongovernmental, quasi-governmental or local government entities. Expenditures from the fund shall be made to support the academic health department and academic volunteer corps, including but not limited to: (i) staff administrative support, (ii) paid internships, (iii) training and workforce development activities, and (vi) other services needed to support the program. The department of public health may incur expenses and the comptroller may certify amounts for payment in anticipation of expected receipts;