Budget Amendment ID: FY2022-S3-563-R1

Redraft EHS 563

Children’s Behavioral Health Council Study On Unit Closures

Mr. Gomez, Ms. Gobi, Messrs. Tarr, O'Connor, Timilty and Pacheco moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 48, in proposed subsection (b), by striking out clause (ix) and inserting in place thereof the following 2 clauses:-

“(ix) the impacts of closures of units and elimination of children’s behavioral health services including, but not limited to, access to clinically appropriate services, geographic disparities, economic disparities and strategies to prevent future unit and service closures that affect children in need of these services; and (x) any other factors the council deems relevant for addressing the barriers to the delivery of an equitable, culturally-competent, affordable and clinically-appropriate continuum of behavioral health care and services to children who are consumers of behavioral health services and their families.”.