Budget Amendment ID: FY2023-S4-298-R1

Redraft ECO 298

Improving Access to MRVP

Mr. Keenan, Ms. Comerford, Mr. Moore, Ms. Jehlen, Messrs. Eldridge and Brady, Ms. Chang-Diaz, Ms. Moran, Ms. Gobi, Ms. Rausch, Mr. Hinds, Ms. Lovely, Messrs. Gomez, O'Connor, Timilty and Pacheco and Ms. Edwards moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 7004-9024, by inserting after the words “rent exceeds 30 per cent of the monthly adjusted income for the household” the following words:- “, including the amount allowed for utilities paid by the tenant, as determined by the department,”.