Amendment ID: S2817-6

Amendment 6

Courtesy Retail Parking Spaces For Veterans

Messrs. Payano, O'Connor and Brady move that the proposed new text be amended by inserting after section __ the following section:-

"SECTION__. Chapter 40 of the General is hereby amended by inserting after section 22A3/4 the following section:-

Section 22A5/6. (a) A municipality may designate a parking space in off street parking lots, large retail parking lots and parking garages for the parking veteran in a motor vehicle that is owned and operated by the veteran and that displays a veteran registration plate issued pursuant to section 2 of chapter 90. The municipality shall be permitted to reserve not more than two parking spaces in parking lots with more than one thousand parking spaces. Municipalities shall also be permitted to reserve not more than two additional spaces for every additional five hundred parking spaces in a parking lot. The municipality shall erect and maintain a sign designating such a parking space that shall bear the words ''Veteran Parking Only— this space is reserved for those who have served. Unauthorized Vehicles May Be Removed At The Vehicle Owner's Expense''.

(b) A violation of subsection (a) shall be punished by a fine of $100 and the city or town may provide for the removal of a vehicle in the manner provided in section 22D. The penalty shall not be a surchargeable offense under section 113B of chapter 175.

(c) The Chief Executive Officer, as defined in section 2 of Chapter 21D of the General Laws, shall work with the owning or managing party of eligible parking lots and garages pursuant to subsection (a) for the purposes of carrying out subsection (a).