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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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H.3696 Michlewitz, Aaron An Act relative to certain affordable housing in the South End section of the city of Boston

SD.2397 Department of Public Health Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Report

S.2201 State Administration and Regulatory Oversight (J) An Act authorizing the mutual release of all claims to certain lands in the town of Newbury.

SD.2429 Cyr, Julian An Act establishing an interagency PFAS task force

SD.2430 DiZoglio, Diana An Act requiring the inclusion of certain civil rights offense information in the statewide domestic violence record keeping system

SD.2431 Collins, Nick An Act relative to the Boston Residents Job Policy

S.2202 DiZoglio, Diana An Act to dissolve the Newburyport Redevelopment Authority and transfer its lands to the city of Newburyport for permanent dedication for park and co...

SD.2395 State Retirees Benefits Trust Board of Trustees State Retirees Benefits Trust Fund FY20 Budget Filing

SD.2382 Cyr, Julian An Act relative to the Commonwealth's fire departments

H.3691 Peake, Sarah K. An Act authorizing the town of Provincetown to impose a 0.5% real estate transfer fee

HD.4127 Dean Campbell, Linda An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Sheri Panas, an employee of the department of unemployment assistance

HD.4128 LaNatra, Kathleen R. An Act extending the limitation on wrongful death actions

SD.2383 DiZoglio, Diana An Act relative to overtime pay for agricultural and farm work

SD.2434 Department of Public Health DPH Facility Inspections Report

HD.4163 Lombardo, Marc T. An Act regarding requirements for continuing education for electricians

SD.2422 Eldridge, James B. Establishing an independent redistricting commission

SD.2380 Division of Administrative Law Appeals Division of Administrative Law Appeals Annual Report

SD.2423 Bristol County Registry of Deeds Report of the Bristol County Registry of Deeds

SD.2407 DiZoglio, Diana An Act relative to public bidding

S.2220 Tran, Dean A. An Act to reform the toxic use reduction act

S.2221 Tran, Dean A. An Act establishing a commission to study the effects of K2 in state prisons

HD.4164 Nangle, David M. An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts’ ability to insure buildings

HD.4165 Donahue, Daniel M. An Act to establish a sick leave bank for Susan Purcell, an employee of the Department of Children and Families

SD.2413 O'Connor, Patrick M. An Act relative to uniform HIPAA standards

S.2219 Pacheco, Marc R. An Act authorizing the appointing authority of the town of Bridgewater to appoint police cadets under certain circumstances to the police department ...