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About Commonwealth Conversations 2017

Last session, the Massachusetts State Senate conducted a series of statewide forums in every corner of the state, known as Commonwealth Conversations. Now, we are bringing Beacon Hill back to you.

Commonwealth Conversations 2017 is the next step in our ongoing efforts to make your government even more responsive and accessible to you. State Senators from around the Commonwealth will be listening to what you have to say, and working hard to make sure they carry your voices and your ideas back to Beacon Hill.

Commonwealth Conversations won’t work without you. We hope you will join us so we can once again strengthen our promise of shared leadership with the people of the Commonwealth. Take a look through this website, take our survey, tweet at us using #MAconvos, and most importantly, attend a town hall event that we’ll be holding near you.

Schedule & Locations

You Spoke, We Listened

Springfield February 4, 2019
Lowell April 22, 2019
Fitchburg June 11, 2019
Amherst July 2, 2019
Newburyport and Amesbury September 17, 2019
Salem October 15, 2019
Stoughton November 12, 2019