Join us to discuss the energy issues you care about The Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change is hosting hearings throughout the Commonwealth to get input from you on pressing issues in clean energy and climate. How do you think the legislature should keep our state healthy, sustainable and strong?

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Tim Brainerd

1. update what the public utility commission permits or prohibits, so we can get solar microgrids, community renewables, and a bunch more. 2. please send me a copy of the slide show. thanks, tim brainerd

Susan lammi

Govt must get behind alt energy companies and stop subsidizing Big Oil. Pls support and protect our environment. Listen to science. The evidence is overwhelming. I have lived in rural Ma my entire life and even I can see the results.

Catherine Loeb

My big personal issue is I have been unable to buy off-site solar for my house (which isn't good for it). I have looked for 2 years and very few people seem to cover the Maynard MA area. We need more solar and wind power options. Maynard is a very small, dense town with little open space for a community solar. We NEED our state supporting renewable energy and the interest is definitely there to buy it.

Michelle mclellan donaruma

We need to increase solar energy options for Massachusetts or make it mandatory. And stand up to no drilling in the Arctic. Sea life is important.

Lauren Gaherty, Senior Planner, Berkshire Regional Planning Commission

• We thank the Baker Administration for continuing to support the state’s path towards a more sustainable energy future and for publicly recognizing climate change as a reality, especially as it is in sharp contrast to policy changes in Washington DC. • We thank our state delegation for continuing to pursue new policies, programs and technologies, particularly the pursuit of distributed clean energy generation and storage. • This area suffers from high energy costs, which has been cited by exiting businesses as one of the reasons they have moved out of Berkshire County. Therefore, reducing energy costs, both per kWh and per square foot, is a very real economic development issue. o The business sector (incl. commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional) is actually the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in Berkshire County. o Small businesses are the backbone of the Berkshire County economy and this sector is underserved by the MassSave and utility-run energy efficiency programs. There is a variety of reasons for this, but we believe that DOER and the utility Program Administrators should identify and overcome the existing barriers to achieving a greater enrollment in energy efficiency programs. If the Berkshires is to stem the migration of our talented youth, it is critical that we help this sector reduce energy costs as part of larger effort to allow them to remain in the Berkshires, expand their business and increase their job offerings. o We applaud the DOER for its new focus help to low/moderate income residents access existing energy and cost savings through efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, and we would welcome a similar program to help small business owners access the same savings. o Moderate income homeowners are a vast, untapped resource for efficiency and renewable energy. Yet many homeowners are not enrolling in the MassSave Program for a variety of reasons, including the belief that energy efficiency and renewable measures have long return-on-investment times, that they cannot afford the upfront costs of the updates, or that their homes are already pretty efficient. They are not investigating solar technologies because of the upfront costs. A state-wide outreach campaign should be conducted to advertise how the MassSave Program works, particularly listing free services and the 75-90% utility cost share rate. Programs that offer reduced-rate renewable projects should also be heavily promoted. Although we acknowledge the high cost of television advertising, we believe that it is key to getting people’s attention and getting them talking about these programs to neighbors and friends. Please note that Berkshire County is in the Albany, NY cable area, so advertising will need to be done through Albany TV stations. • We want to publicly thank Attorney General Healy for keeping watch over utility rate proposals and standing up for Mass. residents and businesses. • The Green Communities Program has been a rousing success, providing municipalities with funding and technical assistance needed to identify clean energy opportunities. Success breed success, and the energy projects that municipalities conduct not only reduces their energy use and costs, but it also raises reminds town staff and residents that the energy reductions realized on a municipal level can be transferred and realized at their own homes. • The Commonwealth has established policies to protect the environment with the dual goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and removing dams to improve aquatic connectivity. Dam removal projects, particularly those using public funds, should include an investigation as to whether the dam in question could be suitable for hydroelectric power generation. This would require a coordinated effort between state agencies such as DCR Dam Safety, DER, DOER and DEP. We request that Commonwealth conduct a statewide dam assessment to determine which dams may offer the opportunity to generate hydroelectric power and aid the state in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. • We agree with Ms. Tillinghast that transportation is the most significant Greenhouse Gas emission source that remains largely unaddressed. Increased use of rail between key metro areas such could reduce commuter travel and commercial truck hauling. Key areas for the Berkshires include efficient rail linkages to Boston, Albany, New York City and Hartford.

Dr. Susan Masino

Advocate for and incentivize solar thermal and geothermal - made 100% in America, reduces grid dependence, does not take up our landscapes or habitats, does not pollute, does not harm people or kill wildlife. LOCAL JOBS and NO NEGATIVES. Massachusetts should be a leader in widely mobilizing these practical solutions. I am a scientist and an environmentalist - we need energy solutions that First Do No Harm and these are proven technologies.

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