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Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2692
It shall be the duty of the committee on Rules to recommend special orders for the scheduling and consideration of legislation on the floor of the House. Said committee shall be authorized to make recommendations and propose changes in the rules for the purpose of improving and expediting the business and procedures of the House of Representatives and its committees.
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Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
  An Act to provide targeted pre-k education to all four year old children meeting specific guidelines in all gateway cities (26)  Alan Silvia    3/30/2015   
  An Act to prevent discrimination against private pension sources  Sheila C. Harrington    3/25/2015   
  An Act relative to students serving in the military  Marcos A. Devers    3/25/2015   
  An Act protecting student privacy  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/25/2015   
  An Act regulating fees relating to the sale and usage of propane gas  James M. Cantwell    3/26/2015   
  An Act relative to the Dam and Seawall Removal Fund  James M. Cantwell    3/26/2015   
  An Act relative to public safety employee death benefits  David Paul Linsky 
Karen E. Spilka  
  An Act to prevent concussion and head injury  Brian M. Ashe    3/30/2015   
  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Ignacio "Iggy" Farias an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation  Edward F. Coppinger    3/11/2015   
  An Act eliminating the motor vehicle excise tax in the fifth and succeeding years  Mathew Muratore    3/30/2015   
  An Act to help small fraternal insurance companies  Mathew Muratore    3/30/2015   
  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Lanesborough as the Sergeant Gregory Aloysius Noonan Bridge  Gailanne M. Cariddi    3/30/2015   
  An Act concerning the tax status of property of a housing authority  Marjorie C. Decker    3/30/2015   
  An Act relative to the Committee for Public Counsel Services  Steven S. Howitt    3/30/2015   
  An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Innocence Commission  Paul R. Heroux    3/26/2015   
  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Kim Quitadamo, an employee of the Worcester County Superior Court  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/26/2015   
  An Act declaring the first Monday of the month of May as school crossing guard day  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/30/2015   
  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Edward Conley, employee of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/26/2015   
  Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to retirement of judges  Christopher M. Markey    3/30/2015   
  Resolve An Act to create a commission to increase the exemption in the Massachusetts estate tax  Sheila C. Harrington    3/26/2015