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It shall be the duty of the committee on Rules to recommend special orders for the scheduling and consideration of legislation on the floor of the House. Said committee shall be authorized to make recommendations and propose changes in the rules for the purpose of improving and expediting the business and procedures of the House of Representatives and its committees.
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HD.3719  An Act to provide targeted pre-k education to all four year old children meeting specific guidelines in all gateway cities (26)  Alan Silvia    3/30/2015   
HD.3613  An Act to prevent discrimination against private pension sources  Sheila C. Harrington    3/25/2015   
HD.3617  An Act relative to students serving in the military  Marcos A. Devers    3/25/2015   
HD.3624  An Act relative to public safety employee death benefits  David Paul Linsky 
Karen E. Spilka  
HD.3687  An Act eliminating the motor vehicle excise tax in the fifth and succeeding years  Mathew Muratore    3/30/2015   
HD.3688  An Act to help small fraternal insurance companies  Mathew Muratore    3/30/2015   
HD.3704  An Act concerning the tax status of property of a housing authority  Marjorie C. Decker    3/30/2015   
HD.3705  An Act relative to the Committee for Public Counsel Services  Steven S. Howitt    3/30/2015   
HD.3716  An Act Relative to the Massachusetts Innocence Commission  Paul R. Heroux    3/26/2015   
HD.3727  An Act requiring review for determining category 4 eligibility  Shawn Dooley    3/31/2015   
HD.3729  An Act releasing a restriction on a parcel in Norfolk County  Shawn Dooley    3/31/2015   
HD.3731  An Act relative to restoring lottery funding to its intended purpose  John C. Velis    4/2/2015   
HD.3732  An Act relative to removing the tolls on the Western part of the Massachusetts Turnpike  John C. Velis    4/2/2015   
HD.3733  An Act relative to local aid funding  John C. Velis    4/2/2015   
HD.3743  An Act concerning the tax status of property of a housing authority  Marjorie C. Decker    4/8/2015   
HD.3767  An Act to strike out Chapter 90C Section 3 Subsection A4  Paul R. Heroux    4/16/2015   
HD.3766  An Act deregulating windshield wiper and headlight use  James J. Lyons, Jr. 
Shaunna L. O'Connell  
HD.3769  An Act revising the headlight/windshield wiper law  Colleen M. Garry 
Keiko M. Orrall  
HD.3774  An Act relative to transparency in the MBTA Retirement Fund  Shaunna L. O'Connell    4/30/2015   
HD.3777  An Act relative to defining employees classified in Group 4  Tackey Chan    5/7/2015   
HD.3778  An Act relative to section 29 of chapter 65 of the acts of 2009 for Diane Cummings of Worcester  James J. O'Day 
Harriette L. Chandler  
HD.3815  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Ceclie Ferrie an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Correction  Kevin J. Kuros    4/28/2015   
HD.3848  An Act clarifying eligibility for the earned income tax credit  Lori A. Ehrlich    5/27/2015   
HD.3850  An Act authorizing the removal and towing of motor vehicles violating height requirements  David M. Nangle    5/27/2015   
HD.3854  An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to study the feasibility of reevaluating the process of testing for concussions and similar traumatic brain injuries  Bruce J. Ayers    5/28/2015   
HD.3862  An Act relative to physical therapy  Mathew Muratore    6/1/2015   
HD.3868  An Act relative to condominium elections  Hannah Kane    6/1/2015   
HD.3869  An Act relative to a special commission to study condominium law  Hannah Kane    6/1/2015   
HD.3888  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Steven Needle, an employee of Massachusetts Department of Transportation  David F. DeCoste    6/8/2015   
HD.3917  An Act relative to the domestic violence housing commission  Bradley H. Jones, Jr. 
Viriato M. deMacedo  
HD.3949  An Act relative to CPCS reimbursement  Steven S. Howitt    6/29/2015   
HD.4010  An Act relative to termination of alimony judgments  Bruce J. Ayers    7/20/2015   
HD.4030  An Act relative to the annual observance of Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps Remembrance Day  Linda Dean Campbell 
Paul Tucker  
HD.4025  An Act authorizing Paul Burns, an employee of the commonwealth, to apply for the retirement incentive program  Shawn Dooley    7/23/2015   
HD.4071  An Act requiring voters to re-accept the provisions of Chapter 44B once every five years from the date of their original acceptance  David F. DeCoste    8/6/2015   
HD.4054  An Act relative to gun free zones  John C. Velis    7/29/2015   
HD.4073  An Act relative to videotaping, audiotaping and photographing persons receiving medical treatment  Marjorie C. Decker    8/10/2015   
HD.4089  An Act establishing the rank of first lieutenant of the state police  Daniel M. Donahue    8/20/2015   
HD.4141  An Act relative to qualifications for creditable prior service in the Commonwealth  Marcos A. Devers    9/17/2015   
HD.4094  An Act relative to early education funding  Stephen L. DiNatale    8/24/2015   
HD.4113  An Act relative to non-public school student access to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exam  Alan Silvia    8/31/2015   
HD.4128  An Act prohibiting gaming establishments within school zones  Garrett J. Bradley    9/10/2015   
HD.4145  An Act relative to sheet metal work  Brian M. Ashe    9/17/2015   
HD.4152  An Act exempting members of the military in active duty from automobile excise tax  Diana DiZoglio    9/28/2015   
HD.4151  An Act providing retiree healthcare benefits reform  James J. Lyons, Jr.    9/28/2015   
HD.4149  An Act relative to bicycle safety and turn and stop signals  Tom Sannicandro    9/24/2015   
HD.4256  An Act authorizing the division of capital asset management and maintenance to convey to the Gandara Mental Health Center, Inc. certain parcels of land in the city of Springfield  Jose F. Tosado    11/12/2015   
HD.4169  An Act relative to fee reimbursement  James M. Murphy    10/7/2015   
HD.4172  An Act relative to juvenile sex offender registration  Paul R. Heroux    10/8/2015   
HD.4171  An Act relative to license to carry fees for active duty law enforcement officers  Paul R. Heroux    10/8/2015   
HD.4174  An Act relative to dangerousness hearings for vehicular homicide  Susan Williams Gifford    10/13/2015   
HD.4179  An Act relative to criminal electronic surveillance  Josh S. Cutler    10/14/2015   
HD.4210  An Act to preserve family housing  Evandro C. Carvalho    10/28/2015   
HD.4220  An Act relative to the Chinese New Year  James J. Lyons, Jr.    10/28/2015   
HD.4221  An Act relative to the Wilmington Wildcat Community Service Program  James R. Miceli    10/21/2015   
HD.4228  An Act relative to the underground economy  Thomas J. Calter    11/4/2015   
HD.4230  An Act allowing cities and towns to impose a local tax on medical marijuana  Alan Silvia    11/4/2015   
HD.4231  An Act strengthening drug treatment programs for first-time opiate offenders  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    11/9/2015   
HD.4241  An Act expanding opportunity to officiate marriage ceremonies  Kenneth I. Gordon 
Patricia D. Jehlen  
HD.4257  An Act establishing a program for oyster restoration  Daniel J. Ryan    11/18/2015   
HD.4259  An Act regulating motor vehicle exhaust sound levels  William C. Galvin    11/12/2015   
HD.4263  An Act relative to automatic voter registration  Evandro C. Carvalho    11/16/2015   
HD.4265  An Act regarding group care facility  Kay Khan    11/18/2015   
HD.4270  An Act relative to innocent spouses  Garrett J. Bradley    11/18/2015   
HD.4287  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Janaina Euriques, an employee of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families  RoseLee Vincent 
Daniel J. Ryan  
HD.4293  An Act creating the state guarantee fund for default on public construction surety bond payments  Gailanne M. Cariddi    11/30/2015   
HD.4295  An Act relative to fair wages  Adrian Madaro    11/30/2015   
H.3580  order  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    6/11/2015   
HD.3689  Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to retirement of judges  Christopher M. Markey    3/30/2015   
HD.4074  Resolutions In Recognition of the efforts of all who seek to place grave markers on the graves of Soldiers giving the ultimate sacrifice in service to the United States of America and the Commonwealth  Frank A. Moran    8/10/2015   
HD.3614  Resolve An Act to create a commission to increase the exemption in the Massachusetts estate tax  Sheila C. Harrington    3/26/2015   
HD.4211  Resolve establishing a special commission on behavioral health promotion and upstream prevention  James M. Cantwell    11/9/2015   
HD.4227  Resolve relative to enhancing recycling machines at Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority facilities  Diana DiZoglio    11/4/2015