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House Committee onBills in the Third Reading

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Room 20
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2410
It shall be the duty of the committee on Bills in the Third Reading to consider all bills and resolves prior to their final reading, and examine, correct and recommend such amendments as may be necessary concerning duplication, grammatical errors, constitutionality, etc. The committee shall consider all amendments received from the Senate. The committee shall also act in relation to resolutions and proposals, and any other matters referred thereto.

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H.2388  An act establishing a sick leave bank for Matthew Stuart, an employee of the department of children and families  James R. Miceli    3/21/2013   
H.718  An Act relative to the Charles River water quality commission  Anne M. Gobi 
Marc R. Pacheco  
S.1757  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Cheryl A. Cole, an employee of the office of Medicaid  Sal N. DiDomenico    4/10/2013   
H.3324  An Act relative to the Community Preservation Committee in the town of Nantucket  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.3355  An Act amending the charter of the town of Abington  Geoff Diehl 
John F. Keenan  
H.1880  An Act relative to the maintenance of private roads, beaches and amenities in municipalities  Cleon H. Turner    5/23/2013   
H.2661  An Act to make a technical change to the Community Preservation Act  Timothy R. Madden    6/6/2013   
S.1521  An Act designating the month of May as Blue Star Mothers Month  Marc R. Pacheco    6/17/2013   
H.3563  An Act relative to the storage of ethanol or a blending facility  NONE    7/16/2013   
H.3565  An Act relative to the taxation of carbon-based fuels  NONE    7/16/2013   
H.3568  An Act relative to pesticide licensing and mosquito control  House Committee on Ways and Means    7/18/2013   
H.2268  An Act relative to the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority   Nick Collins    7/18/2013   
H.130  An Act relative to school served food products  James R. Miceli    7/24/2013   
H.1997  An Act protecting potluck events.  Louis L. Kafka    7/24/2013   
H.2384  An Act to define further teacher for retirement purposes  Elizabeth A. Malia    7/24/2013   
H.2295  An Act relative to the Muscular Dystrophy Association   Diana DiZoglio    7/25/2013   
H.2582  An Act relative to tax exempt property  Sean Garballey    7/25/2013   
H.3540  An Act relative to risk management services  Joint Committee on Financial Services    7/30/2013   
H.2106  An Act relative to organ retention  Martin J. Walsh    7/30/2013   
S.966  An Act authorizing the rent board of the town of Middleborough to impose fees for the employment of outside consultants  Marc R. Pacheco    8/8/2013   
H.1873  An Act relative to handicap automobile licenses or placards  Alice Hanlon Peisch    8/16/2013   
H.1862  An Act supporting municipal fiscal stability through a special education stabilization fund  Jason M. Lewis 
Cleon H. Turner  
H.3612  An Act regulating residential paving  Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    9/12/2013   
S.1802  An Act authorizing the town of Falmouth to borrow money for the repayment of certain indebtedness  Therese Murray    9/25/2013   
H.3645  An Act allowing disabled veterans and prisoners of war who lease motor vehicles to be exempt from excise tax  Joint Committee on Revenue    10/2/2013   
H.2617  An Act relative to sales and excise tax exemptions for disabled veterans  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    10/2/2013   
H.2475  An Act providing certain accidental disability retirement benefits for the widow of a former police officer of the city of Boston.   Martin J. Walsh    10/3/2013   
H.751  An Act relative to the milk producer's security fund reimbursement  Stephen Kulik    10/9/2013   
H.2422  An Act relative to injured on duty benefits for environmental police officers  Kathi-Anne Reinstein    10/9/2013   
H.550  An Act authorizing the establishment of senior citizen safety zones  Denise Provost    10/16/2013   
H.3064  An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates  Anne M. Gobi    10/16/2013   
H.3093  An Act to clarify penalties for violations occurring while driving with a hardship license  David Paul Linsky    10/16/2013   
H.3097  An Act relative to speed limits in historic districts  Timothy R. Madden    10/16/2013   
H.3056  An Act designating a certain section of State Highway Route 2 in the city of Cambridge and town of Arlington as the James M. Gavin Memorial Highway  Sean Garballey    10/16/2013   
S.865  An Act relative to parental leave  Patricia D. Jehlen    10/30/2013   
H.2774  An Act designating the last day of February as Rare Disease Day in the Commonwealth  Brian M. Ashe    10/30/2013   
H.2880  An Act establishing School Bus Driver Day  John W. Scibak    10/30/2013   
H.2881  An Act to designate shaken baby syndrome awareness week  John W. Scibak    10/30/2013   
H.2882  An Act designating PANDAS/PANS Awareness Day  John W. Scibak    10/30/2013   
H.3426  An Act relative to adult foster care  Alan Silvia    10/30/2013   
S.1815  An Act relative to the granting of an easement at Rea's Pond Sewer Pump Station in the town of North Andover   Bruce E. Tarr    11/6/2013   
H.3422  An Act to ensure elected representation  Tom Sannicandro    11/6/2013   
H.3675  An Act validating the results of the annual town meeting of the town of Ashland held on May 2, 2012  Deval L. Patrick    11/13/2013   
H.3731  An Act relative to acceptable health service training for psychologists  Joint Committee on Health Care Financing    11/13/2013   
S.935  An Act increasing the membership of the city of Lowell board of license commissioners from 3 to 5 members   Eileen M. Donoghue    11/25/2013   
S.317  An Act allowing citizens seventeen (17) years of age to vote in the City of Lowell municipal elections  Eileen M. Donoghue    11/27/2013   
H.3779  An Act relative to retail licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages at continuing care retirement communities  Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    11/27/2013   
H.1165  An Act to protect residential building lots  Cleon H. Turner    12/16/2013   
H.1822  An Act relative to municipal use of insurance proceeds  James M. Cantwell    12/16/2013   
H.1839  An Act relative to regional stabilization funds  Anne M. Gobi 
Cleon H. Turner  
S.1926  An Act regulating the use of buprenorphine in opioid dependence treatment  Benjamin B. Downing    12/23/2013   
H.3778  An Act creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate  Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    12/23/2013   
H.365  An Act relative to regional school district leases  Thomas P. Conroy    12/30/2013   
H.401  An Act relative to the powers and duties of a regional school district  Anne M. Gobi 
Cleon H. Turner  
H.3789  An Act establishing a regional school district planning committee  Joint Committee on Education    12/30/2013   
H.3805  An Act relative to the temporary release of persons under the care of the department of mental health  Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse    1/2/2014   
H.3806  An Act relative to concussion prevention  Joint Committee on Public Health    1/2/2014   
H.870  An Act relative to continuing education of insurance producers  Edward F. Coppinger    1/9/2014   
H.1857  An Act relative to streamlining municipal finance  Stephen Kulik    1/9/2014   
S.1395  An Act establishing the Scusset Beach State Reservation Trust Fund and imposing a surcharge on certain fees charged for the use of Scusset Beach  Therese Murray    1/15/2014   
H.616  An Act amending the preparation of certain ballots in the city of Boston  Aaron Michlewitz    1/15/2014   
H.3773  An Act relating to the issuance of temporary notes by cities, towns and districts  Stephen Kulik 
Karen E. Spilka  
S.1941  An Act further amending Chapter 654 of the Acts of 1975  Therese Murray    2/12/2014   
H.1125  An Act to promote open space residential development  Kevin G. Honan    2/12/2014   
H.2836  An Act relative to the annual observance of Massachusetts Women’s Defense Corps Remembrance Day   John D. Keenan 
Linda Campbell  
H.3459  An Act designating the song “14 Counties of Massachusetts” as the official county song of the commonwealth.  Thomas M. Stanley    2/12/2014   
H.3753  An Act designating the official seasoning of the commonwealth   James M. Murphy    2/12/2014   
H.3899  An Act making appropriations for the fiscal year 2014 to provide for supplementing certain existing appropriations and for certain other activities and projects  House Committee on Ways and Means    2/13/2014   
H.3900  An Act Sick Leave Bank for Marycatherin Paniss  Denise Andrews 
Stephen M. Brewer  
H.3908  An Act relative to operating agencies  House Committee on Ways and Means    2/24/2014   
H.854  An act relative to requiring insurance for taxicabs and commercial vehicles  Garrett J. Bradley    2/26/2014   
H.886  An Act relative to the anti-arson application for dwelling policies  Michael A. Costello    2/26/2014   
S.1968  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Alexander Rodriguez, an employee of the Trial Court  Richard T. Moore    2/26/2014   
H.3304  An Act relative to the retirement allowance of Derek Cook in the city of Springfield  Benjamin Swan    3/5/2014   
H.3525  An Act clarifying the term of appointment of non-civil service police officers  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/5/2014   
H.3684  An Act relative to the issuance of secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers licenses in the city of Revere  Kathi-Anne Reinstein 
Anthony W. Petruccelli  
H.3774  An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Boston as the PFC Alvin Richard Gale memorial bridge  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/5/2014   
H.2822  An Act proclaiming May as Aviation Awareness Month  Donald Humason    3/12/2014   
H.3879  An Act relative to a certain parcel of land in the Charlestown neighborhood of the city of Boston  Eugene L. O'Flaherty    3/12/2014   
H.3926  An Act relative to recovery  Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy    3/12/2014   
H.3760  An Act Relative to Strengthening Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements  House Committee on Bills in the Third Reading    3/17/2014   
S.2006  An Act authorizing the division of capital asset management and maintenance to convey certain property at Northampton State Hospital  Senate Committee on Ways and Means    3/25/2014   
H.1771  An Act to provide incentives for productive workers compensation audits  Joseph F. Wagner    3/26/2014   
S.1962  An Act authorizing the city of Northampton to issue an additional license for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises  Stanley C. Rosenberg    3/26/2014   
H.2781  An Act relative to lottery compliance investigations  Garrett J. Bradley    3/26/2014   
H.2813  An Act to establish Uncle Sam Day  Sean Garballey    3/26/2014   
H.2856  An Act setting apart the third Saturday of the month of October as Massachusetts Minutemen and Militia Day  James R. Miceli    3/26/2014   
H.2899  An Act designating the second week of May as Williams Syndrome Awareness Week  Martin J. Walsh    3/26/2014   
H.2901  An Act designating Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Day  Martin J. Walsh    3/26/2014   
H.3262  An Act relative to novelty sparklers  George N. Peterson, Jr.    3/26/2014   
S.2044  An Act authorizing the Department of Fish and Game to release a certain conservation restriction on certain property in exchange for acquiring a certain parcel of land in the town of Winchendon  Senate Committee on Ways and Means    4/3/2014   
H.4004  An Act relative to Chapter 30B  House Committee on Ways and Means    4/3/2014   
H.3946  An Act relative to licensing in the Commonwealth  Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight    4/3/2014   
S.1856  An Act providing for sewer commissioners in the town of Wareham  Marc R. Pacheco    4/3/2014   
S.1964  An Act exempting certain positions in the police department of the town of Sandwich from the civil service law  Therese Murray    4/3/2014   
S.1999  An Act authorizing the town of Oakham to continue the employment of Fire Chief Thomas Snay  Stephen M. Brewer    4/3/2014   
S.2045  An act relative to the University of Massachusetts Police Department  Senate Committee on Ethics and Rules    4/3/2014   
H.1852  An Act to ensure adequate care of animals in cities and towns  Louis L. Kafka    4/3/2014   
H.1989  An Act relative to death certificates  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    4/3/2014   
H.3457  An Act regarding advisory questions on ballots in the city of Newton  Ruth B. Balser    4/3/2014   
H.3863  An Act authorizing the lease of air rights over a portion of a municipal off-street parking area - rear of the property located at 280-290 Harvard Street  Frank I. Smizik    4/3/2014   
H.3902  An Act relative to certain conservation land in the town of Duxbury  Josh S. Cutler 
Thomas J. Calter  
H.3925  An Act relative to distributed generation contracts  Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy    4/3/2014   
S.621  An Act relative to compliance of condominium associations  Daniel A. Wolf    4/3/2014   
H.4035  An Act establishing the Nantucket mosquito control project  House Committee on Ways and Means    4/7/2014   
S.2087  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Maria Elaskar-Stack, an employee of the Department of Children and Families  Senate Committee on Ways and Means    4/8/2014   
H.3982  An Act providing the terms of certain bonds encouraging the improvement, expansion and development of military installations in the Commonwealth  Deval L. Patrick    4/10/2014   
S.1963  An Act designating June 14 as the birthday of the United States Army and June 9 as General Sylvanus Thayer Day  Richard T. Moore    4/10/2014   
S.1991  An Act authorizing the temporary use of certain park lands in the city of Newton  Cynthia S. Creem    4/10/2014   
H.1157  An Act creating smoke free elderly housing units in the Commonwealth  Theodore C. Speliotis    4/10/2014   
H.1861  An Act extending municipal bonding terms for local infrastructure development programs  Kevin J. Kuros    4/10/2014   
H.2812  An Act designating Cyrus E. Dallin as the official sculptor of the Commonwealth  Sean Garballey    4/10/2014   
H.2814  An Act to designate Narcolepsy Awareness Day  Anne M. Gobi    4/10/2014   
H.2862  An Act designating the gingham as the official textile of Massachusetts   Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    4/10/2014   
H.2865  An Act officially making the month of March multiple system atrophy awareness month  George N. Peterson, Jr.    4/10/2014   
H.2895  An Act relative to the annual observance of Green Up Day   Chris Walsh    4/10/2014   
H.2905  An Act designating Rex Trailer as the official cowboy of the Commonwealth  Daniel B. Winslow    4/10/2014   
H.3478  An Act providing for the term of office of the City Council in the city of Springfield  Benjamin Swan    4/10/2014   
H.3696  An Act filling vacancies in ward seats of the city council by special election in the city of Springfield  Benjamin Swan    4/10/2014   
H.3875  An Act amending the Chapter 656 of the Acts of 1989 in the City of Springfield  Benjamin Swan    4/10/2014   
H.3935  An Act relative to a certain parcel of land in the town of Stow  Kate Hogan 
James B. Eldridge  
H.3766  An Act providing for burial benefits under the workers' compensation act  Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development    4/10/2014   
S.2067  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Michael J. Donoghue, an employee of the Norfolk Sheriff's Office  John F. Keenan    4/14/2014   
H.4047  An Act relative to assisting individuals with autism and other intellectual or developmental disabilities  House Committee on Ways and Means    4/15/2014