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It shall be the duty of the committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling to assist the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives in identifying the major matters pending before the General Court, the relative urgency and priority for consideration of such matters and alternative methods of responding to such matters by the General Court. Said committee shall schedule legislative matters in a manner that will provide for an even distribution and orderly consideration of reports of legislative committees on the daily Calendar.
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H.2790  An Act declaring the third Saturday of the month of October as Massachusetts Minutemen and Militia Day  James R. Miceli    2/11/2016   
H.225  An Act updating chapter 93H data security protections to include biometric information  Ronald Mariano    2/11/2016   
H.2825  An Act establishing school bus driver day  John W. Scibak    2/11/2016   
H.2824  An Act designating shaken baby syndrome awareness week  John W. Scibak    2/11/2016   
H.2831  An Act designating the song “14 Counties of Massachusetts” as the official county song of the Commonwealth  Thomas M. Stanley    2/11/2016   
H.230  An Act to allow non-profits to purchase alcohol from retail package stores for charitable events  Paul McMurtry    1/28/2016   
H.2796  An Act designating the official seasoning of the Commonwealth  James M. Murphy    2/11/2016   
H.2709  An Act designating the last day of February as Rare Disease Day in the Commonwealth  Brian M. Ashe    2/11/2016   
H.2795  An Act officially making the month of March multiple system atrophy awareness month  David K. Muradian, Jr.    2/11/2016   
H.2319  An Act relative to protecting the rights of custodial and other non-teaching employees of school districts  Patricia A. Haddad    2/11/2016   
H.2729  An Act relative to the official amphibian of the Commonwealth  Stephen L. DiNatale    2/11/2016   
H.2257  An Act relative to firefighters cessation program  Claire D. Cronin    1/25/2016   
S.1839  An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Westfield as the All Westfield Patriots Bridge  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    2/3/2016   
H.2742  An Act to establish Uncle Sam day  Sean Garballey    2/11/2016   
H.2793  An Act designating Domestic Workers’ Rights Day  Michael J. Moran    2/11/2016   
H.2308  An Act relative to death benefits to surviving spouses of call and volunteer firefighters  Carmine L. Gentile 
James B. Eldridge  
H.247  An Act regulating the granting of temporary licenses for the sale of wine, beer, and malt liquor at auctions  Alice Hanlon Peisch    1/28/2016   
H.248  An Act relative to special alcohol licenses for nonprofit organizations  Alice Hanlon Peisch    1/28/2016   
H.275  An Act relative to issuing prize payments to charities  Aaron Vega    1/28/2016   
H.3524  An Act designating March as Fibromuscular Dysplasia Awareness Month  Walter F. Timilty    2/11/2016   
H.2784  An Act declaring the second Monday in October as "Italian-American Heritage Day"  Paul W. Mark    2/11/2016   
H.3626  An Act declaring the first Monday of the month of May as school crossing guard day  Alice Hanlon Peisch    2/11/2016   
H.3640  An Act providing for recall elections in the town of Bolton  Kate Hogan 
Jennifer L. Flanagan  
H.3800  An Act relative to the Canoe River aquifer advisory committee  Claire D. Cronin 
Louis L. Kafka  
H.3686  An Act relative to the appointment of special police officers in the town of Bridgewater  Angelo L. D'Emilia 
Marc R. Pacheco  
S.1995  An Act relative to constables in the town of Middleborough  Marc R. Pacheco    2/9/2016   
H.3784  An Act providing for recall elections in the town of Shirley  Jennifer E. Benson 
James B. Eldridge  
H.3778  An Act validating the actions taken at the annual town election held in the town of Dudley  Charles D. Baker    1/25/2016   
H.3853  An Act relative to the form of representative town government in the town of North Attleborough  Elizabeth A. Poirier    1/27/2016   
H.3935  An Act to amend Chapter 27 of The Acts of 1996  Chris Walsh    1/28/2016   
H.3961  An Act relative to local control of boat excise revenue  Joint Committee on Revenue    1/25/2016