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House Committee onSteering, Policy and Scheduling

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House Information
Room 185
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2960
It shall be the duty of the committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling to assist the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives in identifying the major matters pending before the General Court, the relative urgency and priority for consideration of such matters and alternative methods of responding to such matters by the General Court. Said committee shall schedule legislative matters in a manner that will provide for an even distribution and orderly consideration of reports of legislative committees on the daily Calendar.
Date Starts Topics Bills Status Location
No hearings currently scheduled
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Report Type
H.1179  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Melanie Chapman, an employee of the Trial Court  Bruce J. Ayers   Place in OD 
H.58  An Act authorizing the city of Springfield to convey certain park land and to grant a license agreement over certain park land to UNIFIRST Corporation  Thomas M. Petrolati   Place in OD 
H.3328  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jacqueline Eld, an employee of the Middlesex Probate and Family Court  Paul J. Donato   Place in OD 
H.2292  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Deane Smith, an employee of the Department of Correction  Stephen L. DiNatale   Place in OD 
H.2388  An act establishing a sick leave bank for Matthew Stuart, an employee of the department of children and families  James R. Miceli   Place in OD 
H.3224  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Mary Ann Gangemi, an employee of the Department of Public Health  John H. Rogers   Place in OD 
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.2878  An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/31/2014   
H.4007  An Act relative to environmental performance standards for plumbing fixtures  Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture    4/2/2014   
H.163  An Act to allow certain store and shops to open on holidays  Tackey Chan    4/2/2014   
H.4019  An Act relative to the regional school transportation reimbursement fund  Joint Committee on Education    4/3/2014   
H.2868  An Act designating the fluffernutter as the official sandwich of the commonwealth.  Kathi-Anne Reinstein    4/3/2014   
S.1995  An Act authorizing the Wilkinsonville Water District to convey a certain parcel of land  Richard T. Moore    4/7/2014   
H.873  An Act relative to certain banking laws  Michael A. Costello    4/7/2014   
H.3852  An Act authorizing the reinstatement of Richard L. Cross as a reserve police officer in the town of Southwick  Nicholas A. Boldyga 
Donald F. Humason, Jr.  
H.958  An Act relating to fire insurance  James M. Murphy    4/8/2014   
H.3794  An Act exempting the Police Department of the Town of Westwood from the provisions of the Civil Service Law  Paul McMurtry 
Michael F. Rush  
H.3809  An Act directing the State-Saugus retirement board to retire John Coburn a police officer of the town of Saugus  Donald H. Wong    4/8/2014   
H.3876  An Act authorizing the town of Conway to continue the employment of Robert Baker and Ronald Hawkes   Stephen Kulik 
Benjamin B. Downing  
H.2419  An Act relative to firefighters cessation program.  Kathi-Anne Reinstein    4/8/2014   
S.1622  An Act designating Rex Trailer as the official cowboy of the Commonwealth  Michael Barrett    4/9/2014   
S.1985  An Act relative to local commissions on disability  Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight    4/9/2014   
H.263  An Act relative to protecting consumers of the Commonwealth   Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    4/14/2014   
H.272  An Act relative to the definition of a kennel  George N. Peterson, Jr.    4/14/2014   
H.285  An Act relative to telemarketing solicitation  John W. Scibak    4/14/2014   
S.958  An Act relative to subdivision bonds  Michael O. Moore    4/15/2014   
S.2103  An Act amending the charter of the city known as the town of Greenfield  NONE    4/16/2014