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It shall be the duty of the committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling to assist the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives in identifying the major matters pending before the General Court, the relative urgency and priority for consideration of such matters and alternative methods of responding to such matters by the General Court. Said committee shall schedule legislative matters in a manner that will provide for an even distribution and orderly consideration of reports of legislative committees on the daily Calendar.
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H.1695  An Act relative to participants in entertainment exhibitions  Tackey Chan    7/27/2015   
H.3569  An Act relative to the charter of the city of Chelsea  Daniel J. Ryan    7/23/2015   
H.1690  An Act regarding youth sports referees  James M. Cantwell    7/27/2015   
H.3568  An Act relative to the charter of the town of Abington creating a department of public works  Geoff Diehl    7/23/2015   
H.3244  An Act relative to nitrogen loading easements in the town of Sterling  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    7/27/2015   
S.1083  An Act relative to the Templeton Developmental Center Reuse Committee  Anne M. Gobi    7/27/2015   
H.1740  An Act relative to job creation through employee ownership  Paul W. Mark    7/27/2015   
H.3361  An Act relative to the taking of property by the Medway Redevelopment Authority  John V. Fernandes 
Karen E. Spilka  
H.3550  An Act authorizing the establishment of a municipal job creation and retention trust and project mitigation contribution ("linkage") program for job creation and retention in the city of Somerville  Christine P. Barber 
Patricia D. Jehlen  
H.3565  An Act establishing the Williams-Rockwell educational gift fund in the city of Gardner  Jonathan D. Zlotnik    7/23/2015   
H.3618  An Act further amending the composition of the Nantucket Historic District Commission  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.3582  An Act relative to the town of Foxborough  F. Jay Barrows    7/23/2015   
H.3619  An Act amending chapter 599 of the acts of 1989, an act establishing a department of public works in the Town of Tisbury  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.3594  An Act authorizing the town of Pembroke to use water supply and conservation land for public way purposes  Josh S. Cutler    7/27/2015   
H.3660  An Act relative to the STEM advisory council  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    7/16/2015   
H.3681  An Act dissolving the Geriatric Authority of Holyoke  Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government    7/23/2015   
H.3682  An Act amending the charter of the town of Provincetown by adding additional alternate members on certain boards  Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government    7/23/2015