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It shall be the duty of the committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling to assist the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives in identifying the major matters pending before the General Court, the relative urgency and priority for consideration of such matters and alternative methods of responding to such matters by the General Court. Said committee shall schedule legislative matters in a manner that will provide for an even distribution and orderly consideration of reports of legislative committees on the daily Calendar.
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H.2730  An Act relative to government publications  Daniel M. Donahue    4/13/2016   
H.821  An Act relative to continuing education of insurance producers  Edward F. Coppinger    4/19/2016   
H.132  An Act relative to mandated reporters  John W. Scibak    5/5/2016   
H.903  An Act relative to group market plans for automobile and homeowners insurance  John J. Mahoney 
Michael O. Moore  
S.1712  An Act designating the first Wednesday in May as State Parks Day  Michael F. Rush    4/25/2016   
H.2130  An Act requiring microphones and audio-recorders on tasers  William C. Galvin 
Louis L. Kafka  
H.2121  An Act relative to hidden compartments  Stephen L. DiNatale    4/25/2016   
H.932  An Act relative to title insurance closing protection letters  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    4/19/2016   
H.684  An Act regarding liability insurance requirements for owners of underground storage tanks  Danielle W. Gregoire    4/19/2016   
H.2132  An Act relative to bank robberies and collection of fraudulent checks  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    4/25/2016   
H.3032  An Act to clarify penalties for violations occurring while driving with a hardship license  David Paul Linsky    5/2/2016   
H.2147  An Act requiring the use of helmets for equine riders and drivers  Peter V. Kocot    4/25/2016   
H.2818  An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act  Angelo M. Scaccia    4/21/2016   
H.2113  An Act relative to critical incident intervention by emergency service providers  Edward F. Coppinger    4/25/2016   
S.693  An Act relative to the membership of Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority  Benjamin B. Downing    4/25/2016   
H.797  An Act to correct uninsured motorist coverage anomaly for listed operators  Garrett J. Bradley    4/19/2016   
H.2794  An Act relative to restricted vital records  Michael J. Moran    4/19/2016   
H.834  An Act to amend credit card merchant agreements  Paul J. Donato    4/21/2016   
H.2415  An Act relative to the Massachusetts state retirement system  Todd M. Smola    4/14/2016   
H.3011  An Act Relative to Motorcycle Safety  Bradford R. Hill 
Bruce E. Tarr  
S.1674  An Act designating May 6 as Moyamoya Disease Awareness Day  Eric P. Lesser    4/13/2016   
S.1983  An Act authorizing the town of Andover school district to convey a certain parcel of land  Barbara L'Italien    4/21/2016   
H.3878  An Act relative to firefighters in the town of Concord  Cory Atkins    4/11/2016   
S.2068  An Act relative to certain charges and fees in the town of Charlton  Anne M. Gobi    4/26/2016   
S.2086  An Act authorizing the town of Westport to indemnify the payment of certain medical expenses for a retired firefighter  Michael J. Rodrigues    4/25/2016   
H.4051  An Act making a corrective change for a certain reserve fund in the town of Hingham  Garrett J. Bradley    5/5/2016   
H.4178  An Act relative to the International Trade Commission's reporting requirements  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    4/11/2016   
H.4193  An Act further regulating the reserve fund for credit unions  Joint Committee on Financial Services    4/25/2016   
H.4194  An Act relative to family financial protection  Joint Committee on Financial Services    4/25/2016   
H.4255  An Act exempting the city of Springfield from certain provisions of Section 29 of Chapter 43   Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight    5/5/2016   
H.4211  An Act providing for a workforce housing financing plan  Joint Committee on Revenue    4/14/2016   
H.4212  An Act relative to industrial zoned small business property tax exemption  Joint Committee on Revenue    4/14/2016   
H.4214  An Act providing for limited property tax relief for certain elder citizens in the town of Andover  Joint Committee on Revenue    4/14/2016   
H.4216  An Act increasing the exemption for residential property in the town of Provincetown  Joint Committee on Revenue    4/14/2016   
H.4184  An Act further regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages in the city of Somerville  Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    4/11/2016   
H.4185  An Act authorizing the town of Acton to grant 16 additional licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages and 6 additional licenses for the sale of wines and malt beverages to be drunk on the premises  Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    4/11/2016   
H.4233  An Act clarifying occupancy excise and internet hotel room resellers  Joint Committee on Revenue    5/5/2016   
S.2224  An Act authorizing the town of Becket to establish a parks and recreation committee  Senate Committee on Bills in the Third Reading    4/25/2016   
S.2227  An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain employees of the town of Erving  Stanley C. Rosenberg    4/19/2016