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It shall be the duty of the committee on Steering, Policy and Scheduling to assist the Speaker and the members of the House of Representatives in identifying the major matters pending before the General Court, the relative urgency and priority for consideration of such matters and alternative methods of responding to such matters by the General Court. Said committee shall schedule legislative matters in a manner that will provide for an even distribution and orderly consideration of reports of legislative committees on the daily Calendar.
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S.1494  An Act increasing the property tax deferral for seniors  Patricia D. Jehlen    6/20/2016   
H.1549  An Act relative to the protection of persons with disabilities  Elizabeth A. Poirier    6/2/2016   
H.3287  An Act relative to the one-year Cambridge residency preference for persons being considered for original appointment to the Cambridge Police Force and Fire Force  Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.    6/23/2016   
H.2428  An Act relative to employees of the Department of Fire Services  Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.    6/13/2016   
H.949  An Act making corrective amendments to Chapter 234 of the Acts of 2012 47CC  John W. Scibak    6/16/2016   
H.950  An Act amending Chapter 234 of the Acts of 2012  John W. Scibak    6/16/2016   
S.1372  An Act authorizing the town of Tolland to continue the employment of police officer Lester M. Walker  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    6/20/2016   
H.3753  An Act relative to ABLE accounts  Garrett J. Bradley 
Barbara L'Italien  
S.2064  An Act regulating notaries public to protect consumers and the validity and effectiveness of recorded instruments  NONE    6/13/2016   
H.3885  An Act relative to special police officers in the city of Newton  Kay Khan    6/23/2016   
H.4268  An Act relative to a certain road in the city of Boston  Russell E. Holmes    6/6/2016   
H.4012  An Act relative to special police officers in the town of Dracut  Colleen M. Garry    6/23/2016   
H.4195  An Act relative to prescription eye drops  Joint Committee on Financial Services    6/2/2016   
H.4328  An Act relative to the Hampshire Regional Council of Governments  Peter V. Kocot    6/16/2016   
H.4325  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Robin Waine, an employee of the Department of Transportation  Daniel J. Ryan    6/9/2016   
H.4302  An Act authorizing the city of Springfield to convert certain park land at Emerson Wight Park to construct a community center and alleviate traffic congestion, and to acquire and dedicate replacement park land  Carlos Gonzalez    6/16/2016   
H.4318  An Act amending the charter of the Town of Nantucket concerning newspaper publication of town meeting warrants  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.4319  An Act authorizing the appointment of retired police officers in the Town of Nantucket to serve as special police officers  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.4316  An Act relative to the town administrator in the town of Hingham  Garrett J. Bradley    6/16/2016   
H.4372  An Act to change the town lines between the towns of Aquinnah and Chilmark  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.4386  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for John DiPaolo, an employee of the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office  Thomas Walsh    6/23/2016   
H.4337  An Act exempting certain positions in the city of Marlborough from the Civil Service Law  Danielle W. Gregoire    6/23/2016   
H.4346  An Act relative to the issuance of certain bonds by the town of Pembroke  Josh S. Cutler    6/16/2016   
H.4366  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jennifer Gay, an employee of the Department of Developmental Services  Paul R. Heroux 
Richard J. Ross  
H.4338  An Act providing that future members of the police force of the town of Sharon shall be exempt from the provisions of the civil service law  Louis L. Kafka    6/23/2016   
H.4359  An Act relative to the disability retirement of Jared Macdonald, a police officer in the town of Bourne  David T. Vieira    6/23/2016   
H.4365  An Act relative to access to a decedent's electronic mail accounts  Joint Committee on the Judiciary    6/2/2016   
H.4394  An Act relative to criminal record checks for referees  Joint Committee on the Judiciary    6/13/2016   
H.4376  An Act authorizing the appointing authority of the town of Mansfield to appoint police cadets under certain circumstances to the Police Department of said town  F. Jay Barrows 
James E. Timilty  
S.2312  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Jodi Paris Anastos, an employee of the Operational Services Division  Senate Committee on Ways and Means    6/6/2016   
H.4408  An Act relative to safe schools  Joint Committee on Education    6/16/2016   
H.4418  An Act authorizing the town of Westborough to grant additional licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages to be drunk on the premises   Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    6/22/2016   
H.716  Resolve creating a special commission to study the effects of coastal and ocean acidification and its existing and potential effects on species that are commercially harvested and grown along the Massachusetts coast  Timothy R. Madden    6/13/2016   
H.4114  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to robotic surgery in the Commonwealth  Joint Committee on Public Health    6/15/2016