Joint Committee onMunicipalities and Regional Government

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Room 413-C
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-1612
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Room 540
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2090
It shall be the duty of the committee on Municipalities and Regional Government to consider matters seeking the enactment of special laws for a city or town, the establishment of economic, district and local planning commissions, rent control and zoning, and matters concerning the various counties, former counties and regional government entities, including the salaries and tenure of employees, registers of deeds and sheriffs (but excluding the retirement of such employees) and such other matters as may be referred.
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Report Type
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.4327  An Act requiring voters to re-accept the provisions of Chapter 44B once every five years from the date of their original acceptance  David F. DeCoste    5/23/2016   
H.4328  An Act relative to the Hampshire Regional Council of Governments  Peter V. Kocot    5/23/2016   
H.4302  An Act authorizing the city of Springfield to convert certain park land at Emerson Wight Park to construct a community center and alleviate traffic congestion, and to acquire and dedicate replacement park land  Carlos Gonzalez    5/19/2016   
H.4318  An Act amending the charter of the Town of Nantucket concerning newspaper publication of town meeting warrants  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.4317  An Act authorizing the Town of Nantucket to impose a real estate transfer fee for affordable and workforce housing  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.4316  An Act relative to the town administrator in the town of Hingham  Garrett J. Bradley    5/23/2016   
S.2300  An Act authorizing the town of Spencer to issue certain bonds for terms of 30 years  Anne M. Gobi    5/23/2016   
H.4346  An Act relative to the issuance of certain bonds by the town of Pembroke  Josh S. Cutler    5/31/2016