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It shall be the duty of the committee on Municipalities and Regional Government to consider matters seeking the enactment of special laws for a city or town, the establishment of economic, district and local planning commissions, rent control and zoning, and matters concerning the various counties, former counties and regional government entities, including the salaries and tenure of employees, registers of deeds and sheriffs (but excluding the retirement of such employees) and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.1829  An Act establishing a community safe school fund  Thomas J. Calter    3/11/2015   
H.1860  An Act relative to vacant and abandoned property in the Commonwealth  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1852  An Act relative to streamlining municipal finance  Stephen Kulik    3/11/2015   
H.1838  An Act relative to zoning and solar farms  Susan Williams Gifford    3/11/2015   
H.1872  An Act relative to unpaid sewer use charges in the city of Holyoke  Aaron Vega    3/11/2015   
H.3269  An Act relative to the town manager in the town of Dedham  Paul McMurtry 
Michael F. Rush  
H.1858  An Act relative to the Nantucket Memorial Airport Fuel Revolving Account  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.1833  An Act relative to the powers and duties of cities and towns  Paul J. Donato    3/11/2015   
H.1865  An Act protecting abandoned animals in vacant properties  David M. Rogers    3/11/2015   
H.1864  An Act relative to the effective enforcement of municipal ordinances and bylaws  David M. Rogers    3/11/2015   
H.1876  An Act to protect residential building lots  Timothy R. Whelan    3/11/2015   
H.1877  An Act relative to the maintenance of private roads, beaches and amenities in municipalities  Timothy R. Whelan    3/11/2015   
H.1866  An Act strengthening the enforcement of certain dog laws  David M. Rogers    3/11/2015   
H.1859  An Act relative to the Community Preservation Committee in the town of Nantucket  Timothy R. Madden 
Daniel A. Wolf  
H.1839  An Act to ensure adequate handicapped parking  Jonathan Hecht    3/11/2015   
H.1840  An Act to update the public shade tree law  Jonathan Hecht    3/11/2015   
H.1855  An Act relative to parking advancements for the revitalization of communities (PARC)  David Paul Linsky 
Kathleen O'Connor Ives  
S.22  An Act providing for an increase in the membership of the board of selectmen for the town of Brimfield to 5 members  Anne M. Gobi    3/13/2015   
H.1856  An Act relative to sanctuary cities and towns  Marc T. Lombardo    3/11/2015   
H.1848  An Act to ensure adequate care of animals in cities and towns  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1857  An Act to allow municipalities to exempt small projects from the prevailing wage law  James J. Lyons, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.3268  An Act relative to the interest rate on sewer assessments in the town of Stoughton  Louis L. Kafka    3/27/2015   
H.1851  An Act relating to the issuance of temporary notes by cities, towns and districts  Stephen Kulik    3/11/2015   
H.1826  An Act relative to protecting puppies and kittens  Garrett J. Bradley    3/11/2015   
H.1869  An Act relative to the sale and storage of goods in public ways in the city of Springfield  Benjamin Swan    3/11/2015   
H.1845  An Act creating a commission to study the effects of unfunded mandates on municipalities  Steven S. Howitt    3/11/2015   
H.1846  An Act authorizing the long term lease of the former Anawan school in the town of Rehoboth  Steven S. Howitt 
James E. Timilty  
H.1875  An Act to amend Section 1A, Chapter 40A of the General Laws relative to Zoning  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.1849  An Act to promote municipal collaboration and regionalization throughout the Commonwealth  Jay R. Kaufman    3/11/2015   
H.1834  An Act relative to community regional impact between neighboring towns  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.1835  An Act relative to regional stabilization funds  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/11/2015   
H.1854  An Act extending municipal bonding terms for local infrastructure development programs  Kevin J. Kuros    3/11/2015   
H.1878  An Act relative to regional stabilization funds  Timothy R. Whelan    3/11/2015   
H.1868  An Act promoting smart growth via cluster development  William M. Straus    3/11/2015   
H.1830  An Act relative to municipal use of insurance proceeds  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1837  An Act relative to flood storage  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.1853  An Act authorizing the Turners Falls Fire District to establish certain funds  Stephen Kulik    3/11/2015   
H.1873  An Act relative to the maintenance of private roads, beaches and amenities in municipalities  David T. Vieira    3/11/2015   
H.1831  An Act supporting municipal fiscal stability through a special education stabilization fund  Michael S. Day    3/11/2015   
H.1828  An Act regarding revenue sharing with cities and towns  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.1862  An Act relative to the approval of town insurance appropriations  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/11/2015   
H.1861  An Act relative to handicap automobile licenses or placards  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/11/2015   
H.1844  An Act to establish commonsense permitting reforms for businesses and landowners  Kevin G. Honan    3/11/2015   
H.1843  An Act to promote open space residential development  Kevin G. Honan    3/11/2015   
H.1850  An Act relative to relative to subdivision plans  Robert M. Koczera    3/11/2015   
H.1841  An Act to clarify site plan review  Kevin G. Honan    3/11/2015   
H.1842  An Act reducing impervious surfaces  Kevin G. Honan    3/11/2015   
H.1832  An Act relating to contracts for certain town officers  Paul J. Donato    3/11/2015   
H.3266  An Act relative to puppy mills  Bruce J. Ayers    3/27/2015   
H.1827  An Act establishing the Plymouth County government  Michael D. Brady    3/11/2015   
H.3267  An Act authorizing the town of North Reading to use certain conservation land for public way purposes  Bradley H. Jones, Jr. 
Bruce E. Tarr  
H.1879  An Act to allow municipalities to invest in credit unions  Jonathan D. Zlotnik    3/11/2015   
H.1847  An Act to support the equitable utilization of third party consultants in land use determinations  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1863  An Act relative to authorizing governmental bodies and other approved parties to use shared legal representation and consultants in matters of common interest  Denise Provost    3/11/2015   
H.1871  An Act relative to the South Essex Sewerage District in the city of Salem  Paul Tucker    3/11/2015   
H.1874  An Act extending certain permits  Joseph F. Wagner    3/11/2015   
H.1870  An Act limiting time period parking parking lots can remain open  Walter F. Timilty    3/11/2015   
H.1836  An Act relative to zoning  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/11/2015   
S.34  An Act relative to sewer commissioners in the town of Wareham  Marc R. Pacheco    3/25/2015   
H.1825  An Act to hold property owners accountable for recurring public nuisance  Bruce J. Ayers    3/11/2015   
H.1867  An Act establishing a Hampshire-Franklin Commission on the Status of Women  Ellen Story    3/11/2015   
S.29  An Act authorizing the city manager of the city of Worcester to appoint the chair of the Worcester redevelopment authority  Michael O. Moore    3/25/2015   
S.24  An Act amending the town charter for the town of Randolph  Brian A. Joyce    3/23/2015