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It shall be the duty of the committee on Public Health to consider all matters concerning the public health of the Commonwealth and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.1943  An Act to study the use of harm reduction  Michael J. Finn    3/11/2015   
H.2056  An Act providing for the establishment and operation of a cancer drug repository program  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.1973  An Act relative to the modernization of optometric patient care  Patricia A. Haddad    3/11/2015   
H.1927  An Act relative to accessible prescription labeling  Diana DiZoglio    3/11/2015   
H.1953  An Act relative to patient access to information regarding breast reconstructive surgery  William C. Galvin 
Louis L. Kafka  
H.1906  An Act relative to timely issuance of death certificates to funeral directors  Tackey Chan    3/11/2015   
H.1892  An Act relative to naturopathic medicine coverage  Garrett J. Bradley    3/11/2015   
H.1945  An Act promoting research and protecting public safety and environment  Gloria L. Fox    3/11/2015   
H.1947  An Act to establish a lupus erythematosus study and registry  Gloria L. Fox    3/11/2015   
H.1946  An Act relative to the implementation of a statewide Type 2 diabetes prevention program  Gloria L. Fox    3/11/2015   
H.1948  An Act to establish a balanced health literate program state wide  Gloria L. Fox    3/11/2015   
H.1944  An Act health insurance; mandated coverage for telemedicine services  Gloria L. Fox    3/11/2015   
H.2026  An Act relative to patient medical records  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2027  An Act relative to health care records  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2005  An Act relative to expanding access to healthy food choices in vending machines on state property  Stephen Kulik    3/11/2015   
H.2055  An Act prohibiting the use of all latex gloves and products by persons who handle food  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2057  An Act relative to the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Project  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2044  An Act promoting radon testing  David M. Rogers    3/11/2015   
H.2043  An Act to establish a division of indoor environments within the Department of Public Health  David M. Rogers 
Patricia D. Jehlen  
H.2042  An Act relative to improving asthma in schools  David M. Rogers 
Jonathan Hecht  
H.1963  An Act relative to emergency medical services oversight  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.1976  An Act to protect little lungs  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.1961  An Act to benefit the Health Safety Net Trust Fund  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.2054  An Act requiring disclosure of provider financial incentives  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2053  An Act expanding eligibility for the Massachusetts loan repayment program for dental providers  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.1962  An Act relative to the vital records trust fund  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.1959  An Act establishing the special commission on local and regional public health  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.1958  An Act relative to patient safety  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.1960  An Act relative to the safe handling of hazardous drugs  Denise C. Garlick    3/11/2015   
H.2045  An Act granting equal access to original birth certificates to all persons born in Massachusetts  John H. Rogers 
Michael F. Rush  
H.1970  An Act relative to the independent practice of health care in the Commonwealth  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2078  An Act further regulating pharmacists  RoseLee Vincent    3/11/2015   
H.2023  An Act to prohibit the sale of "energy drinks" to persons under the age of 18  James M. Murphy    3/11/2015   
H.2034  An Act preserving dates of birth from city and town records  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.1952  An Act relative to the substitution of generic drugs  William C. Galvin    3/11/2015   
H.2012  An Act relative to defining surgery  Ronald Mariano    3/11/2015   
H.1922  An Act relative to tests of newborn children for treatable disorders or diseases  Marjorie C. Decker    3/11/2015   
H.2079  An Act relative to healthy cosmetics  RoseLee Vincent    3/11/2015   
H.2007  An Act relative to a special commission to study electric and magnetic fields  David Paul Linsky    3/11/2015   
H.2008  An Act regarding registered nurse first assistants  David Paul Linsky    3/11/2015   
H.1977  An Act to Create a Massachusetts Rare Disease Advisory Council  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.2077  An Act relative to the Massachusetts online prescription monitoring program  John C. Velis    3/11/2015   
H.2035  An Act promoting sterilization during surgery  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.1964  An Act protecting victims of sexual assault  Colleen M. Garry    3/11/2015   
H.2036  An Act relative to access to certain birth records  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.2037  An Act relative to reprogrammed human skin cells for embryonic stem cell research  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.2038  An Act relative to youth concussions  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.2009  An Act providing access to patient protection services for all Massachusetts residents  Elizabeth A. Malia    3/11/2015   
H.2010  An Act relative to the health care of minors  Elizabeth A. Malia    3/11/2015   
H.1965  An Act relative to sonographers and vascular technologists  Colleen M. Garry    3/11/2015   
H.1909  An Act clarifying patient safety procedures  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.2070  An Act to improve health care for young women  Ellen Story 
David Paul Linsky  
H.2064  An Act to require health care coverage for the medically necessary treatment for disease, illness, injury, or bodily dysfunction required by a student's individual educational program  Frank I. Smizik    3/11/2015   
H.1926  An Act relative to firefighters  Diana DiZoglio    3/11/2015   
H.2075  An Act to promote healthy behaviors  Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1984  An Act relative to cemetery and crematory inspections and penalties  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1985  An Act relative to the definition of a pharmacy  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1986  An Act providing for unused medication return by health care facilities  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1881  An Act relative to concussion prevention  Cory Atkins    3/11/2015   
H.1969  An Act relative to 72 hour emergency prescribing  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1987  An Act relative to medical equipment suppliers  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.2058  An Act relative to dentistry licensure examinations  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2059  An Act establishing a statewide discount program for pharmaceuticals  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2060  An Act relative to the safe dispensing of pain management medication  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2061  An Act relative to expanding veterinary treatment practices  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2041  An Act recognizing pharmacists as healthcare providers  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2040  An Act relative to reporting on health effects of particulate matter  Denise Provost    3/11/2015   
H.2062  An Act relative to the restoration of MassHealth adult dental benefits  John W. Scibak 
Harriette L. Chandler  
H.2080  An Act relative to denture construction safety  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.1885  An Act protecting the health and safety of people in restaurants  Ruth B. Balser    3/11/2015   
H.1884  An Act relative to facilitating the utilization of psychologists on the health care team  Ruth B. Balser    3/11/2015   
H.1988  An Act relative to the availability of prescription medication during an emergency  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.2006  An Act relative to the safe treatment of pain  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2031  An Act increasing nuclear power plant protections to a fifty mile radius  Sarah K. Peake 
Ann-Margaret Ferrante  
H.2030  An Act relative to radiological air monitoring  Sarah K. Peake 
Ann-Margaret Ferrante  
H.1891  An Act permitting parental access to medical records  Garrett J. Bradley    3/11/2015   
H.1949  An Act requiring identification of food allergens in eating establishments  Paul K. Frost    3/11/2015   
H.2049  An Act relative to lead abatement  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.1978  An Act exempting barber shops from certain system sewage flow design criteria  Steven S. Howitt    3/11/2015   
H.2003  An Act to provide improved nutrition for homeless women and children  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.2050  An Act modernizing tobacco control and protecting the health of minors  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.1992  An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy  Jay R. Kaufman    3/11/2015   
H.2071  An Act relative to postpartum depression screening  Ellen Story    3/11/2015   
H.1932  An Act supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.1993  An Act requiring pain assessment and management in healthcare facilities  Jay R. Kaufman    3/11/2015   
H.1989  An Act relative to public health dental hygienists  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1933  An Act relative to safe disposal of medical sharps  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.2081  An Act establishing the caregiver advise, record and enable (CARE) act  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.2047  An Act to improving access to eye and vision care in rural and underserved areas of the commonwealth  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.2039  An Act to advance the safety of women seeking to terminate a pregnancy  Elizabeth A. Poirier 
John H. Rogers  
H.2024  An Act Relative to Patient Safety  David M. Nangle    3/11/2015   
H.1941  An Act relative to food labeling  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/11/2015   
H.1916  An Act relative to the joint negotiation prohibition for integrated systems  Mark J. Cusack    3/11/2015   
H.1917  An Act relative to protecting senior health  Mark J. Cusack    3/11/2015   
H.1918  An Act relative to medical peer review  Mark J. Cusack    3/11/2015   
H.1924  An Act relative to baseline concussion testing for student athletes  Angelo L. D'Emilia    3/11/2015   
H.1921  An Act prohibiting the participation of healthcare professionals in the torture and abuse of prisoners  Michael S. Day    3/11/2015   
H.2052  An Act banning the sale of cigars in packages of less than five  Tom Sannicandro    3/11/2015   
H.1919  An Act to prevent death and disability from stroke  Mark J. Cusack    3/11/2015   
H.1934  An Act relative to micro-bead free waters  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.1942  An Act to protect personal information  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/11/2015   
H.1990  An Act to provide for the autonomy of hospital medical staffs  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.1966  An Act relative to changing tables in restaurants  Colleen M. Garry    3/11/2015   
H.1914  An Act relative to safe patient handling in certain health facilities  Claire D. Cronin    3/11/2015   
H.1967  An Act including Krabbe Disease in newborn screening  Colleen M. Garry    3/11/2015   
H.1928  An Act to ensure safe medication administration  Daniel M. Donahue    3/11/2015   
H.1968  An Act establishing a special commission on ovarian cancer  Colleen M. Garry    3/11/2015   
H.2004  An Act relative to biomass facilities and solid waste combustion  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.1980  An Act to establish a vision care registry  Daniel J. Hunt    3/11/2015   
H.1898  An Act increasing nuclear power plant protections to a twenty mile radius  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1899  An Act to amend Section 5K(E) of Chapter 111  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1954  An Act restricting the sale of tobacco products at health care institutions  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.1900  An Act ensuring patient privacy and control with regard to health information exchanges  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1955  An Act relative to pupil dental health  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.1956  An Act relating to liability protection for disaster volunteers  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.1936  An Act relative to noisome trades  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/11/2015   
H.1888  An Act relative to Diabetes prevention  Jennifer E. Benson    3/11/2015   
H.1974  An Act clarifying participation in athletic safety programs  Patricia A. Haddad    3/11/2015   
H.1908  An Act relative to prescription recycling  Leah Cole    3/11/2015   
H.1983  An Act relative to optometrists  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1982  An Act relative to death certificates  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1904  An Act requiring hospitals to conduct annual public meetings  Gailanne M. Cariddi    3/11/2015   
H.1905  An Act requiring hospital governing body training  Gailanne M. Cariddi    3/11/2015   
H.1975  An Act requiring child-resistant packaging of nicotine liquid containers  Jonathan Hecht    3/11/2015   
H.3274  An Act relative to repairs made to medical devices  Peter J. Durant    3/27/2015   
H.2065  An Act to protect patients approved by physicians and certified by the Department of Public Health to access medical marijuana  Frank I. Smizik    3/11/2015   
H.2048  An Act to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities in the commonwealth  Jeffrey Sánchez 
Byron Rushing  
H.2066  An Act to restrict the use of polystyrene  Frank I. Smizik 
Michael J. Barrett  
H.1889  An Act relative to advanced practice nursing  Jennifer E. Benson    3/11/2015   
H.2068  An Act requiring disclosure of solvents used in dry cleaning  Frank I. Smizik    3/11/2015   
H.1937  An Act relative to the safe disposal of prescription drugs  Tricia Farley-Bouvier    3/11/2015   
H.1910  An Act relative to improved medication adherence  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.1957  An Act regarding sharps and medications  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.1925  An Act establishing provisions for the return of expired pharmaceuticals  Geoff Diehl    3/11/2015   
H.2033  An Act providing for consumer access to and disclosure of complementary and alternative health services  William Smitty Pignatelli    3/11/2015   
H.1991  An Act affirming a terminally ill patient’s right to compassionate aid in dying  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.2076  An Act to allow reasonable qualifying patient access to caregiver cultivation  Aaron Vega    3/11/2015   
H.2028  An Act relative to death benefit claims  James J. O'Day    3/11/2015   
H.1923  An Act to conform private with public subrogation policy  Marjorie C. Decker    3/11/2015   
H.3270  An Act providing a right to try  Nicholas A. Boldyga    3/27/2015   
H.1897  An Act relative to drug overdose deaths  Linda Dean Campbell    3/11/2015   
H.2001  An Act relative to home health and hospice aides  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1890  An Act relative to protective custody  Nicholas A. Boldyga    3/11/2015   
H.1930  An Act relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities and settings  Michelle M. DuBois    3/11/2015   
H.2046  An Act relative to assessing the Commonwealth’s eye care and vision health needs  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.1893  An Act to repeal the medical peer review statute  Garrett J. Bradley    3/11/2015   
H.1938  An Act creating a commission to study concussions that occur as a result of varsity sports in public and private high schools  Tricia Farley-Bouvier    3/11/2015   
H.1901  An Act to permit the scattering of unclaimed human body cremated remains at sea  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1950  An Act relative to local Boards of Health and the sale of legal consumer products in the Commonwealth  Paul K. Frost 
Jonathan D. Zlotnik  
H.1951  An Act relative to local Boards of Health and the sale of legal tobacco products in the Commonwealth  Paul K. Frost 
Kimberly N. Ferguson  
H.1995  An Act to promote patient care transparency and nurse advancement  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1999  An Act creating a nursing advisory board  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.2067  An Act to require environmentally safe alternatives to harmful cleaning products  Frank I. Smizik    3/11/2015   
H.2002  An Act relative to nurse licensure compact in Massachusetts  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1931  An Act relative to disproportionate share and geographically isolated hospitals  James J. Dwyer    3/11/2015   
H.1929  An Act relative to the partial fill prescribing method advisory commission  Shawn Dooley    3/11/2015   
H.2000  An Act relative to dental hygienists  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1935  An Act relative to electronic prescribing of opiates and other controlled substances  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.2029  An Act regarding notification of patient observations status  James J. O'Day 
Brian A. Joyce  
H.1971  An Act to improve access to pharmacy services in hospitals  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1972  An Act adopting administrative simplification for hospital pharmacists  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.1998  An Act relative to certified professional midwives  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1996  An Act to remove the restrictions on the licenses of NP's and CRNA's as recommended by the Institute of Medicine and the Federal Trade Commission  Kay Khan 
Paul J. Donato  
H.2014  An Act to update the law regarding do not resuscitate orders  Paul W. Mark    3/11/2015   
H.2018  An Act relative to transparent billing practices  Paul W. Mark    3/11/2015   
H.1895  An Act maintaining confidentiality of proprietary information within health care oversight agencies  Paul Brodeur    3/11/2015   
H.2011  An Act relative to informed consent for circumcisions  Elizabeth A. Malia    3/11/2015   
H.2063  An Act relative to the manufacture or sale of personal care products and over-the-counter drugs containing microbeads  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.1896  An Act relative to the access of epinephrine in schools  Kate D. Campanale    3/11/2015   
H.2022  An Act relative to the safe disposal of prescription drugs  James R. Miceli    3/11/2015   
H.1894  An Act relative to retail pharmacy discounts and co-pay assistance  Garrett J. Bradley    3/11/2015   
H.3275  An Act relative to board of health violations  Paul McMurtry    3/27/2015   
H.1920  An Act An act relative to mobile integrated health care  Mark J. Cusack 
Michael J. Finn  
H.2082  An Act promoting access to accurate medical information  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.1939  An Act relative to strengthening the consumer protections and ensuring the proper labeling of fish sold in the Commonwealth  Robert F. Fennell    3/11/2015   
H.2019  An Act relative to infectious disease control  Paul W. Mark    3/11/2015   
H.2069  An Act relative to food labeling  Thomas M. Stanley    3/11/2015   
H.1913  An Act relative to restroom accommodations in family restaurants  Brendan P. Crighton    3/11/2015   
H.1997  An Act to protect sports medicine professionals  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.1940  An Act establishing a reporting system for drug overdoses  Robert F. Fennell    3/11/2015   
H.1912  An Act relative to the practice of athletic training  Edward F. Coppinger    3/11/2015   
H.2020  An Act creating public education zones near nuclear facilities  Paul W. Mark    3/11/2015   
H.1887  An Act to ensure access to necessary hospital services  F. Jay Barrows    3/11/2015   
H.1880  An Act relative to columbaria  James Arciero    3/11/2015   
H.2083  An Act to limit access to opiates  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.2021  An Act further regulating the sale of tobacco products to teenagers  Paul McMurtry    3/11/2015   
H.1911  An Act to ensure quality, affordability and access to primary and preventive health care, to eliminate health disparities, and to enhance economic growth throughout the Commonwealth  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.1902  An Act relative to emergency epinephrine pens in schools  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1915  An Act to ensure patient medication adherence  Claire D. Cronin    3/11/2015   
H.3272  An Act relative to the burial of pets  Nick Collins    3/27/2015   
H.3273  An Act relative to the cremation of pets  Nick Collins    3/27/2015   
H.2072  An Act ensuring a representative health care cost containment discussion  William M. Straus    3/11/2015   
H.2073  An Act establishing a special commission to study and recommend improvements in the delivery of prescription drug benefits for the citizens of the Commonwealth  Walter F. Timilty    3/11/2015   
H.1882  An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to study the feasibility of absorbing oversight of all “memory care” assisted living facilities and units in the Commonwealth  Bruce J. Ayers    3/11/2015   
H.2074  An Act relative to patients rights  Walter F. Timilty    3/11/2015   
H.1979  An Act relative to medical malpractice insurance  Daniel J. Hunt    3/11/2015   
H.3271  An Act concerning nondiscrimination in access to organ transplantation  James M. Cantwell    3/27/2015   
H.1886  An Act requiring the Department of Public Health to issue a report on vision screening for children  Christine P. Barber    3/11/2015   
H.2025  An Act relative to health cost savings  David M. Nangle    3/11/2015   
H.1903  An Act promoting substance abuse prevention through positive social norms marketing  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.1907  An Act relative to specialty licensure  Tackey Chan    3/11/2015   
H.2051  An Act to increase access to immunizations  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.1883  An Act regulating body art  Bruce J. Ayers    3/11/2015   
H.1981  An Act relative to school-located influenza vaccination programs  Daniel J. Hunt    3/11/2015   
H.2013  An Act to improve health planning and public health  Ronald Mariano    3/11/2015