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It shall be the duty of the committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure to consider all matters concerning consumer credit, consumer protection, the issuance of licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages, the registration of various trades or professions, and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.216  An Act authorizing the town of Montague to issue one additional liquor license  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.215  An Act authorizing the town of Montague to issue one additional liquor license  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.164  An Act relative to reciprocity for licensing optometrists  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.163  An Act establishing a board of registration of phlebotomists  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.165  An Act to establish licensing standards for drain cleaners  Tackey Chan 
John F. Keenan  
H.223  An Act to prohibit negative option sales and disclosure of financial and personal information without a consumer’s express agreement  Timothy R. Madden    3/10/2015   
H.155  An Act to facilitate and regulate residential selling practices  Garrett J. Bradley    3/10/2015   
H.158  An Act relative to apprentice electricians  Thomas J. Calter 
Viriato M. DeMacedo  
H.241  An Act relative to protecting consumers of the Commonwealth  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.242  An Act relative to telecommunications systems contractors and technicians  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.217  An Act regulating residential paving  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.218  An Act to maintain public water systems  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.225  An Act updating chapter 93H data security protections to include biometric information  Ronald Mariano    3/10/2015   
H.202  An Act relative to exempting home appliance service and repair technicians from certain provisions of the Massachusetts Plumbing Code  Kate Hogan    3/10/2015   
H.226  An Act regulating secondary metals dealings  Ronald Mariano    3/10/2015   
H.260  An Act relative to the distribution of revenues accruing from the sale of lottery tickets  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.180  An Act relative to clarifying homeowners right to perform electrical work  Peter J. Durant    3/10/2015   
H.250  An Act prohibiting intentional misrepresentation by a business of its location  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.263  An Act relative to dental licensing exams  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.251  An Act providing security to consumers for purchases from certain vendors  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.179  An Act clarifying insurance requirements for plumbing work  Peter J. Durant    3/10/2015   
H.254  An Act relative to the use of a magnetic identification card reader machine when purchasing alcohol  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.197  An Act relative to motor home lemon law eligibility  Susan Williams Gifford    3/10/2015   
H.195  An Act establishing a board of registration of phlebotomists  Susan Williams Gifford    3/10/2015   
H.264  An Act relative to telemarketing solicitation  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.228  An Act providing for provisional licensure for speech-language pathologists or audiologists  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.191  An Act restricting the sale of certain items at flea markets  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.261  An Act relative to streamlining home improvement contractor registration  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.262  An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.259  An Act disclosing expiration of credit cards and revolving credit agreements  Dennis A. Rosa    3/10/2015   
H.229  An Act clarifying spa regulations  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.230  An Act to allow non-profits to purchase alcohol from retail package stores for charitable events  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.231  An Act to track pawned items  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.240  An Act relative to third party training and background checks for violent history for security staff at bars and clubs  James M. Murphy    3/10/2015   
H.222  An Act relative to clarification of the Massachusetts franchise law  David Paul Linsky    3/10/2015   
H.201  An Act relative to training for certain medical professional about eating disorders  Bradford R. Hill 
Bruce E. Tarr  
H.200  An Act to increase transparency and trust in charitable solicitations  Jonathan Hecht    3/10/2015   
H.181  An Act establishing the Massachusetts travelers bill of rights  James J. Dwyer    3/10/2015   
H.190  An Act relative to the sale of alcoholic beverages  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.183  An Act to ensure fairness and competition for consumers  James J. Dwyer    3/10/2015   
H.273  An Act prohibiting robocalls to all mobile telephone devices  William M. Straus    3/10/2015   
H.166  An Act relative to donations of alcoholic beverages to non-profit organizations  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.213  An Act creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate  Kay Khan    3/10/2015   
H.220  An Act relative to in-house cafes  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.208  An Act relative to unsolicited credit cards, checks, and vouchers by mail  Louis L. Kafka    3/10/2015   
H.256  An Act relative to the transport, storage and sale of used bedding  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.277  An Act futher regulating the continuing education requirements for certain real estate appraisers and trainees  David T. Vieira    3/10/2015   
H.209  An Act allowing regulation and licensing of denturists  Louis L. Kafka    3/10/2015   
H.224  An Act to establish a subsidiary board for veterinary technology  John J. Mahoney    3/10/2015   
H.257  An Act relative to notification of licensees  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.280  An Act An act relative to the sale of alcohol on Sundays  Chris Walsh    3/10/2015   
H.232  An Act relative to fines for license violations  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.203  An Act establishing fuel price transparency  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.177  An Act relative to the definition of podiatry  Paul J. Donato    3/10/2015   
H.252  An Act relative to licensure requirements for Jefte Rivera  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.253  An Act relative to the sale of children’s jewelry  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.212  An Act relative to independent psychoanalysts  Jay R. Kaufman    3/10/2015   
H.211  An Act relative to leased office equipment and protection of privacy  Louis L. Kafka    3/10/2015   
H.192  An Act relative to a Twenty-first Century Systems License  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.151  An Act exempting certain fraternal organizations from the tax of sales of alcoholic beverages  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.169  An Act relative to the Blue Laws  Edward F. Coppinger    3/10/2015   
H.184  An Act An act allowing the town of Westborough to adopt certain alcoholic beverage licensure laws  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.193  An Act to ban robocalls  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.194  An Act to strengthen enforcement of Chapter 141 and 147 licenses  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.171  An Act relative to the practice of medical physics  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.172  An Act to establish standards for medical gas piping systems  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.161  An Act modernizing the business licensing process  Evandro C. Carvalho    3/10/2015   
H.170  An Act relative to state lottery agents  Claire D. Cronin    3/10/2015   
H.249  An Act establishing an advanced dental hygiene practitioner level of practice  William Smitty Pignatelli    3/10/2015   
H.199  An Act relative to the recorking of wine  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.162  An Act relative to promoting fair housing practices  Evandro C. Carvalho    3/10/2015   
H.198  An Act relative to identity theft and online predators on the Internet  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.174  An Act relative to piping at water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities  Josh S. Cutler    3/10/2015   
H.268  An Act to promote consumer protection for residential home purchasers  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.269  An Act providing timely consumer protection for users of real estate appraisal services  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.281  An Act relative to the conduct of raffles and bazaars by certain organizations  Donald H. Wong    3/10/2015   
H.276  An Act amending occupation requirements for barbers  David T. Vieira    3/10/2015   
H.154  An Act relative to thoroughbred horse racing  Garrett J. Bradley    3/10/2015   
H.258  An Act relative to motor vehicle service contracts  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.188  An Act relative to the licensing of glaziers  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.182  An Act exempting public school stadiums from certain state regulations  James J. Dwyer    3/10/2015   
H.150  An Act relative to the disclosure of wetlands on property  James Arciero    3/10/2015   
H.160  An Act requiring transparency in telephone solicitations  Gailanne M. Cariddi    3/10/2015   
H.152  An Act to expand the sale of products by farmer breweries  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.149  An Act relative to instructional winemaking facility licenses  James Arciero    3/10/2015   
H.245  An Act relative to small brewers  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/10/2015   
H.246  An Act making municipalities eligible to attend auctions for the purchase of motor vehicles  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/10/2015   
H.247  An Act regulating the granting of temporary licenses for the sale of wine, beer, and malt liquor at auctions  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/10/2015   
H.248  An Act relative to special alcohol licenses for nonprofit organizations  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/10/2015   
H.204  An Act relative to CORI checking for bidding privileges at auto auctions  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.265  An Act updating certain requirements for obtaining liquor licenses  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.205  An Act relative to out of state purchases at auto auctions  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.270  An Act for consumer protection and regulation in psychotherapy  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.167  An Act relative to refrigeration technicians  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.271  An Act relative to for-profit charitable solicitation  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.272  An Act increasing the experience and background necessary to operate low pressure processed steam boilers  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.275  An Act relative to issuing prize payments to charities  Aaron Vega    3/10/2015   
H.266  An Act updating a certain requirement for on premises liquor license applicants  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.153  An Act Relative to Alcohol Transportation  Nicholas A. Boldyga    3/10/2015   
H.267  An Act advancing and expanding access to telemedicine services  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.244  An Act exempting certain stadiums from plumbing regulations  Jerald A. Parisella    3/10/2015   
H.237  An Act to reform the issuance and sale of sports and entertainment tickets  Michael J. Moran    3/10/2015   
H.176  An Act establishing a board of registration in physical therapy  Paul J. Donato    3/10/2015   
H.187  An Act relative to tenant brewers  Kimberly N. Ferguson 
Jennifer L. Flanagan  
H.278  An Act defining regulation of home improvement contractors  David T. Vieira    3/10/2015   
H.189  An Act relative to medical physics  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.233  An Act to improve fairness and uniformity in real estate transactions  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.219  An Act relative to lottery ticket litter reduction  Kevin J. Kuros 
Jonathan Hecht  
H.168  An Act relating to motor fuel  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.178  An Act relative to the establishment of a commission for fairness in liquor licensing  Shawn Dooley    3/10/2015   
H.227  An Act to update the home improvement contractor law  Paul W. Mark    3/10/2015   
H.156  An Act regarding construction supervisor licenses  Paul Brodeur    3/10/2015   
H.279  An Act relative to racing and simulcasting in Suffolk County  RoseLee Vincent    3/10/2015   
H.221  An Act An act relative to cosmetology  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.185  An Act to encourage well qualified practitioners in the field of personal training  Robert F. Fennell    3/10/2015   
H.186  An Act relative to secondhand dealers  Robert F. Fennell    3/10/2015   
H.255  An Act providing municipal control of liquor licenses  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.282  An Act Relative to the Wholesale of Malt Beverages produced by a Pub Brewery  Jonathan D. Zlotnik    3/10/2015   
H.175  An Act relative to non-compete agreements for veterinarians  Josh S. Cutler    3/10/2015   
H.159  An Act to protect businesses from unwanted telemarketing  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.236  An Act relative to updating the plumbing code in order to accommodate agricultural uses  Leonard Mirra    3/10/2015   
H.206  An Act relative to funeral homes and charitable foundations  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.234  An Act concerning the transferal of innholders' licenses  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.235  An Act improving the cosmetology industry  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.239  An Act relative to the constitutionality of statutes in case of invalidation of any provision  Michael J. Moran    3/10/2015   
H.238  An Act relative to termination of sales to wholesalers by suppliers of alcoholic beverages  Michael J. Moran    3/10/2015   
H.157  An Act to enhance consumer protection and transparency under the social work licensing law  Paul Brodeur    3/10/2015   
H.207  An Act creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate  Daniel J. Hunt    3/10/2015   
H.243  An Act to prohibit powdered alcohol  Keiko M. Orrall    3/10/2015   
H.173  An Act relative to the sale of liquor licenses  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.214  An Act authorizing the city of Northampton to issue five above quota annual all-alcohol restaurant licenses  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.274  An Act relative to online advertising  William M. Straus    3/10/2015   
H.30  An Act relative to lottery compliance investigations      3/10/2015   
H.29  An Act relative to lottery pilot projects      3/10/2015   
H.28  An Act relative to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission      3/10/2015   
H.3186  An Act authorizing the town of Greenfield to grant an additional license for the sale of all alcohol beverages to be drunk on the premises  Paul W. Mark    3/16/2015   
H.196  An Act authorizing the town of Tyngsborough to grant additional licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
S.17  Proposed regulations for 205 CMR 14.00  Massachusetts Gaming Commission    3/9/2015