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It shall be the duty of the committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture to consider all matters concerning the Division of Conservation and Recreation natural resources and the environment, air, water and noise pollution and control thereof, hunting and fishing, conservation, solid waste disposal, sewerage, agricultural and farm problems, and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.711  An Act to strengthen the Massachusetts agricultural infrastructure relative to meat and poultry production and processing  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.649  An Act relative to the importation of animals for rescue  Daniel M. Donahue    3/10/2015   
H.723  An Act relative to solid waste disposal facilities  James R. Miceli    3/10/2015   
H.724  An Act relative to Middlesex Canal Commission  James R. Miceli    3/10/2015   
H.743  An Act to repower Massachusetts  Tom Sannicandro    3/10/2015   
H.725  An Act relative to the Sewer Rate Relief Fund  James R. Miceli    3/10/2015   
H.639  An Act relative to DCR yacht club fee reflecting water way access  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.638  An Act expanding pleasure boat access to Boston Harbor  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.637  An Act authorizing and directing the director of the Division of Waterways to dredge the harbor area surrounding Houghs Neck in the city of Quincy  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.627  An Act relative to boater safety to be known as the David Hanson act  Thomas J. Calter 
James M. Cantwell  
H.625  An Act relative to bow hunting for deer in Wompatuck State Park  Garrett J. Bradley    3/10/2015   
H.628  An Act relative to the central Plymouth County water district  Thomas J. Calter 
Josh S. Cutler  
H.629  An Act relative to the Mosquito Borne Disease Control Board  Thomas J. Calter    3/10/2015   
H.707  An Act authorizing the establishment of old growth forest reserves  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.712  An Act to promote farm viability  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.713  An Act to promote the care and well-being of livestock  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.744  An Act establishing a trust fund within the department of conservation and recreation for the planting of trees  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.745  An Act relative to access to the Hollingsworth Dam  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.746  An Act providing for the maintenance of the Neponset River for the health and safety of the public  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.747  An Act making an appropriation for the fiscal year 2016 to provide for funding of certain footpaths and trails  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.689  An Act to establish municipal agricultural commissions  Kate Hogan    3/10/2015   
H.736  An Act relative to mosquito control  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/10/2015   
H.722  An Act relative to beaver dam emergencies  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.688  An Act relative to farmers’ markets  Paul R. Heroux    3/10/2015   
H.738  An Act protecting school children from environmental toxins  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.739  An Act relative to plastic bag reduction  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.775  An Act exempting towns from certain fees  Timothy R. Whelan    3/10/2015   
H.740  An Act to protect our drinking water from hydraulic fracturing  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.770  An Act relative to the licensing of a certain facility by the Department of Environmental Protection  RoseLee Vincent    3/10/2015   
H.771  An Act to prohibit licensing by the Department of Environmental Protection at the Wheelabrator facility in the town of Saugus  RoseLee Vincent    3/10/2015   
H.729  An Act relative to boater safety education  James M. Murphy    3/10/2015   
H.718  An Act relative to the sewer rate relief fund  Ronald Mariano    3/10/2015   
H.3238  An Act establishing the Olmsted Park improvement fund  Carole A. Fiola    3/27/2015   
H.650  An Act extending the permit term authority of the Department of Conservation and Recreation on department property from 5 years to 10 years  Paul J. Donato    3/10/2015   
H.3242  An Act establishing the genetic engineering transparency food and seed labeling act  Ellen Story 
Todd M. Smola  
H.730  An Act concerning the trapping of fur-bearing mammals  David M. Nangle    3/10/2015   
H.680  An Act to assure uniformity in the regulation of sanitary sewage treatment and disposal  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.679  An Act providing for notice to the public of hazardous waste sites  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.762  An Act authorizing the use of bow and arrows for Sunday hunting  William M. Straus 
Paul K. Frost  
H.752  An Act providing for the establishment of a comprehensive adaptation management plan in response to climate change  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.708  An Act establishing a snowmobile educational safety program  Stephen Kulik 
John W. Scibak  
H.727  An Act relative to an underground storage tank petroleum product cleanup fund  David K. Muradian, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.695  An Act establishing a Department of Environmental Protection appeals board  Louis L. Kafka    3/10/2015   
H.758  An Act relative to noise and air pollution  Todd M. Smola    3/10/2015   
H.741  An Act reducing human exposure to particulate matter pollution  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.676  An Act to regulate the incineration of solid waste  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.677  An Act to regulate hydraulic fracturing  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.772  An Act relative to underground infrastructure  Chris Walsh    3/10/2015   
H.773  An Act regulating the cultivation of Industrial Hemp  Chris Walsh    3/10/2015   
H.678  An Act protecting the Commonwealth's lakes and ponds  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.715  An Act protecting sunlight in certain public parks  Jay D. Livingstone 
Byron Rushing  
H.710  An Act amending the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.673  An Act relative to beavers  Paul K. Frost    3/10/2015   
H.672  An Act expanding the powers of the Director of Fisheries and Wildlife  Paul K. Frost    3/10/2015   
H.734  An Act relative to shellfish reefs and water quality  Sarah K. Peake    3/10/2015   
H.763  An Act to invasive plants  William M. Straus    3/10/2015   
H.761  An Act relative to the labeling of seed  Ellen Story    3/10/2015   
H.690  An Act enhancing the sewage disposal system inspection process  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.774  An Act Regulating Greywater Recycling systems in the Commonwealth  Chris Walsh    3/10/2015   
H.748  An Act protecting the viability of farms in the Commonwealth  Paul A. Schmid, III    3/10/2015   
H.682  An Act relative to application of pesticides in municipalities  Carmine L. Gentile    3/10/2015   
H.687  An Act to reduce solid waste, increase recycling and generate municipal cost savings  Jonathan Hecht    3/10/2015   
H.651  An Act relative to control of tick-borne illness  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.733  An Act relative to noise pollution  Sarah K. Peake    3/10/2015   
H.648  An Act to amend the toxics use reduction act  Stephen L. DiNatale    3/10/2015   
H.652  An Act to ensure appropriate regulation of piggeries  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.654  An Act to promote regionalization with watershed based permitting  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.684  An Act regarding liability insurance requirements for owners of underground storage tanks  Danielle W. Gregoire    3/10/2015   
H.653  An Act relative to the Sudbury watershed advisory committee  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.685  An Act regarding underground storage tank remediation  Danielle W. Gregoire    3/10/2015   
H.686  An Act regarding underground storage tanks  Danielle W. Gregoire    3/10/2015   
H.669  An Act relative to the scientific strategic planning of the Commonwealth’s fishery  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/10/2015   
H.618  An Act establishing a revolving fund to supplement the funding of waterway projects and coastal protection initiatives  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.619  An Act prohibiting the leasing of certain real property known as outer Brewster Island in Boston Harbor  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.656  An Act relative to municipal assistance for clean water and economic development infrastructure  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.754  An Act establishing tracking and reporting requirements for Massachusetts transportation fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.657  An Act providing for the establishment of sustainable water resource funds  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.753  An Act preserving public trust rights in land affected by ocean erosion  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.620  An Act relative to the Division of Waterways to dredge Quincy Bay  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.623  An Act to protect the natural resources of the Commonwealth  Ruth B. Balser 
James B. Eldridge  
H.728  An Act relative to the use of shotguns  David K. Muradian, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.630  An Act An act regulating boarding kennels and daycare facilities for dogs  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.704  An Act to protect the right whale and other endangered sea life  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.703  An Act to prohibit the additional incineration of solid waste  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.702  An Act to create a framework to re-allocate responsibility for discarded products  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.699  An Act relative to conserving bluefin tuna  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.631  An Act relative to the financing of dredging projects  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.700  An Act relative to inshore resource depletion  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.632  An Act establishing a regional dredge grants program  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.701  An Act relative to studying tidal turbines  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.666  An Act relative to the maintenance of existing public ways and wetlands protection  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/10/2015   
H.646  An Act improving recycling in the Commonwealth  Mark J. Cusack 
Michael O. Moore  
H.633  An Act reestablishing the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.655  An Act protecting Massachusetts pollinators  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.692  An Act designating a certain area in the Dorchester section of the city of Boston in memory of Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier and Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Richard "Ricky" Dever  Daniel J. Hunt    3/10/2015   
H.640  An Act limiting the number of special use permits the Department of Conservation and Recreation may issue for the use of certain roads in the South Boston section of the city of Boston  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.659  An Act preventing the disposal of hydraulic fracturing wastewater  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/10/2015   
H.660  An Act relative to zoning regulations  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/10/2015   
H.661  An Act relative to the Department of Environmental Management duties  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/10/2015   
H.662  An Act relative to the groundwater survey program  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/10/2015   
H.732  An Act Establishing the Assawompset Pond Complex Flood Management District Commission  Keiko M. Orrall 
Michael J. Rodrigues  
H.693  An Act establishing the commission on extended producer responsibility  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.668  An Act to assist municipal and district ratepayers  John V. Fernandes    3/10/2015   
H.694  An Act relative to Title V approval  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.644  An Act relative to federally regulated renewable energy facilities  Brendan P. Crighton    3/10/2015   
H.636  An Act relative to the feeding of wildlife  Gailanne M. Cariddi    3/10/2015   
H.755  An Act relative to expanding resource efficiency in the Commonwealth  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.709  An Act conserving our natural resources  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.696  An Act for healthy families and businesses  Jay R. Kaufman 
Kenneth J. Donnelly  
H.670  An Act establishing the Designated Port Area Fund  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/10/2015   
H.675  An Act relative to the siting of facilities dealing with refuse  William C. Galvin    3/10/2015   
H.641  An Act relative to abandoned vessels on DCR property  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.756  An Act to require producer responsibility for collection, reuse and recycling of discarded electronic products  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.624  An Act Relative to Prevention of Hazardous Material Release  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.749  An Act relative to buffer zones on land under the agricultural restriction program  Paul A. Schmid, III    3/10/2015   
H.634  An Act relative to pet grooming  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.735  An Act to protect the rights of municipalities and districts  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/10/2015   
H.3243  An Act providing free park access to Purple Heart Recipients  Aaron Vega    3/27/2015   
H.683  An Act relative to the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act  Susan Williams Gifford 
Keiko M. Orrall  
H.717  An Act relative to the use of Glyphosate by utility companies and/or government entities on land located within, on, or above a federally-designated sole source aquifer  Brian R. Mannal    3/10/2015   
H.697  An Act relative to the disclosure of toxic chemicals in children’s products  Jay R. Kaufman 
Kenneth J. Donnelly  
H.731  An Act to Ensure Proper Stewardship of Honeybees by the Commonwealth  Keiko M. Orrall    3/10/2015   
H.705  An Act to reinstate the clean environment fund  Robert M. Koczera    3/10/2015   
H.3240  An Act establishing a special commission to study the administration of services to state owned forest and recreational lands in the Commonwealth  Stephen Kulik    3/27/2015   
H.667  An Act relative to the conservation of striped bass  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/10/2015   
H.647  An Act to increase access to recycling  Michael S. Day    3/10/2015   
H.769  An Act relative to hunting with artificial light  David T. Vieira    3/10/2015   
H.671  An Act relative to recycling  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/10/2015   
H.635  An Act relative to community preservation funds for seawall repairs  James M. Cantwell    3/10/2015   
H.706  An Act Establishing a Green Banks Program  Robert M. Koczera    3/10/2015   
H.750  An Act relative to failed septic systems  Paul A. Schmid, III    3/10/2015   
H.3235  An Act relative to public access to Long Island in Boston Harbor  Bruce J. Ayers    3/27/2015   
H.642  An Act relative to the development and promulgation of regulations governing underground storage tanks  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.3244  An Act relative to nitrogen loading easements in the town of Sterling  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/27/2015   
H.621  An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Fish & Game to study the feasibility of repurposing the former Moon Island Sewage Treatment Plant for the purposes of fish and shellfish farms  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.720  An Act Amending MGL 21E AND 310 CMR 4.03  Paul W. Mark    3/10/2015   
H.721  An Act relative to industrial hemp  Paul W. Mark    3/10/2015   
H.764  An Act establishing a cranberry industry revitalization task force  William M. Straus 
Michael J. Rodrigues  
H.3239  An Act relative to the repeal of Sunday hunting restrictions  Carmine L. Gentile    3/27/2015   
H.726  An Act relative to industrial wastewater discharge of dental facilities  James R. Miceli    3/10/2015   
H.664  An Act relative to local on-site sewage disposal systems  Robert F. Fennell    3/10/2015   
H.665  An Act providing for more efficient wetlands  Robert F. Fennell    3/10/2015   
H.691  An Act relative to septic installers  Steven S. Howitt    3/10/2015   
H.759  An Act relative to the conservation of Atlantic striped bass  Thomas M. Stanley    3/10/2015   
H.760  An Act relative to the conservation of striped bass  Thomas M. Stanley    3/10/2015   
H.3236  An Act relative to the repeal of Sunday hunting restrictions  Nicholas A. Boldyga    3/27/2015   
H.3237  An Act relative to the use of crossbows  Nicholas A. Boldyga    3/27/2015   
H.3241  An Act relative to relocating turkeys in the town of Westwood  Paul McMurtry    3/27/2015   
H.757  An Act relative to streamflow standards  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2015   
H.622  An Act instructing the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to study the feasibility of establishing an Animal Shelter and Dog Park on state-owned property in the city of Quincy  Bruce J. Ayers    3/10/2015   
H.766  An Act relative to the preservation of Fowl Meadow  Walter F. Timilty    3/10/2015   
H.767  An Act relative to the preservation of land designated areas of critical concern  Walter F. Timilty    3/10/2015   
H.714  An Act to Establish a Beaver Damage Control Commission  Kevin J. Kuros    3/10/2015   
H.658  An Act relative to the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/10/2015   
H.674  An Act relative to drinking and ground water research  Paul K. Frost    3/10/2015   
H.742  An Act promoting awareness of safe recreation in public waterways  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.645  An Act to increase the annual stipend for members of the Commonwealth’s hazardous material response teams  Claire D. Cronin    3/10/2015   
H.626  An Act to create the Department of Agricultural Resources and Marine Fisheries  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/10/2015   
H.719  An Act permitting review of financial assurance mechanisms  Ronald Mariano    3/10/2015   
H.663  An Act to reduce plastic bag pollution  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/10/2015   
H.681  An Act relative to brownsfields assessment and remediation funds  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.765  An Act establishing an ocean acidification task force  William M. Straus    3/10/2015   
H.768  An Act relative to waste removal plans for transfer stations  Walter F. Timilty    3/10/2015   
H.751  An Act relative to nitrogen impaired embayments  Paul A. Schmid, III    3/10/2015   
H.643  An Act establishing a commission on open space and green space  Nick Collins    3/10/2015   
H.716  Resolve creating a special commission to study the effects of coastal and ocean acidification and its existing and potential effects on species that are commercially harvested and grown along the Massachusetts coast  Timothy R. Madden    3/10/2015