Joint Committee onHealth Care Financing

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Senate Information
Room 309
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-1660
House Information
Room 236
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2430
It shall be the duty of the committee on Health Care Financing to consider all matters concerning the direct funding of health care programs and any other Medicaid or public health assistance matters, fiscal matters relating to health care policy, Medicaid, MassHealth, the Uncompensated Care Pool and such other matters as may be referred.
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Report Type
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
H.1976  An Act to protect little lungs  Paul R. Heroux    7/7/2016   
H.1977  An Act to Create a Massachusetts Rare Disease Advisory Council  Paul R. Heroux    7/7/2016   
H.1926  An Act relative to firefighters  Diana DiZoglio    7/7/2016   
H.2041  An Act recognizing pharmacists as healthcare providers  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    7/7/2016   
H.1995  An Act to promote patient care transparency and nurse advancement  Kay Khan    7/7/2016   
H.1999  An Act creating a nursing advisory board  Kay Khan    7/7/2016   
H.1971  An Act to improve access to pharmacy services in hospitals  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    7/7/2016   
H.1895  An Act maintaining confidentiality of proprietary information within health care oversight agencies  Paul Brodeur    7/5/2016   
H.1912  An Act relative to the practice of athletic training  Edward F. Coppinger    7/7/2016   
H.2013  An Act to improve health planning and public health  Ronald Mariano    7/7/2016   
H.3931  An Act Massachusetts Fair Health Care Pricing Act  NONE    1/19/2016  Scheduled For 3/8/2016 11:00:00 AM  
H.4472  An Act relative to facilitating the utilization of psychologists on the health care team  Joint Committee on Public Health    7/13/2016