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Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-1660
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It shall be the duty of the committee on Health Care Financing to consider all matters concerning the direct funding of health care programs and any other Medicaid or public health assistance matters, fiscal matters relating to health care policy, Medicaid, MassHealth, the Uncompensated Care Pool and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.1032  An Act relative to cost reduction in the Medicaid program by improving early childhood oral health  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.993  An Act relative to Health Policy Commission reviews of scope of practice proposals  Patricia A. Haddad    3/10/2015   
H.969  An Act relative to the definition of autism in the children's autism Medicaid waiver  Garrett J. Bradley    3/10/2015   
H.1006  An Act relative to administering national standards to Medicaid medical necessity reviews  Stephen Kulik    3/10/2015   
H.1029  An Act relative to the oral health workforce  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.1028  An Act requiring the Division of Medical Assistance to provide adequate rates  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/10/2015   
H.983  An Act relating to equitable provider reimbursement  Paul J. Donato    3/10/2015   
H.989  An Act relative to Medicaid expansion  Denise C. Garlick    3/10/2015   
H.988  An Act regarding Medicare savings programs eligibility  Denise C. Garlick    3/10/2015   
H.996  An Act relative to reserving beds in nursing homes for residents during certain leaves of absence  Kate Hogan    3/10/2015   
H.1021  An Act relative to accessible medical equipment  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.997  An Act to establish criteria for MassHealth hardship waivers  Kate Hogan    3/10/2015   
H.1034  An Act relative to the financing and providing of health care services, including adult foster care, involving federal and state health care programs  Alan Silvia    3/10/2015   
H.985  An Act relative to transfers of assets by MassHealth members  John V. Fernandes    3/10/2015   
H.991  An Act relative to parity of treatment with substance abuse  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.1023  An Act relative to electronic health records  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.1022  An Act eliminating age discrimination in the MassHealth Program  Denise Provost    3/10/2015   
H.1030  An Act establishing a grants program to increase dental services to Medicaid eligible patients  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.1031  An Act relative to the Health Care Security Trust Board of Trustees  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.992  An Act to control costs of health care - mandate review  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.964  An Act to preserve affordable health coverage for Massachusetts residents  Ruth B. Balser 
Patricia D. Jehlen  
H.970  An Act to promote accessible substance abuse treatment for all  Garrett J. Bradley    3/10/2015   
H.1036  An Act relative to continuity of care for families enrolled in MassHealth  Ellen Story    3/10/2015   
H.1037  An Act to amend Section 3, Chapter 111M of the General Laws relative to Massachusetts residents living in a foreign country and health insurance penalties  Chris Walsh    3/10/2015   
H.1009  An Act improving the Children's Medical Security Program and simplifying the administration process  Elizabeth A. Malia    3/10/2015   
H.1016  An Act strengthening Market Impact Review  David M. Nangle    3/10/2015   
H.1017  An Act to set standards for AGO review of provider practices  David M. Nangle    3/10/2015   
H.974  An Act to extend patient protections to recipients of MassHealth  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.1018  An Act relative to health care cost transparency  David M. Nangle    3/10/2015   
H.982  An Act making greater use of managed care in Medicaid  Paul J. Donato    3/10/2015   
H.965  An Act to ensure effective health care cost control  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.1005  An Act relative to trauma informed services  Peter V. Kocot    3/10/2015   
H.1026  An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts  Tom Sannicandro    3/10/2015   
H.967  An Act to protect healthcare reform funding  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.966  An Act to preserve eligibility for the PACE program and certain waivered services  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.1002  An Act relative to establishing a commission to study ER copayments  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.973  An Act to reduce administrative burdens for healthcare providers  Claire D. Cronin    3/10/2015   
H.968  An Act relative to a bundled payment pilot program  Jennifer E. Benson    3/10/2015   
H.986  An Act to encourage quality reviews and reduce costs in health care  William C. Galvin    3/10/2015   
H.1013  An Act relative to prohibition on public-private cost shift  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.1014  An Act to promote affordable health care  Aaron Michlewitz    3/10/2015   
H.1020  An Act to prevent retroactive loss of ConnectorCare coverage  William Smitty Pignatelli    3/10/2015   
H.999  An Act relative to the Masshealth program  Kevin G. Honan    3/10/2015   
H.998  An Act strengthening the quality and efficiency of home health care services  Kate Hogan 
Thomas P. Kennedy  
H.984  An Act relative to keep people healthy by removing barriers to cost-effective care  Tricia Farley-Bouvier    3/10/2015   
H.1008  An Act relative to parity in assessments by the health care safety net fund  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.1007  An Act expanding the determination of need threshold  John J. Lawn, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.979  An Act relative to hospital profit transparency and fairness  Josh S. Cutler    3/10/2015   
H.1033  An Act establishing a public health insurance option  John W. Scibak    3/10/2015   
H.1035  An Act to mitigate co-payment rates pursuant to care provided by physician assistants and nurse practitioners  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/10/2015   
H.1024  An Act relative to physician assistants  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/10/2015   
H.1012  An Act relative to the establishment of rates of payment to medical providers for workers’ compensation  Paul McMurtry    3/10/2015   
H.1025  An Act preventing unnecessary medical debt  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/10/2015   
H.1001  An Act relative to behavioral health services  Daniel J. Hunt    3/10/2015   
H.963  An Act promoting accountable care  James Arciero    3/10/2015   
H.994  An Act requiring increased transparency in data reporting by health care providers  Patricia A. Haddad    3/10/2015   
H.1015  An Act ensuring community hospital acceleration, revitalization and transformation  Michael J. Moran    3/10/2015   
H.987  An Act regarding the assets of medical assistance recipients  Sean Garballey    3/10/2015   
H.1010  An Act providing health care coverage for mandibular advancement splints  Paul W. Mark    3/10/2015   
H.1011  An Act changing the definition of countable-income for MassHealth  Paul W. Mark    3/10/2015   
H.1027  An Act relative to prescription drugs  Tom Sannicandro    3/10/2015   
H.1003  An Act relative to provide immediate relief to businesses on health care costs  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.975  An Act to Contain Health Care Costs by Reducing Fraudulent Billing Practices  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.976  An Act further regulating the substitution of interchangeable biosimilars  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.977  An Act relative to the base premium rate discount of selective and tiered network products  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.978  An Act expanding the distressed hospital fund to the moral obligation bond program  Mark J. Cusack    3/10/2015   
H.980  An Act relative to funding the Behavioral Health Workforce Development Trust Fund  Josh S. Cutler    3/10/2015   
H.1019  An Act to prohibit material changes above the cost benchmark  David M. Nangle    3/10/2015   
H.995  An Act to permit a spouse to be a caregiver  Paul R. Heroux    3/10/2015   
H.1004  An Act relative to healthcare cost control  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/10/2015   
H.971  An Act reducing payment disparities among healthcare providers  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.990  An Act relative to MassHealth coverage  Colleen M. Garry    3/10/2015   
H.1000  An Act to improve primary care in the Commonwealth  Kevin G. Honan    3/10/2015   
H.972  An Act to reduce liability of acute hospitals to Health Safety Net Trust Fund  Tackey Chan    3/10/2015   
H.981  An Act relative to transparency in health care  Diana DiZoglio    3/10/2015