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It shall be the duty of the committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight to consider all matters concerning competitive bidding on public contracts, public construction, open meeting laws, state regulations, state agencies, lobbyists’ reporting laws and such other matters as may be referred.
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H.2721  An Act redefining executive and legislative agents  Tackey Chan    3/11/2015   
H.2720  An Act relative to global positioning system technology and public employees  Tackey Chan    3/11/2015   
H.2739  An Act designating the Massachusetts Hospital School as the Pappas Rehabilitation Hospital for Children  William C. Galvin    3/11/2015   
H.2730  An Act relative to government publications  Daniel M. Donahue    3/11/2015   
H.2816  An Act to permit enhanced public access to deliberations of public bodies and to permit improved efficiency of public bodies  Tom Sannicandro    3/11/2015   
H.2782  An Act establishing Massachusetts Farm to School Month and commending farm to school programs  Timothy R. Madden    3/11/2015   
H.2817  An Act to promote cost savings through the use of public water  Tom Sannicandro    3/11/2015   
H.2790  An Act declaring the third Saturday of the month of October as Massachusetts Minutemen and Militia Day  James R. Miceli    3/11/2015   
H.2719  An Act relative to the indemnity and insurance responsibility on certain public construction projects  Thomas J. Calter    3/11/2015   
H.2783  An Act relative to the timeframe for MCAD investigations  Timothy R. Madden    3/11/2015   
H.2826  An Act exempting owners from providing an indemnity for certain lost or stolen registered bonds  Frank I. Smizik    3/11/2015   
H.2776  An Act relative to thresholds for mandated use of the designer selection law  Stephen Kulik    3/11/2015   
H.2825  An Act establishing school bus driver day  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2824  An Act designating shaken baby syndrome awareness week  John W. Scibak    3/11/2015   
H.2830  An Act relative to the Establishment of a Historical Preservation Fund  Thomas M. Stanley    3/11/2015   
H.2840  An Act providing for transfers of land in Westfield  John C. Velis    3/11/2015   
H.2787  An Act designating gingham as the official textile of Massachusetts  Paul McMurtry    3/11/2015   
H.2749  An Act to procure public products or services from Massachusetts or the United States  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.2831  An Act designating the song “14 Counties of Massachusetts” as the official county song of the Commonwealth  Thomas M. Stanley    3/11/2015   
H.2744  An Act providing for a highway buffer zone in the town of Needham  Denise C. Garlick 
Michael F. Rush  
H.2788  An Act relative to honesty in bidding for public works  Paul McMurtry    3/11/2015   
H.2740  An Act designating Cyrus E. Dallin as the official sculptor of the Commonwealth  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.2796  An Act designating the official seasoning of the Commonwealth  James M. Murphy    3/11/2015   
H.2727  An Act An act reducing filing fees for certain small business  Josh S. Cutler    3/11/2015   
H.2808  An Act relative to default insurance programs for certain public construction projects  John H. Rogers    3/11/2015   
H.2827  An Act relative to the Secretary of State and ethics reform  Todd M. Smola    3/11/2015   
H.2755  An Act relative to public record fines  Bradford R. Hill    3/11/2015   
H.2753  An Act relative to the opening meeting law  Bradford R. Hill    3/11/2015   
H.2809  An Act to protect tropical forests by restricting state purchases of certain wood products  Byron Rushing    3/11/2015   
H.2754  An Act relative to accessible electronic information technology for persons with disabilities  Bradford R. Hill    3/11/2015   
H.2709  An Act designating the last day of February as Rare Disease Day in the Commonwealth  Brian M. Ashe    3/11/2015   
H.2710  An Act relative to designating five elements Tai Chi as the official Tai Chi form of the Commonwealth  Brian M. Ashe    3/11/2015   
H.2805  An Act relative to sleep deprivation avoidance and promotion of good sleeping practices  Denise Provost    3/11/2015   
H.2797  An Act to modernize trade name registration  David M. Nangle    3/11/2015   
H.2804  An Act relative to the sunshine policy disclosure  Elizabeth A. Poirier    3/11/2015   
H.2841  An Act relative to petition by city or town pursuant to home rule amendment  David T. Vieira    3/11/2015   
H.2795  An Act officially making the month of March multiple system atrophy awareness month  David K. Muradian, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2842  An Act establishing a special commission to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies, programs and services  David T. Vieira 
Jason M. Lewis  
H.2746  An Act relative to improving the safety and standards of organizing a business  Thomas A. Golden, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2811  An Act An act establishing an office of access and opportunity  Byron Rushing    3/11/2015   
H.2789  An Act to access and display business licenses and regulations  Paul McMurtry    3/11/2015   
H.2748  An Act to provide immediate relief to ratepayers on electricity  Patricia A. Haddad    3/11/2015   
H.2780  An Act further defining executive sessions held by public bodies  Marc T. Lombardo    3/11/2015   
H.2729  An Act relative to the official amphibian of the Commonwealth  Stephen L. DiNatale    3/11/2015   
H.2845  An Act relative to the distribution of the conflict of interest law  Chris Walsh    3/11/2015   
H.2836  An Act relative to public participation in the sale of public property  Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2798  An Act to change powers and duties the Board of Building Regulations and Standards  Harold P. Naughton, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2741  An Act relative to MWRA employees  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.2800  An Act relative to the implementation of regulations on businesses  Shaunna L. O'Connell    3/11/2015   
H.2799  An Act increasing review of rules and regulations with economic impacts on small businesses  Shaunna L. O'Connell    3/11/2015   
H.2791  An Act declaring March the 26th as First Responders Day  James R. Miceli    3/11/2015   
H.2731  An Act to hold harmless Human Service Agencies  Peter J. Durant    3/11/2015   
H.2732  An Act relative to the electronic filing of and public access to statements of financial interests  Carolyn C. Dykema    3/11/2015   
H.2773  An Act relative to the use of force accounts  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.2807  An Act to maintain the integrity of the public records law  Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2758  An Act to provide for the public inspection of records made or received by special state police officers at educational institutions  Kevin G. Honan    3/11/2015   
H.2823  An Act relative to landscape sprinkler systems  Paul A. Schmid, III    3/11/2015   
H.2832  An Act relative to the imposition of parking fees upon state employees at institutions of higher education  Ellen Story    3/11/2015   
H.2711  An Act relative to the enhanced disposition of surplus motor vehicles owned by the commonwealth or authorities established by the state  Bruce J. Ayers    3/11/2015   
H.2735  An Act relative to the definition of fraud in public construction bid laws  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/11/2015   
H.4  An Act reconciling inconsistent statutory audit schedules  Suzanne Bump    3/10/2015   
H.2772  An Act to improve public records  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.7  An Act improving the internal controls within state agencies  Suzanne Bump    3/10/2015   
H.2774  An Act to exempt the deliberation of public bodies at town meeting from the open meeting law  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.2712  An Act directing the office of the inspector general to conduct a study of leasing practices utilized by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority  Bruce J. Ayers    3/11/2015   
H.2734  An Act declaring The Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum revolver as the official revolver of the Commonwealth  Kimberly N. Ferguson    3/11/2015   
H.2818  An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts Business Corporation Act  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/11/2015   
H.2722  An Act Relative to a Memorial to Vatican Ambassador, Former Mayor, Former State Representative and Former Boston City Councilor Raymond L. Flynn  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.2769  An Act relative to fees for the use of State House facilities  Jay R. Kaufman    3/11/2015   
H.2742  An Act to establish Uncle Sam day  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.2819  An Act relative to a business entity  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/11/2015   
H.2707  An Act prohibiting the use of personal names on state property  James Arciero    3/11/2015   
H.2747  An Act declaring May as the official month of kindness  Kenneth I. Gordon    3/11/2015   
H.2745  An Act designating the 2nd Sunday in June annually as Massachusetts Race Amity Day  Denise C. Garlick 
Russell E. Holmes  
H.2777  An Act increasing competition among school photographers  Kevin J. Kuros    3/11/2015   
H.2778  An Act relative to controlling the size of government  Kevin J. Kuros    3/11/2015   
H.2822  An Act relating to the public records law  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/11/2015   
H.2708  An Act relative to personal service contracts  James Arciero 
Eileen M. Donoghue  
H.2767  An Act relative to online posting of CMR’s  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2793  An Act designating Domestic Workers’ Rights Day  Michael J. Moran    3/11/2015   
H.2728  An Act relative to the procurement of public works  Marjorie C. Decker    3/11/2015   
H.2781  An Act protecting children and parents  Marc T. Lombardo    3/11/2015   
H.2750  An Act RELATIVE TO NONDISCRIMINATION  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.2751  An Act relative to nondiscrimination regional advisory boards  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.2803  An Act to amend Chapter 622 of the Acts of 1989  Alice Hanlon Peisch    3/11/2015   
H.2717  An Act to improve access to public records  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.2801  An Act relative to the personal care attendant program  James J. O'Day    3/11/2015   
H.2839  An Act designating the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Purple Heart State  Aaron Vega    3/11/2015   
H.2837  An Act authorizing the Commissioner of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey certain land containing the Salem Superior Courthouse and County Commissioners Building to the Salem Redevelopment Authority  Paul Tucker    3/11/2015   
H.2726  An Act relative to state contracting  Claire D. Cronin    3/11/2015   
H.2838  An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to grant an easement in certain land in the city of Salem  Paul Tucker    3/11/2015   
H.2736  An Act establishing the Executive Office of Food Resources and Security  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/11/2015   
H.2846  An Act relative to public meeting exemptions for the General Court  Susannah M. Whipps Lee    3/11/2015   
H.2843  An Act relative to the State Building Code  David T. Vieira 
Chris Walsh  
H.2715  An Act to improve the open meeting law  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.2756  An Act to facilitate disposition of surplus property for the development of affordable and workforce housing  Russell E. Holmes    3/11/2015   
H.2714  An Act relative to bidding for public construction contracts  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.2794  An Act relative to restricted vital records  Michael J. Moran    3/11/2015   
H.2757  An Act relative to the fair participation of minority and women-owned businesses on public construction projects  Russell E. Holmes    3/11/2015   
H.2815  An Act providing for disposition of surplus state real property based on smart growth land use policies  Jeffrey Sánchez    3/11/2015   
H.2765  An Act eliminating the Pacheco Law  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2828  An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Danvers  Theodore C. Speliotis    3/11/2015   
H.2766  An Act relative to agency credit cards  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2771  An Act relative to the governance of the Health Policy Commission  Kay Khan    3/11/2015   
H.2764  An Act relative to prohibiting pay-to-play schemes  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2760  An Act relative to Richard "Jazz" Maffie  Daniel J. Hunt    3/11/2015   
H.2763  An Act relative to the use of project labor agreements  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2762  An Act requiring government neutrality in all public construction projects  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2785  An Act to reduce the cost of government and create jobs  Joseph D. McKenna    3/11/2015   
H.2761  An Act reforming the regulatory process to promote job growth  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/11/2015   
H.2806  An Act relative to the use of audio or video recordings as minutes of public bodies  Denise Provost    3/11/2015   
H.2844  An Act relative to the uniform procurement act  David T. Vieira    3/11/2015   
H.2820  An Act relating to technical corrections  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/11/2015   
H.2821  An Act relating to creation of a municipal records commission  Angelo M. Scaccia    3/11/2015   
H.2786  An Act relative to soliciting and rewarding suggestions from residents to reduce costs of government  Joseph D. McKenna    3/11/2015   
H.2792  An Act designating the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway as the official organic public park of the Commonwealth  Aaron Michlewitz    3/11/2015   
H.2716  An Act further regulating access to public records  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.2768  An Act designating Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Day  Louis L. Kafka    3/11/2015   
H.2759  An Act relative to corporate filing requirements  Steven S. Howitt    3/11/2015   
H.2812  An act establishing a special secretary to reduce and prevent homelessness and increase economic mobility  Byron Rushing    3/11/2015   
H.2813  An act establishing the Massachusetts law revision commission  Byron Rushing    3/11/2015   
H.2814  An act relative to the disclosure of participation in the slave trade in the commonwealth  Byron Rushing    3/11/2015   
H.2770  An Act authorizing the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the city of Worcester to create and operate a multi purpose rectangular field at the Lake Avenue Park in Worcester  Mary S. Keefe    3/11/2015   
H.2723  An Act to promote responsible contracting on state construction projects  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.2829  An Act providing a correction with regard to the transfer of land to the town of Middleton  Theodore C. Speliotis 
Bradley H. Jones, Jr.  
H.2718  An Act to name the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal  Antonio F. D. Cabral    3/11/2015   
H.2743  An Act to support transportation demand management  Sean Garballey    3/11/2015   
H.2738  An Act relative to the fair participation of minority and women-owned businesses on public construction projects  Gloria L. Fox 
Russell E. Holmes  
H.2733  An Act to study the feasibility of streamlining business registration  Lori A. Ehrlich    3/11/2015   
H.2834  An Act relative to the flying of the flag of the Commonwealth at half staff on state buildings and installations  Walter F. Timilty    3/11/2015   
H.2835  An Act authorizing the lease of a certain parcel of land to the town of Milton  Walter F. Timilty    3/11/2015   
H.2752  An Act to make ‘New England clam chowder’ the official appetizer of Massachusetts  Paul R. Heroux    3/11/2015   
H.2724  An Act regarding a conveyance of land to the city of Boston  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.2784  An Act declaring the second Monday in October as "Italian-American Heritage Day"  Paul W. Mark    3/11/2015   
H.2779  An Act designating the song “Roadrunner” as the official rock song of the Commonwealth  David Paul Linsky 
Robert L. Hedlund  
H.2775  An Act updating the open meeting law  Peter V. Kocot    3/11/2015   
H.2737  An Act relative to innovative communities  Ann-Margaret Ferrante    3/11/2015   
H.2802  An Act to improve transparency and access to the code of Massachusetts Regulations  Keiko M. Orrall    3/11/2015   
H.2725  An Act relative to employment of persons with disabilities  Nick Collins    3/11/2015   
H.10  An Act relative to Chapter 30B      3/10/2015   
H.13  An Act allowing for the appointment of designees to the Inspector General Council      3/10/2015