Joint Committee onVeterans and Federal Affairs

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Senate Information
Room 504
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-1348
House Information
Room 174
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2877
It shall be the duty of the committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs to review all legislation having to do with veterans or affairs dealing with the federal government.
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Report Type
H.4084  Veterans benefits   Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs   Study 
H.3130  An Act relative to the appointment of veterans' agents  Garrett J. Bradley   Favorable 
H.3176  An Act returning the payment of bonuses to soldiers during the Persian Gulf War to the Treasurer's office  Chris Walsh   Favorable 
H.3170  An Act exempting veterans from civil service exam fees  Walter F. Timilty   Favorable 
S.1914  An Act updating veterans’ burial expenses  Michael F. Rush   Favorable 
S.1909  An Act relative to workers compensation for veterans  Thomas M. McGee   Favorable 
H.4230  An Act relative to housing, operations, military service, and enrichment  Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs   Redraft 
H.3317  Resolutions Equality for America's adopted children  Josh S. Cutler   Favorable 

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Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
S.1340  An Act relative to age restrictions for veterans applying to be police officers and firefighters  Sal N. DiDomenico    3/17/2016