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Joint Committee onRules

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Senate Information
Room 333
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-1532
House Information
Room 167
State House
Boston, MA 02133 
Tel:(617) 722-2692
It shall be the duty of the committees on Rules to establish and recommend policy procedures for the General Court; to consider all orders, resolutions and petitions referred thereto relating to recess studies, rules changes, etc.; and to consider such other matters as may be referred thereto or that the committees deem necessary for the expeditious actions of the General Court.
Date Starts Topics Bills Status Location
No hearings currently scheduled
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Report Type
Bill Num. Title Sponsor Arrived Hearing Schedule
  An Act establishing telehealth  Harriette L. Chandler    2/25/2013   
  An Act to authorize creditable service for certain public higher education faculty and professional employees  Brian A. Joyce    2/25/2013   
  An Act requiring a statement of reasons to accompany the denial or dismissal of any motion on activity entered in the Appeals or Supreme Judicial Court  Sal N. DiDomenico    2/28/2013   
  An Act requiring the tabulation of results of those cases heard before the Supreme Judicial Court of Appeals  Sal N. DiDomenico    2/28/2013   
  An Act authorizing the Appeals Court to reinstate a certain unheard case of Vincent F. Zarrilli vs. Capital Bank and Trust Company et al  Sal N. DiDomenico    2/28/2013   
  An Act relative to a modified judicial merit-retention system  Sal N. DiDomenico    2/28/2013   
  An Act designating New England clam chowder as the official state dish of the commonwealth  Michael F. Rush    2/28/2013   
  An Act to repeal the Massachusetts Rent Control Prohibition Act  Daniel A. Wolf    2/28/2013   
  An Act to allow the recording of conversations to reflect federal law whereby a party to a conversation may record it without prior consent as long as the recording is not done with criminal or tortious intent  Barry R. Finegold    4/13/2013   
  An Act relative to out-of-state contractors and sub-contractors  Katherine M. Clark    6/13/2013   
  An Act to shift revenue from sales tax to transportation fuel tax   Katherine M. Clark    7/23/2013   
  An Act repealing the software services tax  Karen E. Spilka    8/15/2013   
  An Act promoting awareness of safe recreation in public waterways  Patricia D. Jehlen    8/19/2013   
  An Act clarifying financial interest in contracts of state agencies  Kenneth J. Donnelly    9/24/2013   
  An Act relative to the protection of water supply on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard  Daniel A. Wolf    10/7/2013   
  An Act relative to the wrongful death or injury of animal companions  John F. Keenan    11/18/2013   
  An Act establishing a public housing bullying and harassment behavior registry  Joan B. Lovely    11/19/2013   
H.1092  An Act relative to a special commission to study condominium law  Matthew A. Beaton    3/20/2014   
  An Act relative to the protection of propane gas ratepayers  Richard T. Moore    3/31/2014   
H.2835  An Act to establish a municipal record preservation commission  John D. Keenan 
James B. Eldridge  
H.2890  Resolve establishing a special commission to conduct an investigation and study relative to permitting advertising on state websites  Walter F. Timilty    3/31/2014   
H.1075  An Act relative to students serving in the military  Jerald A. Parisella    3/31/2014   
H.3998  An Act relative to the conservation of striped bass  Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture    4/2/2014   
H.4015  An Act expanding inclusive transition programs for students with severe disabilities  Joint Committee on Education    4/3/2014   
  An Act providing for the abandonment of a certain water line easement in Revere and Malden  Anthony W. Petruccelli    4/3/2014   
  An Act relative to transparency to memberships to boards of trade, chambers of commerce and like bodies  Sal N. DiDomenico    4/10/2014   
  An Act relative to pesticide applications  Bruce E. Tarr    4/14/2014   
  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Kyle Melvin, an employee of the Department of Correction  John F. Keenan    4/17/2014   
  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Denise Frost, an employee of the Department of Developmental Services  Marc R. Pacheco    4/17/2014