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It shall be the duty of the committees on Rules to establish and recommend policy procedures for the General Court; to consider all orders, resolutions and petitions referred thereto relating to recess studies, rules changes, etc.; and to consider such other matters as may be referred thereto or that the committees deem necessary for the expeditious actions of the General Court.
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H.2706  An Act establishing a special commission to study the legislative process  Diana DiZoglio    3/11/2015   
H.120  An Act affirming inclusion of people with disabilities on commissions of the Commonwealth  Denise Provost    1/21/2016   
H.2931  An Act relative to the architect laureate  Chris Walsh    11/25/2015   
H.2703  An Act relative to the conduct of legislative committees  James Arciero    3/11/2015   
H.2705  An Act relative to local impacts of enacted legislation  James M. Cantwell    3/11/2015   
H.2704  An Act relative to the early resolution of local aid  James Arciero    3/11/2015   
H.455  An Act establishing a commission to study vocational-technical schools  Alice Hanlon Peisch    7/23/2015   
H.2546  An Act relative to creating a commission to study the feasibility of simplifying the personal income tax code  Randy Hunt    5/7/2015   
H.94  An Act establishing a permanent commission on the social status of men and boys of color  Russell E. Holmes    10/1/2015   
SD.1899  An Act relative to hardship licenses for first time offenders  Bruce E. Tarr    3/5/2015   
H.2929  An Act to establish a special commission to consider an appropriate tribute to Nelson Mandela in the City of Boston  Byron Rushing    11/25/2015   
H.2926  An Act to Enhance Tourism at the State House  Keiko M. Orrall    11/25/2015   
SD.1961  An Act relative to adult motorcycle helmet choice  Brian A. Joyce    3/5/2015   
SD.1960  An Act relative to wire-tapping in the Commonwealth  Brian A. Joyce    3/5/2015   
SD.1947  An Act relative to the creation of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Finance Control Board  Bruce E. Tarr    3/5/2015   
SD.1959  An Act relative to motor vehicle homicide sentencing  Brian A. Joyce    3/5/2015   
SD.1958  An Act requiring informed consent to the use of dental amalgam which contains mercury in dental procedures  Brian A. Joyce    3/5/2015   
SD.1955  An Act relative to traffic enforcement cameras  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/5/2015   
SD.1978  An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Shrewsbury  Michael O. Moore    3/16/2015   
SD.1990  An Act to provide for appropriations by a city or town for a trust fund to provide for future liabilities of health insurance for retirees of such cities or towns  Bruce E. Tarr    3/19/2015   
SD.1989  An Act allowing additional compensation of a certified governmental accountant as determined by the Massachusetts Municipal Auditors' and Accounts' Association, Inc  Bruce E. Tarr    3/19/2015   
SD.1988  An Act relative to employment contracts for town accountants and city auditors  Bruce E. Tarr    3/19/2015   
SD.1987  An Act allowing police officers to take into protective custody minors who have consumed alcohol  Bruce E. Tarr    3/19/2015   
SD.2027  An Act to ensure due process in mental health facilities  Jason M. Lewis    4/15/2015   
SD.2026  An Act to protect children from excessive force  Jason M. Lewis    4/15/2015   
SD.2028  An Act to reduce conflict-of-interest in child abuse investigations  Jason M. Lewis    4/15/2015   
SD.2025  An Act reforming the judicial system  Jason M. Lewis    4/15/2015   
SD.2045  An Act relating to carbon monoxide detectors in schools  Ryan C. Fattman    4/27/2015   
SD.2052  An Act clarifying the headlight law as a non-surchargeable offense for insurance purposes  Thomas P. Kennedy    4/30/2015   
SD.2058  An Act relating to free speech in elections  Ryan C. Fattman    5/4/2015   
SD.2062  An Act limiting indemnity and insurance responsibility for general contractors and subcontractors in construction work  Michael F. Rush    5/7/2015   
SD.2090  An Act to establish a General Court Administration Corporation  Bruce E. Tarr    6/4/2015   
SD.2089  An Act to establish the Institute of Gaming  Bruce E. Tarr    6/4/2015   
SD.2088  An Act to establish a Commercial Property Administration Corporation  Bruce E. Tarr    6/4/2015   
SD.2087  An Act to establish a Health Administration Corporation  Bruce E. Tarr    6/4/2015   
SD.2127  An Act to protect public health, promote accountability and prevent the violation of individual rights through the misuse – abuse & the violation of law by amending Chapter 123 Section 12  Barbara L'Italien    7/1/2015   
SD.2174  An Act prohibiting coal tar pavement sealant  Brian A. Joyce    8/3/2015   
SD.2186  An Act relative to income tax applicable to Diana Manning  Bruce E. Tarr    8/13/2015   
SD.2212  An Act relative to studying radiation health and safety risks for protective measures  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    8/31/2015   
SD.2202  An Act providing for the abandonment of a certain water line easement in Revere and Malden  Anthony W. Petruccelli    12/11/2015   
SD.2228  An Act relative to moving violations  Richard J. Ross    9/24/2015   
SD.2237  An Act to establish a Foreign Investment Corporation Law  Bruce E. Tarr    11/18/2015   
SD.2236  An Act to establish the Citizen Rights Investment Corporation Law  Bruce E. Tarr    11/18/2015   
SD.2256  An Act requiring physician training on non-ionizing radiation and electrohypersensitivity  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    10/15/2015   
SD.2284  An Act to allow lane splitting in the Commonwealth  Barbara L'Italien    11/12/2015   
SD.2402  An Act relative to the veteran property tax exemption residency requirement  Michael O. Moore    1/28/2016   
SD.2401  An Act providing limited health services for residents of assisted living residences  Patricia D. Jehlen    1/28/2016   
SD.2403  An Act authorizing the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System to grant creditable service to Karol Coffin  Karen E. Spilka    1/28/2016   
SD.2409  An Act relative to protecting citizens’ personal image rights  William N. Brownsberger    2/1/2016   
SD.2410  An Act ensuring the safety of residents, first responders, and gas workers  Sal N. DiDomenico    2/1/2016   
SD.2421  An Act concerning the protection of family violence victims in family relations matters  Brian A. Joyce    2/9/2016   
SD.2422  An Act relative to the energy facilities siting board  Jason M. Lewis    2/9/2016   
S.2128  An Act establishing the special commission on local and regional public health  Joint Committee on Public Health    2/11/2016   
H.2713  Resolve establishing a special commission to investigate and study the feasibility of constructing a Massachusetts state indoor track facility in southeastern Massachusetts  Garrett J. Bradley    2/11/2016   
H.617  Resolve to establish a special commission to perform an investigation and providing for a study relative to the long term management, maintenance and future use of the Boston Harbor Long and Moon Islands  Bruce J. Ayers    7/27/2015   
H.698  Resolve relative to protecting the archaeological, geological and fossil resources of western Massachusetts  Peter V. Kocot    6/22/2015   
H.3903  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the need for accessible homes for the elderly, returning veterans with disabilities, and families that include persons with disabilities  Joint Committee on Housing    12/17/2015