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It shall be the duty of the committee on Rules to establish and recommend policy procedures for the Senate, to consider all orders and petitions referred thereto, including those related to recess studies and rules changes, to sit concurrently with the House committee on Rules, and to consider such other matters as may be referred thereto or that the committee deems necessary for the expeditious actions of the Senate.
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H.391  An Act relative to school improvement plans  Patricia A. Haddad    6/4/2015   
S.1542  An Act providing taxpayers a hearing at the Appellate Tax Board  Michael J. Rodrigues    7/1/2015   
H.1354  An Act relative to juries and the Office of the Jury Commissioner  Patricia A. Haddad    6/25/2015   
S.1537  An Act to provide volunteer firefighters with a local option real estate tax exemption  Michael J. Rodrigues    7/1/2015   
S.594  An Act eliminating archaic language pertaining to individuals with disabilities in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts  Patricia D. Jehlen    7/20/2015   
H.3083  An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Boston as the P.F.C. Alvin Richard Gale memorial bridge  Angelo M. Scaccia    10/1/2015   
S.1839  An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Westfield as the All Westfield Patriots Bridge  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    7/28/2015   
H.692  An Act designating a certain area in the Dorchester section of the city of Boston in memory of Trooper Mark S. Charbonnier and Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Richard "Ricky" Dever  Daniel J. Hunt    7/1/2015   
H.1566  An Act relative to electronic publication of certain legal notices  Jeffrey N. Roy    6/25/2015   
S.1871  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Norwood as the Thomas J. Kewriga Memorial Bridge  Michael F. Rush    7/28/2015   
S.1056  An Act relative to solar drying of laundry  Michael J. Barrett    10/1/2015   
SD.1545  An Act relative to eliminating sub-precinct 9A in the town of Andover  Barbara L'Italien    5/14/2015   
S.290  An Act relative to the powers and duties of a regional school district  Anne M. Gobi    7/23/2015   
S.1467  An Act relative to taxes due upon the death of active duty personnel and the elderly  Kenneth J. Donnelly    7/1/2015   
H.59  An Act validating the actions taken at the annual town and special state elections held in the town of Westborough  Charles D. Baker    9/21/2015   
H.3592  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Hudson as the Captain Seth R. Michaud Memorial Bridge  Kate Hogan 
James B. Eldridge  
S.1952  An Act amending chapter 486 of the acts of 2014  Anne M. Gobi    7/28/2015   
S.1959  An Act relative to tax abatements for deaf residents  Joint Committee on Revenue    7/2/2015   
H.3654  An Act regulating sewer betterment assessments in the Commonwealth  House Committee on Bills in the Third Reading    7/13/2015   
S.1971  An Act Resolve establishing a special legislative commission on young professionals  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    7/21/2015   
S.1984  An Act Resolve creating a commission to study ways to prevent bullying of tenants in public and subsidized multi-family housing  Joint Committee on Housing    8/3/2015   
H.3777  An Act relative to the retirement benefits of the surviving beneficiary of Francis X. Noe  Theodore C. Speliotis    10/1/2015   
S.1427  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the civil service exam  Michael F. Rush    7/29/2015