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It shall be the duty of the committee on Rules to establish and recommend policy procedures for the Senate, to consider all orders and petitions referred thereto, including those related to recess studies and rules changes, to sit concurrently with the House committee on Rules, and to consider such other matters as may be referred thereto or that the committee deems necessary for the expeditious actions of the Senate.
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S.1675  An Act establishing a special commission to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state agencies, programs, and services  Jason M. Lewis    4/21/2016   
S.1196  An Act relative to the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Project  Michael O. Moore    5/5/2016   
S.754  An Act to clarify homestead estates  Cynthia S. Creem    5/24/2016   
S.447  An Act relative to hunting with Unmanned Aerial Systems  Michael O. Moore    2/18/2016   
H.391  An Act relative to school improvement plans  Patricia A. Haddad    6/4/2015   
S.1542  An Act providing taxpayers a hearing at the Appellate Tax Board  Michael J. Rodrigues    7/1/2015   
S.79  An Act creating a special commission on behavior modification  Brian A. Joyce    1/19/2016   
S.634  An Act to address the lack of sex-specific data in Massachusetts  Karen E. Spilka    5/5/2016   
S.102  An Act ensuring healthcare coverage for youth who have aged-out of the Department of Children and Families  Karen E. Spilka    5/5/2016   
S.1664  An Act requiring the disclosure of public funding  Patricia D. Jehlen    4/21/2016   
H.3030  An Act relative to agricultural operations  Stephen Kulik    5/31/2016   
S.872  An Act to strengthen the anti-human trafficking law  Mark C. Montigny    4/28/2016   
S.1191  An Act requiring automated external defibrillators in schools  Mark C. Montigny    5/5/2016   
S.1081  An Act relative to dog pens and kennels  Anne M. Gobi    4/11/2016   
H.2180  An Act relative to kayak safety  William M. Straus    4/28/2016   
S.570  An Act relative to continuity of care for families enrolled in MassHealth  Sal N. DiDomenico    5/5/2016   
H.2319  An Act protecting the rights of custodial and other non-teaching employees of school districts  Patricia A. Haddad    5/9/2016   
S.1022  An Act authorizing municipal increases in minimum wages  Daniel A. Wolf    11/23/2015   
S.1112  An Act relative to the appointment of town managers  James E. Timilty    3/14/2016   
S.1216  An Act relative to the practice of athletic training  Michael F. Rush    6/13/2016   
S.956  An Act establishing the refusal to provide certain records as an unfair labor practice  William N. Brownsberger    4/13/2016   
S.1657  An Act designating the song “Roadrunner” as the official rock song of the Commonwealth  Robert L. Hedlund    10/29/2015   
S.1743  An Act relative honoring those killed in the line of duty  James E. Timilty    10/29/2015   
H.169  An Act relative to massage therapy services on Sundays and holidays  Edward F. Coppinger    6/14/2016   
H.753  An Act preserving public trust rights in land affected by ocean erosion  Frank I. Smizik    3/10/2016   
S.1746  An Act designating Conflict Resolution Awareness Week  Daniel A. Wolf    2/18/2016   
S.1808  An Act to protect bicyclists in bicycle lanes  William N. Brownsberger    3/24/2016   
S.1665  An Act relative to sleep deprivation avoidance and promotion of good sleeping practices  Patricia D. Jehlen    2/18/2016   
S.940  An Act enhancing courthouse security  James E. Timilty    10/8/2015   
S.1248  An Act relative to the safe transfer of individuals in emergency situations  Viriato M. deMacedo    4/11/2016   
S.1717  An Act relative to the observance of a Gold Star Wives Day and a Gold Star Mothers and Families Day  Michael F. Rush    2/18/2016   
H.1566  An Act relative to electronic publication of certain legal notices  Jeffrey N. Roy    6/25/2015   
S.1057  An Act relative to local disability commission expansion  William N. Brownsberger    3/7/2016   
S.1871  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Norwood as the Thomas J. Kewriga Memorial Bridge  Michael F. Rush    7/28/2015   
S.1162  An Act relative to chronic care coordination  John F. Keenan    5/5/2016   
S.1718  An Act observing United States Navy Day  Michael F. Rush    2/18/2016   
H.114  An Act relative to the safety of newborns  Keiko M. Orrall    5/16/2016   
H.3535  An Act relative to funding public libraries and the Centerville-Osterville-Marston Mills fire district  Brian R. Mannal    2/9/2016   
H.912  An Act relative to certain loans by the Federal Home Loan Bank  Aaron Michlewitz    5/31/2016   
S.1100  An Act providing for a workforce housing financial plan  Anthony W. Petruccelli    3/14/2016   
S.761  An Act relative to testimony in criminal proceedings  Cynthia S. Creem    3/24/2016   
S.1056  An Act relative to solar drying of laundry  Michael J. Barrett    10/1/2015   
S.1843  An Act relative to the transfer of boat registration between family members  John F. Keenan    3/10/2016   
S.1079  An Act to allow simple majority voting  Jennifer L. Flanagan    4/11/2016   
H.248  An Act relative to special alcohol licenses for nonprofit charitable corporations  Alice Hanlon Peisch    6/9/2016   
S.1640  An Act creating lysosomal storage disorder awareness month  Ryan C. Fattman    2/18/2016   
H.3160  An Act relative to election ballots  Jerald A. Parisella    5/5/2016   
S.444  An Act to provide equal access to service animal trainers  Mark C. Montigny    1/25/2016   
S.1692  An Act designating a certain state facility in the city of New Bedford as the New Bedford marine commerce terminal  Mark C. Montigny    4/19/2016   
S.1659  An Act proclaiming May as Aviation Awareness Month  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    2/18/2016   
S.1621  An Act modernizing procedures for boards and commissions  Cynthia S. Creem    4/28/2016   
S.1150  An Act relative to respiratory therapy  Jennifer L. Flanagan    5/5/2016   
H.3007  An Act designating a portion of Route 3 as the Middlesex 3 highway  Kenneth I. Gordon    10/8/2015   
S.1068  An Act relative to streamlining municipal finance  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/7/2016   
S.1655  An Act to establish February 20 as Frederick Douglass Day  Anne M. Gobi    2/18/2016   
S.1080  An Act creating the Hampden County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls  Anne M. Gobi    3/7/2016   
H.3232  An Act to modernize election record keeping  Shawn Dooley    5/23/2016   
S.290  An Act relative to the powers and duties of a regional school district  Anne M. Gobi    7/23/2015   
S.1073  An Act increasing recycling by landlords and tenants  James B. Eldridge    3/7/2016   
S.1074  An Act encouraging municipal recycling and composting  James B. Eldridge    3/7/2016   
S.1652  An Act to designate Narcolepsy Awareness Day  Anne M. Gobi    2/18/2016   
S.1830  An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates  Anne M. Gobi    3/24/2016   
S.414  An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting  Anne M. Gobi    1/25/2016   
S.1076  An Act relative to the effective enforcement of municipal ordinances and bylaws  James B. Eldridge    3/7/2016   
S.172  An Act to protect the privacy of lottery winners  Mark C. Montigny    2/18/2016   
S.1094  An Act relative to Parking Advancements for the Revitalization of Communities (PARC)  Kathleen O'Connor Ives    3/7/2016   
S.1699  An Act relative to the environment and public health  Kathleen O'Connor Ives    4/21/2016   
S.1065  An Act amending the municipal ticket law  Sal N. DiDomenico    3/7/2016   
S.1636  An Act to establish a municipal record preservation commission  James B. Eldridge    4/21/2016   
S.812  An Act relative to privileged communications  James B. Eldridge    6/13/2016   
S.1090  An Act relative to vacant, foreclosing and foreclosed property in the Commonwealth  Barbara L'Italien    3/14/2016   
S.1474  An Act relative to regional transportation ballot initiatives  Benjamin B. Downing    2/1/2016   
S.1305  An Act to include federal law enforcement officers as police officers  Bruce E. Tarr    4/11/2016   
S.1109  An Act relative to the expenditure of certain municipal and district monies  Bruce E. Tarr    3/14/2016   
S.1110  An Act to increase the amount that may be appropriated from the balance of a capital project fund  Bruce E. Tarr    3/14/2016   
S.1782  An Act to prohibit misleading telemarketer calls to consumers  Kathleen O'Connor Ives    4/29/2016   
S.1848  An Act relative to child passenger safety  Thomas P. Kennedy    1/11/2016   
S.2011  An Act relative to trigeminal neuralgia awareness month  Robert L. Hedlund    2/18/2016   
H.3335  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Lanesborough as the Sergeant Gregory Aloysius Noonan Bridge  Gailanne M. Cariddi    11/5/2015   
S.2096  An Act relative to New England Convenience Stores and Energy Marketers Association  James E. Timilty    3/10/2016   
S.2188  An Act relative to partition fences  Benjamin B. Downing    4/29/2016   
S.2036  An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Webster as the Webster/Dudley Public Safety Memorial Bridge  Ryan C. Fattman    11/25/2015   
S.2070  An Act regulating central service technicians  Joint Committee on Public Health    5/5/2016   
H.3917  An Act relative to Gold Star Family motor vehicle registration eligibility  Bradley H. Jones, Jr.    3/24/2016   
H.3895  An Act increasing access to immunizations  Joint Committee on Health Care Financing    5/19/2016   
H.4251  An Act designating the town of Billerica as the Yankee Doodle Town  Marc T. Lombardo 
Kenneth J. Donnelly  
S.2165  An Act designating a certain intersection in the town of Plainville as the Special Police Officer Michael O. Maher Memorial Intersection  Richard J. Ross    4/21/2016   
S.2181  An Act establishing Peace Day in the Commonwealth  John F. Keenan    4/14/2016   
S.2147  An Act establishing a commission on malnutrition prevention  Joint Committee on Public Health    3/22/2016   
S.2187  An Act relative to cleanliness in restaurants and bars  Joint Committee on Public Health    5/5/2016   
S.2239  An Act relative to studying the impacts of changing the Massachusetts time zone  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    4/29/2016   
S.2252  An Act relative to the administration of diabetes medication  Joint Committee on Education    5/31/2016   
S.2263  An Act relative to the removal or transportation of trash  Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government    5/2/2016   
S.2244  An Act relative to the sale of wine in private clubs   Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure    4/29/2016   
S.2294  An Act relative to volunteer ambulance service  Joint Committee on Public Health    6/9/2016   
S.2134  economic development and emerging technology study order  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    3/21/2016   
S.2145  Community Development and Small Business issues study order  Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Businesses    3/21/2016   
S.2236  Relative to tourism, arts and cultural development  Joint Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development    4/28/2016   
S.2204  Relative to judicial matters  Joint Committee on the Judiciary    4/8/2016   
S.2214  Relative to higher education matters.  Joint Committee on Higher Education    4/11/2016   
S.2199  Public health issues  Joint Committee on Public Health    3/31/2016   
S.2215  Senate documents numbered 209, 210, 211, 214, 215, 216, 217, 218, 220, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231, 235, 237, 239, 240, 241, and 242  Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies    4/11/2016   
S.2315  charter schools  Joint Committee on Education    6/9/2016   
S.2336  school finance and school choice  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2337  accountability and compliance  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2338  curriculum  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2339  early education and expanded learning time  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2340  personnel  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2341  transportation and SBA  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2342  Special Education Financing  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2343  special education  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2344  assessments and technology  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2345  health education matters  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2346  vocational education  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2347  at-risk students  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2348  school climate and discipline  Joint Committee on Education    6/20/2016   
S.2314  Public service issues  Joint Committee on Public Service    6/9/2016   
S.2317  Relative to transportation matters  Joint Committee on Transportation    6/9/2016   
S.2318  financial services matters  Joint Committee on Financial Services    6/9/2016   
S.2316  Elder Affairs   Joint Committee on Elder Affairs    6/9/2016   
S.2290  Revenue matters  Joint Committee on Revenue    5/12/2016   
S.2306  Financing and delivery of health care to children  Joint Committee on Health Care Financing    6/6/2016   
S.2307  Financing and Delivery of Health Care  Joint Committee on Health Care Financing    6/6/2016   
S.224  Resolve establishing a special commission on the Dover amendment  Michael O. Moore    4/14/2016   
S.1427  Resolve providing for an investigation and study by a special commission relative to the civil service exam  Michael F. Rush    7/29/2015   
S.1278  Resolve providing for investigating construction practices and their impact on firefighter deaths  Thomas P. Kennedy    4/13/2016