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It shall be the duty of the committee on Ways and Means to consider all matters relating to the finances of the Commonwealth and such other matters as may be referred thereto.
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S.993  An Act relative to employee benefits reporting  Michael O. Moore    4/13/2016   
S.530  An Act relative to group market plans for automobile and homeowners insurance  Michael O. Moore    4/7/2016   
S.173  An Act regulating powdered alcohol  Michael O. Moore    2/4/2016   
S.1403  An Act relative to appellate review  Michael O. Moore    2/11/2016   
S.1285  An Act establishing the Correctional Officers' Procedural Bill of Rights  Michael O. Moore    3/14/2016   
S.1093  An Act allowing for the decriminalization of minor offenses  Michael O. Moore    3/7/2016   
S.1260  An Act relative to amusement devices  Jennifer L. Flanagan    4/7/2016   
S.1619  An Act making technical corrections to the state trademarks act  Cynthia S. Creem    4/21/2016   
S.1778  An Act relative to utility data transparency and access  Jason M. Lewis    3/7/2016   
S.183  An Act relative to mobile spas  Michael J. Rodrigues    2/4/2016   
S.1418  An Act relative to increasing the hours of employment of pensioners for services after retirement in the public sector  Michael J. Rodrigues    3/3/2016   
S.1001  An Act relative to the pooling of tips  Michael J. Rodrigues    11/23/2015   
S.1286  An Act relative to sheriffs  Michael O. Moore    3/16/2016   
S.149  An Act relative to updating reciprocity for licensing optometrists  Jennifer L. Flanagan    2/4/2016   
S.1542  An Act providing taxpayers a hearing at the Appellate Tax Board  Michael J. Rodrigues    9/15/2016   
S.219  An Act relative to promoting local economic development  Jason M. Lewis    3/28/2016   
S.1710  An Act to eliminate contingency fee auditors  Michael J. Rodrigues    4/25/2016   
S.283  An Act prohibiting the Commonwealth from discrimination against those providing special education services to Massachusetts students under the authority and direction of chapter 71B of the General Laws of Massachusetts  Jennifer L. Flanagan    3/3/2016   
S.1694  An Act relative to the definition of fraud in public construction bid laws  Michael O. Moore    4/19/2016   
S.106  An Act establishing the miracle league of Massachusetts  James T. Welch    10/5/2015   
S.951  An Act establishing the murder victim families assistance fund  James T. Welch    6/6/2016   
S.1287  An Act relative to non-resident firearm license fees  Michael O. Moore    3/16/2016   
S.184  An Act relative to the security of personal financial information  Michael J. Rodrigues    3/21/2016   
S.1393  An Act relative to the collective bargaining rights for employees of the Committee for Public Counsel Services  Jason M. Lewis    6/4/2015   
S.1211  An Act improving local decision making  Michael J. Rodrigues    3/15/2016   
S.1720  An Act to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by partnering world-class innovators with state agencies  Karen E. Spilka    2/18/2016   
S.233  An Act providing for the evaluation of the economic impact of transportation projects  Karen E. Spilka    3/24/2016   
S.1431  An Act relative to the retirement benefits of certain widows and surviving spouses  Karen E. Spilka    11/5/2015   
S.1563  An Act enhancing Department of Revenue reporting  Karen E. Spilka    3/28/2016   
S.1430  An Act further regulating employee benefits  Karen E. Spilka    11/5/2015   
S.1241  An Act improving juvenile justice data collection  Cynthia S. Creem    4/7/2016   
S.67  An Act relating to special education evaluation and referral  Sal N. DiDomenico    7/21/2015   
S.1376  An Act relative to part-time higher education faculty eligibility in the state retirement system  Patricia D. Jehlen    3/3/2016   
S.1377  An Act relative to eligibility for state group health insurance  Patricia D. Jehlen    3/3/2016   
S.92  An Act requiring equal benefits for all new mothers  Mark C. Montigny    10/5/2015   
S.1686  An Act relative to equitable pay at quasi-public agencies  Mark C. Montigny    4/19/2016   
S.1875  An Act facilitating the completion of the New Bedford/Fall River commuter rail extension project  Mark C. Montigny    4/21/2016   
H.1368  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for John Morrill, an employee of the Attleboro district court  Paul R. Heroux 
Richard J. Ross  
S.1284  An Act relative to window guards in residential rental properties  Mark C. Montigny    4/7/2016   
S.984  An Act preventing discrimination based on veteran's status  Brian A. Joyce    4/13/2016   
S.986  An Act relative to health and safety on public construction projects  Brian A. Joyce    4/13/2016   
S.1416  An Act authorizing the State Retirement Board to grant creditable service to Marion Ishimoto-Yuille  Michael J. Rodrigues    3/28/2016   
S.1445  An Act protecting the rights of custodial and other non-teaching employees of school districts  Daniel A. Wolf    3/3/2016   
S.1446  An Act correcting pension inequity for James G. Clothier  Daniel A. Wolf    3/28/2016   
S.1798  An Act establishing funding to provide moneys for postclosure activities at nuclear power stations  Daniel A. Wolf    4/25/2016   
S.1849  An Act to study the feasibility of high-speed rail access between Springfield and Boston  Eric P. Lesser    3/10/2016   
S.1101  An Act establishing the Assawompset pond complex flood management district commission  Michael J. Rodrigues    7/20/2015   
S.1639  An Act authorizing the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance to convey a certain parcel of land in the town of Sutton to Tim and Tammy Mahoney  Ryan C. Fattman    4/19/2016   
S.1005  An Act regarding protections extended to lay teachers in parochial schools  Michael F. Rush    10/19/2015   
S.129  An Act relative to the guaranty fund for home improvement contractors  Cynthia S. Creem    7/7/2016   
S.171  An Act relative to second hand dealers  Thomas M. McGee    3/21/2016   
S.443  An Act relative to privately operated animal shelters and rescue organizations  Mark C. Montigny    3/24/2016   
S.107  An Act to promote employment   Daniel A. Wolf    4/25/2016   
S.990  An Act relative to the penalty for failure to provide workers' compensation insurance  Thomas M. McGee    6/15/2015   
S.1703  An Act to debar employers who violate federal immigration laws from contracting with the Commonwealth  Marc R. Pacheco    4/19/2016   
S.1704  An Act to promote solar hot water installations  Marc R. Pacheco    10/26/2015   
S.1221  An Act creating an advance directives registry  Karen E. Spilka    5/5/2016   
S.1327  An Act relative to zero tolerance for violence and aggression by adults at youth sporting events  James T. Welch    4/11/2016   
S.1845  An Act relative to motorcycle noise  Thomas P. Kennedy    3/21/2016   
S.452  An Act relative to information technology producer responsibility  Marc R. Pacheco    2/22/2016   
S.453  An Act for a competitive economy through safer alternatives to toxic chemicals  Marc R. Pacheco    3/10/2016   
S.455  An Act providing funding for clean energy and energy efficiency measures for the Commonwealth  Marc R. Pacheco    10/26/2015   
S.478  An Act relative to vegetation management  Daniel A. Wolf    3/28/2016   
S.187  An Act relative to the fair distribution and pricing of event tickets  Michael F. Rush    6/6/2016   
S.196  An Act relative to enhancing Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission background checks  James E. Timilty    4/7/2016   
S.205  An Act establishing the licensure of interpreters and oral transliterators for the deaf  James T. Welch    5/5/2016   
S.207  An Act relative to retail liquor sales to caterers  James T. Welch    3/14/2016   
S.1017  An Act expediting appeals of wage violations  James E. Timilty    4/13/2016   
S.1018  An Act to combat tax and insurance fraud  James E. Timilty    4/13/2016   
S.1228  An Act relative to parity in the restroom facility requirement for stadiums  James E. Timilty    7/7/2016   
S.995  An Act to clarify employer sanctions for improper expenditure of withholdings or deductions from wages  Marc R. Pacheco    4/13/2016   
S.162  An Act further regulating the continuing education requirements for certain real estate appraisers and trainees  Thomas P. Kennedy    12/3/2015   
S.326  An Act establishing a moratorium for Commonwealth charter schools  Marc R. Pacheco    3/24/2016   
S.456  An Act establishing tracking and reporting requirements for Massachusetts transportation fuels and associated greenhouse gas emissions  Marc R. Pacheco    3/28/2016   
S.1207  An Act removing the restrictions on the licenses of nurse practitioners and certified registered nurse anesthetists as recommended by the Institute of Medicine and the Federal Trade Commission  Marc R. Pacheco    6/27/2016   
S.1409  An Act relative to corrections officers injured in the line of duty  Marc R. Pacheco    11/25/2015   
S.974  An Act relative to wage enforcement statutes of limitations  Benjamin B. Downing    4/13/2016   
S.1349  An Act relative to municipal police officer examinations  Benjamin B. Downing    6/4/2015   
S.1288  An Act relative to elevator certificates  Michael O. Moore    4/11/2016   
S.1311  An Act relative to police training  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1307  An Act establishing the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial Fund  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1314  An Act relative to uniform disciplinary procedures for correctional officers  James E. Timilty    3/16/2016   
S.1309  An Act relative to police details  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1435  An Act relative to the indemnification of town administrators  James E. Timilty    2/22/2016   
S.1434  An Act relative to the contraction of MRSA by public safety personnel  James E. Timilty    11/25/2015   
S.1440  An Act relative to the sanctity of collective bargaining  James E. Timilty    7/27/2015   
S.959  An Act relative to economic stability for displaced service workers  Sonia Chang-Diaz    10/19/2015   
S.1408  An Act relative to disability pension benefits and earnings reports  Marc R. Pacheco    3/3/2016   
H.2927  An Act relative to the position of poet laureate for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts   Sarah K. Peake 
Denise Provost  
S.1898  An Act to provide for the issuance of a distinctive registration plate for congenital heart defects research and treatment  James E. Timilty    3/10/2016   
S.1897  An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for Olympians  James E. Timilty    3/10/2016   
S.856  An Act relative to prejudgment interest rates  Jason M. Lewis    5/23/2016   
S.1903  An Act relative to educational requirements for class 2 motor vehicle licensees  James E. Timilty    3/10/2016   
S.1899  An Act relative to the expansion of charitable license plates  James E. Timilty    3/10/2016   
S.139  An Act relative to jewelry sold by hawkers and peddlers  Benjamin B. Downing    2/11/2016   
S.1648  An Act to promote purchasing from social enterprises by governmental bodies  Linda Dorcena Forry    4/19/2016   
S.65  An Act to bring child support home  Cynthia S. Creem    1/14/2016   
S.1649  An Act to facilitate disposition of surplus property for the development of affordable and workforce housing  Linda Dorcena Forry    4/19/2016   
S.1383  An Act relative to documentary material or data received by retirement boards  John F. Keenan    3/31/2016   
S.1381  An Act to define surplus for retirement systems  John F. Keenan    6/4/2015   
S.1295  An Act relative to unsafe elevators  Michael F. Rush    4/11/2016   
S.1382  An Act relative to GIC dental and vision benefits for municipal employees  John F. Keenan    3/31/2016   
S.1235  An Act limiting the retention of fingerprints  William N. Brownsberger    4/7/2016   
S.1296  An Act protecting bank employees and customers  Michael F. Rush    4/11/2016   
S.1236  An Act relative to the establishment of independent forensic sciences laboratories and the oversight and accreditation of such laboratories  William N. Brownsberger    4/7/2016   
S.1283  An Act providing for HIV testing for at risk police officers  Thomas M. McGee    4/7/2016   
S.109  An Act relative to smart growth housing trust fund  Harriette L. Chandler    11/23/2015   
S.1914  An Act updating veterans’ burial expenses  Michael F. Rush    3/24/2016   
S.1395  An Act relative to creditable service for teachers  Thomas M. McGee    2/22/2016   
S.1396  An Act to provide retirement benefits for veterans  Thomas M. McGee    3/28/2016   
S.1397  An Act relative to retirement allowances of certain married persons  Thomas M. McGee    3/28/2016   
S.567  An Act to establish criteria for Masshealth hardship waivers  Harriette L. Chandler    5/5/2016   
S.1398  An Act relative to surviving spouses of retirees  Thomas M. McGee    3/28/2016   
S.1681  An Act relative to increasing transparency in public construction  Thomas M. McGee    4/19/2016   
S.1853  An Act relative to vehicle idling  Thomas M. McGee    7/28/2015   
S.1854  An Act provide for an air bag on-off switch to ensure safety to women, children and individuals with medical conditions  Thomas M. McGee    3/10/2016   
S.1909  An Act relative to workers compensation for veterans  Thomas M. McGee    3/28/2016   
S.1400  An Act further regulating group insurance benefits for state employees and retired state employees  Thomas M. McGee    7/28/2015   
S.1238  An Act relative to implementing a blue alert system in the Commonwealth  Harriette L. Chandler    1/21/2016   
S.1063  An Act authorizing municipal use of the prudent investor standards  Viriato M. deMacedo    4/11/2016   
S.1443  An Act relative to impairment of health caused by infectious disease  James T. Welch    2/22/2016   
S.1444  An Act relative to retirement systems and pensions for correctional officers  James T. Welch    5/5/2016   
S.1021  An Act relative to workers compensation insurance  James T. Welch    6/15/2015   
S.1813  An Act relative to traffic safety  Harriette L. Chandler    3/10/2016   
S.250  An Act to assist parental choice concerning special education placements  Sonia Chang-Diaz    7/23/2015   
S.251  An Act relative to dropout prevention and recovery  Sonia Chang-Diaz    7/23/2015   
S.1059  An Act relative to preventing discriminatory land use and permitting decisions  Sonia Chang-Diaz    3/7/2016   
S.189  An Act requiring licensed auto insurance damage appraisers to provide safety notices to the owners of damaged motor vehicles  Michael F. Rush    11/30/2015   
H.3114  An Act relative to student driver safety  RoseLee Vincent    7/23/2016   
S.1315  An Act relative to the illegal occupation of a building  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1313  An Act requiring health care employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1310  An Act relative to emergency medical services at certain prison facilities  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1519  An Act relative to historic homes  Joan B. Lovely    3/21/2016   
S.862  An Act prohibiting falsification or impersonation of an emergency medical technician and/or paramedic  Joan B. Lovely    3/21/2016   
S.208  An Act relative to the inclusion of online courses in mandatory continuing education for electricians  James T. Welch    3/24/2016   
S.297  An Act further defining the role of school resource officers  Patricia D. Jehlen    3/28/2016   
S.954  An Act providing fair chances for employment  Michael J. Barrett    4/13/2016   
S.1428  An Act relative to public safety line of duty benefits  Michael F. Rush    11/5/2015   
S.1411  An Act relative to MassPort officers  Anthony W. Petruccelli    2/11/2016   
S.138  An Act authorizing the sale of farmer-distiller products at farmers’ markets  Benjamin B. Downing    3/21/2016   
S.1842  An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to conduct a highway noise study in Quincy  John F. Keenan    3/10/2016   
S.178  An Act protecting Massachusetts businesses from abusive patent infringement claims  Anthony W. Petruccelli    3/14/2016   
S.671  An Act creating a scholarship fund to increase the number of medical providers who are knowledgeable in autism  Barbara L'Italien    1/19/2016   
S.170  An Act concerning adjustments to certain petroleum products  Barbara L'Italien    2/18/2016   
S.1249  An Act relative to the installation of approved smoke detectors in certain residential buildings and structures  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/14/2016   
H.2803  An Act authorizing the lease of a certain property in the towns of Needham and Wellesley  Alice Hanlon Peisch    8/2/2016   
S.1436  An Act relative to funeral and burial expenses  James E. Timilty    1/25/2016   
S.1437  An Act providing additional benefits to survivors of certain public safety employees  James E. Timilty    3/28/2016   
S.1312  An Act regulating pawnbrokers  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1139  An Act relative to the disclosure of toxic chemicals in children’s products  Kenneth J. Donnelly    5/23/2016   
S.1620  An Act relative to IT procurement and management in the Commonwealth  Cynthia S. Creem    4/21/2016   
S.1855  An Act establishing a motorcycle safety fund  Thomas M. McGee    1/11/2016   
H.822  An Act relative to Medicaid  Edward F. Coppinger    7/5/2016   
S.1351  An Act relative to SMART retirement plan fees  Benjamin B. Downing    3/31/2016   
S.1819  An Act relative to addiction education for junior operators  Viriato M. deMacedo    3/10/2016   
S.980  An Act clarifying earned paid sick time  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    4/13/2016   
S.730  An Act relative to governmental and charitable tort liability  William N. Brownsberger    5/5/2016   
S.619  An Act relative to transfer of assets by MassHealth members  Mark C. Montigny    5/5/2016   
S.1623  An Act relative to nondiscrimination  Sal N. DiDomenico    4/21/2016   
S.1429  An Act relative to surviving family of emergency medical technicians  Michael F. Rush    4/12/2016   
S.1390  An Act relative to Brockton School Police  Thomas P. Kennedy    2/22/2016   
S.1873  An Act relative to the collection of mobility study data conducted in connection with construction projects funded by MassDOT  Michael F. Rush    3/21/2016   
S.1441  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Eileen Bazinet, an employee of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission  James E. Timilty    4/23/2015   
S.153  An Act relative to internet advertising  Anne M. Gobi    3/21/2016   
S.1321  An Act relative to critical incident intervention by emergency service providers  James E. Timilty    1/21/2016   
S.72  An Act establishing a plan to ensure the educational stability of foster children  Ryan C. Fattman    7/21/2015   
S.73  An Act creating an electronic backpack for foster children  Ryan C. Fattman    4/13/2016   
S.1335  An Act relative to the retroactive application of veterans creditable service  Viriato M. deMacedo    3/31/2016   
S.1113  An Act relative to the maintenance of private roads, bridges, and amenities in municipalities  Daniel A. Wolf    4/11/2016   
S.1438  An Act relative to line of duty death benefits  James E. Timilty    6/4/2015   
S.1371  An Act authorizing Gary W. Tirrell to receive additional creditable service from the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    3/31/2016   
S.437  An Act relative to sustainable water conservation practices  Thomas P. Kennedy    11/25/2015   
S.1847  An Act authorizing the department of highways to include mileage markers on hospital signs  Thomas P. Kennedy    3/10/2016   
S.1391  An Act authorizing the State Board of Retirement to grant creditable service to John A. Giannini  Thomas P. Kennedy    3/31/2016   
S.1271  An Act Relative to Suppressors  Donald F. Humason, Jr.    3/14/2016   
S.981  An Act to protect temporary workers’ unemployment benefits  Patricia D. Jehlen    4/13/2016   
S.1024  An Act to establish a living wage for employees of big box retail stores and fast food chains  Daniel A. Wolf    11/23/2015   
S.1324  An Act relative to the issuance of uniform firefighter identification cards  James E. Timilty    3/16/2016   
S.1316  An Act relative to the oversight of inspections  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.271  An Act to improve the excellence to teaching programs  Kenneth J. Donnelly    9/14/2015   
S.167  An Act relative to residential construction contracts  Thomas P. Kennedy    11/30/2015   
S.1318  An Act relative to amusement devices  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.1345  An Act relative to the annual allowance for certain survivors of public retirees and employees  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/31/2016   
S.1392  An Act relative to creditable service for school business administrators  Thomas P. Kennedy    3/31/2016   
S.1281  An Act relative to community corrections programs administered by the Office of Community Corrections  Joan B. Lovely    4/7/2016   
S.571  An Act relative to pediatric nursing care facilities  Kenneth J. Donnelly    5/5/2016   
S.972  An Act relative to permissible topics of collective bargaining  Kenneth J. Donnelly    6/15/2015   
S.1624  An Act relative to Public Safety Memorials  Kenneth J. Donnelly    10/29/2015   
S.1297  An Act establishing an eastern Massachusetts women’s county corrections facility  Karen E. Spilka    4/11/2016   
S.868  An Act relating to the age of consent in certain civil actions for sexual assault and rape of a child  Joan B. Lovely    3/21/2016   
S.970  An Act requiring recordkeeping at public construction worksites in order to protect first responders  Kenneth J. Donnelly    4/13/2016   
S.869  An Act relating to the age of consent in certain criminal prosecutions for sexual assault and rape of a child  Joan B. Lovely    3/21/2016   
S.1346  An Act relative to Option (d) beneficiaries  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/31/2016   
S.140  An Act regarding document preparation fees for motor vehicle sales  James B. Eldridge    3/21/2016   
S.141  An Act to expand the sale of products by farmer breweries  James B. Eldridge    3/14/2016   
S.1353  An Act relative to death benefits to surviving spouses of call and volunteer firefighters  James B. Eldridge    3/31/2016   
S.70  An Act promoting financial stability and asset development  James B. Eldridge    1/14/2016   
S.71  An Act promoting restorative justice practices  James B. Eldridge    7/30/2016   
S.1829  An Act relative to school bus driver testing  Anne M. Gobi    3/10/2016   
S.1651  An Act relative to local impacts of enacted legislation  Anne M. Gobi    4/19/2016   
S.1618  An Act relative to jobs, workforce development, and main street fairness  Sonia Chang-Diaz    4/21/2016   
S.142  An Act to protect consumers in the issuance of sports and entertainment tickets  James B. Eldridge    6/6/2016   
S.1617  An Act relative to equity in public contracting in honor of Bruce C. Bolling  Sonia Chang-Diaz    4/21/2016   
S.1883  An Act relative to the essex coastal scenic byway  Bruce E. Tarr    3/21/2016   
S.1365  An Act relative to the retirement of Mr. Kenneth Wheeler  Anne M. Gobi    3/31/2016   
S.1721  An Act relative to structural steel  Bruce E. Tarr    4/7/2016   
H.51  An Act establishing a sick leave bank for Vickie Myers, an employee of the Department of Correction  Daniel Cullinane    2/13/2015   
S.1368  An Act relative to the survivor benefits of Michael J. Simeone  Anne M. Gobi    3/31/2016   
S.445  An Act to provide additional funding for animal welfare and safety programming  Mark C. Montigny    1/25/2016   
S.1082  An Act relative to regional stabilization funds  Anne M. Gobi    3/7/2016   
S.414  An Act relative to the use of crossbows in hunting  Anne M. Gobi    8/2/2016   
S.415  An Act expanding the powers of the director of Fisheries and Wildlife  Anne M. Gobi    1/25/2016   
S.1632  An Act promoting the use of total energy impact analysis  James B. Eldridge    4/21/2016   
S.1264  An Act relative to criminal justice training regarding autistic persons  Anne M. Gobi    4/7/2016   
S.1766  An Act further promoting energy efficiency and green jobs  James B. Eldridge    3/7/2016   
S.422  An Act relative to the use of artificial lights in hunting  Anne M. Gobi    3/10/2016   
S.423  An Act relative to the moose population in the Commonwealth  Anne M. Gobi    2/18/2016   
S.1833  An Act to promote and advance motorcycle safety  Anne M. Gobi    3/10/2016   
S.1634  An Act establishing a legislative fiscal office  James B. Eldridge    4/19/2016   
S.95  An Act relative to foster kids  Kathleen O'Connor Ives    7/21/2015   
S.1405  An Act relative to harbormasters  Kathleen O'Connor Ives    2/22/2016   
S.1326  An Act relative to emergency first responder notification  James E. Timilty    5/5/2016   
S.1298  An Act relative to the creation of the Commonwealth technical rescue regions and coordinating council  Bruce E. Tarr    4/11/2016   
S.664  An Act to create a college savings program for every child born in Massachusetts  James B. Eldridge    3/28/2016   
S.1322  An Act relative to automatic sprinkler systems  James E. Timilty    4/11/2016   
S.673  An Act relative to improving graduation rates at public colleges and universities  Barbara L'Italien    1/19/2016   
S.124  An Act relative to protecting biometric information under the security breach law  Michael J. Barrett    2/11/2016   
S.105  An Act protecting disabled persons from financial exploitation  Bruce E. Tarr    10/5/2015   
S.1767  An Act requiring gas leak repairs during certain road projects  James B. Eldridge    3/8/2016   
S.1325  An Act relative to the University of Massachusetts police  James E. Timilty    3/16/2016   
S.1722  An Act providing for alternative delivery of infrastructure projects  Bruce E. Tarr    4/21/2016   
S.1679  An Act facilitating the transfer of property in the town of Tewksbury  Barbara L'Italien    4/19/2016   
S.1705  An Act relative to life cycle costs for public construction  Marc R. Pacheco    4/19/2016   
S.1354  An Act relative to retirement buy back into the Massachusetts teachers’ retirement system  James B. Eldridge    1/25/2016   
S.683  An Act establishing the Finish Line Scholarship Program  Bruce E. Tarr    6/6/2016   
S.950  An Act providing fire chiefs with access to CORI information  James E. Timilty    3/21/2016   
S.1857  An Act directing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to assess the current status of the Commonwealth’s transportation system  Thomas M. McGee    3/21/2016   
H.3532  An Act creating a green bank to promote clean energy in Massachusetts  Paul W. Mark    4/25/2016   
S.1250  An Act establishing regional lockup facilities  Kenneth J. Donnelly    1/28/2016   
S.886  An Act relative to indemnification of University of Massachusetts Police  Michael O. Moore    3/21/2016   
S.1252  An Act relative to dangerous weapons  Eileen M. Donoghue    4/7/2016   
S.1251  An Act to reform sheriff civil process operations  Kenneth J. Donnelly    3/14/2016   
S.69  An Act establishing the healthy incentives program  Eileen M. Donoghue    1/14/2016   
S.1627  An Act upholding bidding integrity in the Commonwealth  Kenneth J. Donnelly    4/21/2016   
S.110  An Act lessening the financial burden on small limited liability companies  Eileen M. Donoghue    7/20/2015   
S.1628  An Act relative to state contracting  Kenneth J. Donnelly    10/1/2015   
S.975  An Act clarifying the meal break law to allow for private enforcement  James B. Eldridge    10/19/2015   
S.63  An Act relative to child custody  Harriette L. Chandler    7/21/2015   
S.493  An Act relative to motor vehicle service contracts  Eileen M. Donoghue    4/7/2016