Event Detail – Joint Committee on Election Laws


Event Date:5/11/2011

Start Time:2:00 PM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S294 An Act relative to the street list Stephen M. Brewer
2 S297 An act relative to the central registry of voters Sonia Chang-Diaz
3 S303 An Act relative to election officers. James B. Eldridge
4 S307 An Act requiring the use of paper ballots James B. Eldridge
5 S309 An Act relative to polling place safety. Brian A. Joyce
6 S313 An Act establishing risk-based audits of election results Anthony W. Petruccelli
7 S314 An Act to protect the integrity of initiative and referendum petitions. Stanley C. Rosenberg
8 S321 An Act protecting the privacy of tax assessors. Bruce E. Tarr
9 H190 An Act relative to polling places used for the general election. James M. Cantwell
10 H192 An Act relative to age requirements in local elections Sean Garballey
11 H193 An Act relative to the reimbursement of local costs of special elections Sean Garballey
12 H195 An Act relative to political committees. Randy Hunt
13 H196 An Act to ensure secure voting equipment. Jay R. Kaufman
14 H206 An Act relative to the collection of signatures for initiative and referendum petitions. Thomas M. Stanley
15 H207 An Act relative to prohibiting the collection of signatures for initiative or referendum petitions for compensation Thomas M. Stanley
16 H1102 An Act to change the definition of unenrolled voter to no party affiliation on official massachusetts election ballots. Demetrius J. Atsalis
17 H1103 An Act relative to voting equipment Thomas J. Calter
18 H1105 An Act relative to accessibility and preservation of write in voting records Ann-Margaret Ferrante
19 H1107 An Act regulating conduct at polling places. Colleen M. Garry
20 H1109 An Act relative to the selection of Lieutenant Governor Robert M. Koczera
21 H1112 An Act permitting candidates to appoint poll watchers Shaunna O'Connell
22 H1970 An Act relative to the street list Tackey Chan
23 H1972 An Act regulating election primaries James J. Dwyer
Jay R. Kaufman
24 H1978 An Act relative to early elections Peter J. Koutoujian
25 H1980 An Act An Act to provide for audits of election results Michael J. Moran
26 H1982 An Act relative to unaffiliated voters Alice Hanlon Peisch
27 H2729 An Act relative to state ballots James Arciero
28 H2730 An Act relative to clarity in census disclosure Carolyn C. Dykema
29 H2735 An Act to protect the integrity of initiative and referendum petitions Denise Provost
30 H2739 An Act relative to local election officials Angelo M. Scaccia
31 H3227 An Act to ensure voter privacy and security Ryan C. Fattman