Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security


Event Date:5/12/2011

Start Time:1:00 PM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1186 An Act relative to an unloaded rifle or shotgun. Stephen M. Brewer
2 S1191 An Act relative to small caliber ammunition. Stephen M. Brewer
3 S1189 An Act relative to the lawful sale of ammunition. Stephen M. Brewer
4 H2402 An Act relative to the lawful use of shotguns Kate Hogan
5 H657 An Act relative to shooting near highway or dwelling. Kathi-Anne Reinstein
6 H1573 An Act further protecting public safety during shotgun deer season David B. Sullivan
7 H1548 An act regulating the sales of knifes Demetrius J. Atsalis
8 H2398 An Act relative to the use of shotguns Anne M. Gobi
9 H2399 An Act to allow hunting on Sunday within the Commonwealth Anne M. Gobi
10 H2396 An Act further regulating the issuance of firearms identification Anne M. Gobi
11 H2400 An Act relative to youth hunting programs Anne M. Gobi
12 S1223 An Act prohibiting the confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during a state of emergency Richard T. Moore
13 H670 An Act relative to the sale of firearms Daniel K. Webster
14 S1214 An Act requiring a firearms licensing authority to provide a receipt for firearm license applications. John F. Keenan
15 H653 An Act relative to the licensing of firearms for persons 70 years of age or older William Smitty Pignatelli
16 H1568 An Act relative to civil rights and public safety George N. Peterson, Jr.
17 H1567 An Act relative to the right to carry firearms George N. Peterson, Jr.
18 H1566 An Act relative to Constitutional rights George N. Peterson, Jr.