Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security


Event Date:5/19/2011

Start Time:1:00 PM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1188 An Act adding members of the Massachusetts Call and Volunteer Fire Fighters Association to the Massachusetts Fire Training Council. Stephen M. Brewer
2 S1197 An Act relative to criminal justice training regarding persons with autism spectrum disorder Katherine M. Clark
3 S1199 An Act relative to training for law enforcement in dealing with individuals suffering from mental illness. Cynthia S. Creem
4 S1220 An Act relative to cognitive behavorial training Michael O. Moore
5 S1221 An Act relative to the safety of police, fire and medical personnel Michael O. Moore
6 S1258 An Act relative to police training James E. Timilty
7 S1866 An Act creating the police fire safety equipment fund Michael R. Knapik
8 S1250 An Act relative to process piping. James E. Timilty
9 H1580 An Act pertaining to firefighter training. Martin J. Walsh
10 H2389 An Act authorizing the Boston Fire Department to train and certify fire service personnel in the city of Boston Edward F. Coppinger
11 H2909 An Act relative to the criminal justice training regarding persons with an autism spectrum disorder Paul Brodeur
12 H3169 An Act placing on call and volunteer firefighters on the Massachusetts Fire Training Council Paul K. Frost
13 H664 An Act relative to kayak safety. William M. Straus