Event Detail – Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture


Event Date:7/21/2011

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: Arlington Town Hall

730 Massachusetts Avenue
Arlington, MA 02476 Get Directions

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H1161 An Act relative to zoning regulations Joyce A. Spiliotis
2 H264 An Act relative to create cranberry nutrient management study commission William M. Straus
3 H263 An Act relative to the leasing of publicly owned land for agricultural purposes. William M. Straus
4 S332 An Act to promote alternative energy on farms. Stephen M. Brewer
5 S333 An Act relative to the powers of the Department of Agricultural Resources. Stephen M. Brewer
6 S334 An Act relative to improving the Massachusetts rural economy for the farm, forest, and wood products industry. Stephen M. Brewer
7 H261 An Act relative to the labeling of seed Ellen Story
8 H3408 An Act relative to agricultural lands. William M. Straus
9 H249 An Act relative to mosquito control Elizabeth A. Poirier
10 S1854 An Act relative to land taking regulations Gale D. Candaras
11 H1834 An Act to protect and preserve family camping in Massachusetts James M. Murphy
12 S335 An Act to promote the care and wellbeing of livestock Stephen M. Brewer
13 H1139 An Act amending the conservation restrictions and agricultural preservation statutes Stephen Kulik
14 H2018 An Act relative to farmers' markets Timothy R. Madden
15 H1141 An Act to protect farm viability Stephen Kulik
16 S373 An Act relative to economic development in the Commonwealth Michael J. Rodrigues
17 S374 An Act relative to manufacturing in the Commonwealth Michael J. Rodrigues
18 H3351 An Act to strengthen the Massachusetts agricultural infrastructure relative to meat and poultry production and processing Stephen Kulik
19 H1158 An Act protecting the viability of farms in the Commonwealth Paul A. Schmid, III
20 S340 An Act to revitalize urban centers. Harriette L. Chandler
21 S378 An Act to create a world class park system. Michael F. Rush
22 H2008 An Act to provide public input into changes to public lands and buildings located thereon Peter V. Kocot
23 H1148 An Act relative to fertilizer George N. Peterson, Jr.
24 H1126 An Act relative to the mosquito borne disease control board Thomas J. Calter
25 S338 An Act clarifying certain farm commodities as agriculture in the Commonwealth. Stephen M. Brewer
26 S377 An Act regulating disease resistant ribes Stanley C. Rosenberg
27 H3276 An Act relative to the labeling of genetically engineered food Todd M. Smola
28 S325 An Act relative to the purchase of contaminated residential land Frederick E. Berry
29 S342 An Act to ensure the continued vitality of Moore State Park in the town of Paxton Harriette L. Chandler
30 S354 An Act relative to phosphorus in fertilizers Jennifer L. Flanagan
31 H3221 An Act to strengthen and expand the board of agriculture Kate Hogan
32 H2007 Resolve relative to protecting the archaeological, geological and fossil resources of western Massachusetts Peter V. Kocot