Event Detail – Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight


Event Date:10/18/2011

Start Time:11:00 AM

Location: A-1 (10:00-1:00); Room 222 (1:00-3:00) Get Directions

Event Description

Honorary Bills and Misc.

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H825 An Act relative to the official conductor of the Commonwealth Stephen L. DiNatale
2 H826 An Act relative to the official amphibian of the Commonwealth Stephen L. DiNatale
3 H838 An Act to designate shaken baby syndrome awareness week John W. Scibak
4 H842 An Act establishing School Bus Driver Day John W. Scibak
5 H843 An Act Establishing Fragile X Awareness Day John W. Scibak
6 H835 An Act relative to the annual observance of greyhound adoption month Kathi-Anne Reinstein
7 S1618 An Act establishing godparent's day. Bruce E. Tarr
8 H834 An Act setting apart the third Saturday of the month of October as Massachusetts Minutemen and Militia Day James R. Miceli
9 S1616 An Act recognizing Massachusetts State Parks Day. Michael F. Rush
10 H3379 An Act relative to the land acquisition for Hamilton Crossing David M. Nangle
11 H820 An act providing that the USS Massachusetts War Memorial at Battleship Cove be updated to include the Afghanistan and Third Persian Gulf wars Kevin Aguiar
12 H1749 An Act relative to the flying of the flag of the Commonwealth at half staff on state buildings and installations Walter F. Timilty
13 H1742 An Act proclaiming May as Aviation Awareness Month Donald F. Humason, Jr.
Jennifer L. Flanagan
14 S1580 An Act to recognize the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam. John Hart, Jr.
15 H2599 An Act relative to the annual observance of Green Up Day Chris Walsh
16 H2774 An Act making amendments to the Massachusetts business corporation act Angelo M. Scaccia
17 H1744 An Act protecting children and parents Marc T. Lombardo
18 S1601 An Act relative to sleep deprivation avoidance and promotion of good sleeping practices Richard T. Moore
19 H2583 An Act to designate Narcolepsy Awareness Day Anne M. Gobi
20 H2580 An Act to create an annual City Year Day Linda Dorcena Forry
21 S1568 An Act to create equitable job access Sonia Chang-Diaz
22 H3038 An Act relative to american and world history Eugene L. O'Flaherty
24 H3575 An Act designating a certain building in the city of Holyoke as the Raymond P. Murphy Jr. Congregate House Michael F. Kane