Event Detail – Joint Committee on Financial Services


Event Date:11/10/2011

Start Time:1:00 PM

Location: A-1 (10:00-1:00); Room 222 (1:00-3:00) Get Directions

Event Description

Mortgage, Lending, Foreclosure

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H1219 An Act to prevent unlawful and unnecessary foreclosures Steven M. Walsh
3 H1193 An Act Jubille Act of 2011 Kay Khan
4 H3598 An Act relative to registration of mortgage holders and providers Michael D. Brady
5 H3277 An Act relative to mortgage providers Michael D. Brady
6 H2766 An Act updating the law relative to discharge of certain mortgages Timothy R. Madden
7 H3600 An Act relative to home mortgage applications Angelo M. Scaccia
8 S463 An Act relative to foreclosures Michael J. Rodrigues
9 S868 An Act to prevent unlawful and unnecessary foreclosures Karen E. Spilka
10 H3126 An Act to require financial institutions to pay late fees when it fails to conduct an electronic transfer Tackey Chan
11 H3123 An Act providing mortgage customers additional mandatory information regarding their accounts Bruce J. Ayers
12 H26 An Act making amendments to the uniform commercial code covering provisions dealing with negotiable instruments and bank deposits and collections
13 H292 An Act relative to the conversion of a Massachusetts chartered bank or credit union to a federal or other charter. Peter J. Koutoujian
14 S457 An Act authorizing the conversion of banks to another charter Michael J. Rodrigues
15 H287 An Act relative to certain actions and transactions before the Board of Bank Incorporation and the Commissioner of Banks Peter J. Koutoujian
16 H1210 An Act revising certain provisions of the mutual holdings company law David M. Nangle
17 H327 An Act requiring public viewing before auctioning housing units Todd M. Smola
18 H1197 An Act regulating the rate of interest charged by a pawn broker Peter J. Koutoujian
19 H2040 An Act relative to limited purpose trust companies subject to supervision by the Division of Banks Garrett J. Bradley
20 S433 An Act relative to the disclosure of ATM fees Thomas P. Kennedy
21 S428 An Act providing for public safeguards and protections for users of automated teller machines. Brian A. Joyce