Event Detail – Joint Committee on Transportation


Event Date:11/30/2011

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: A2 Get Directions

Event Description

Motorcycle legislation and miscellaneous

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1726 An Act relative to standards for protective headgear for operators or passengers on motorcycles. Stephen M. Brewer
2 S1724 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Barre as the Purple Heart Bridge. Stephen M. Brewer
3 H895 An Act requiring cities and towns be prohibited from adopting rules and regulations banning the use of motorcycles on public ways Demetrius J. Atsalis
4 S1716 An Act enhancing the administrative operations of the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Steven A. Baddour
5 H947 An Act relative to certain passengers on motorcycles. Todd M. Smola
6 H948 An Act relative to motorcycle safety. Todd M. Smola
7 H952 An Act further regulating motorcycle sound levels Theodore C. Speliotis
8 H1806 An Act relating passengers on motorcycles Vincent A. Pedone
9 S1761 An Act to promote and advance motorcycle safety. Thomas M. McGee
10 H928 An Act relative to motorcycle permit requirements Ronald Mariano
11 H1790 An Act relative to motorcycle inspections William C. Galvin
12 H3091 An Act Relative to the Sustainability of the Trucking Industry Joseph F. Wagner
13 H3095 An Act relative to truck inspections Joseph F. Wagner
14 H1815 An Act Designating a Certain State Owned Bridge in the town of Randolph as the Charles L. Bowley Memorial Bridge Walter F. Timilty
15 H2642 An Act relative to the modification of the helmet law Anne M. Gobi
16 S1748 An Act relative to the clarification for the definition, testing regulations, and enforcement of motorcycle sound emissions Robert L. Hedlund
17 S1749 An Act amending the motorcycle helmet law Robert L. Hedlund
18 S1728 An Act relative to motorcycle safety with malfunctioning traffic signals not detecting motorcycles Stephen M. Brewer
19 H3090 An act authorizing the department of transportation to erect certain signs regarding the Iwo Jima Memorial at Bicentennial Park in the city of Fall River David B. Sullivan
20 H3637 An Act designating that portion of Route 9 from the city of Northampton to the city of Pittsfield as the marine corps league highway Paul W. Mark
21 H3638 An Act Naming A Certain Bridge In The Town Of Dalton. Paul W. Mark
Benjamin B. Downing
22 H3643 An Act relative to Davol Street, City of Fall River David B. Sullivan
23 H3740 An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Attleboro as the Lynn Goodchild and Shawn Nassaney 9/11 Remembrance Memorial Bridge George T. Ross
24 S2029 An Act authorizing the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to acquire certain parcels of land in the city of Worcester Harriette L. Chandler