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Event Date:4/5/2011

Start Time:10:00 AM

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Joint Committee on Public Health Hearing - April 5, 2011
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Infectious Disease Testing, Treatment, and Related Policies

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Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1084 An Act relative to improving provider choice in the administration of childhood immunizations Katherine M. Clark
2 H1467 An Act relative to needlestick injury prevention in public health facilities and settings Christine E. Canavan
3 S1118 An Act relative to health care providers and first responders education. Thomas M. McGee
4 H582 An Act relative to annual immunization against influenza for children. Kevin Aguiar
5 H1485 An Act protecting victims of sexual assault Colleen M. Garry
6 H2908 Resolve An Act relative to the establishment of a commission tomodernize HIV/AIDS Prevention and treatment Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
7 H2906 An Act to increase routine screening for HIV Byron Rushing
8 S1080 An Act to create a genetic bill of rights Harriette L. Chandler
9 H2386 An Act requiring the Department of Public Health to implement a provider choice system for certain vaccines Steven M. Walsh
10 S1129 An Act relative to lyme disease and associated co-infections Michael O. Moore
11 S1108 An Act to increase routine screening for HIV Patricia D. Jehlen
12 H2336 An Act further regulating early childhood immunizations Garrett J. Bradley
13 H590 An Act relative to HLTV 111 tests Stephen L. DiNatale
14 H632 An Act relative to the exposure of public safety officials to the AIDS virus and infectious hepatitis Martin J. Walsh
15 H634 An Act relative to the sale of hypodermic needles. Daniel K. Webster
16 S1071 An Act relative to infectious disease control. Gale D. Candaras
17 S1119 An Act codifying the Hepatitis C program. Mark C. Montigny
18 H1474 An Act relative to the issuance of public health warnings. Brian S. Dempsey