Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Health


Event Date:6/21/2011

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: A2 Get Directions

Event Description

Health Care Costs, Medical Debt, Consumer Protection Policies

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H610 An Act relative to improving the fair share employer contribution Elizabeth A. Poirier
2 S1070 An Act relative to oral cancer therapy. Stephen M. Brewer
3 H2354 An Act relative to suspending prescription drug coverage from minimum creditable coverage Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
4 S1124 An Act to prevent unscrupulous medical debt recovery practices. Mark C. Montigny
5 H600 An Act regarding registered nurse first assistants David Paul Linsky
6 H2351 An Act relative to health care cost for small business Randy Hunt
7 H1463 An Act relative to transparent evidence-based mental health care Ruth B. Balser
8 H1543 An Act ensuring access to life-saving colorectal cancer screenings Steven M. Walsh
9 H1470 An Act relative to an affordable health plan Michael A. Costello
10 H1503 An Act providing access to patient protection services for all Massachusetts residents Elizabeth A. Malia
11 H2373 An Act relative to death benefit claims James J. O'Day
12 H2347 An Act clarifying participation in athletic safety programs Patricia A. Haddad
13 H2371 An Act relative to prohibition on public-private cost shift Aaron Michlewitz
14 H2896 An Act to provide immediate relief to small businesses on health care costs Linda Dorcena Forry
15 S1135 An Act relative to concussion prevention Richard T. Moore