Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security


Event Date:3/27/2013

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Miscellaneous Public Safety Bills

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S1146 An Act relative to rock wall climbing safeguards Thomas M. McGee
2 S1150 An Act relative to voluntary towing reform Michael O. Moore
3 S1114 An Act relative to implementing a blue alert system in the Commonwealth Harriette L. Chandler
4 H2194 An Act relative to kayak safety William M. Straus
5 S1183 An Act relative to the Architectural Access Board James E. Timilty
6 S1187 An Act requiring health care employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence James E. Timilty
7 S1181 An Act relative to the oversight of inspections James E. Timilty
8 H2116 An Act establishing an emergency equipment grant program for firefighters Bruce J. Ayers
9 H2117 An Act to jet ski safety Bruce J. Ayers
10 S1180 An Act relative to hazardous materials response James E. Timilty
11 S1188 An Act relative to the Massachusetts Military Reservation Fire Department James E. Timilty
12 S1185 An Act relative to the recreational tramway board James E. Timilty
13 H2160 An Act establishing the Massachusetts child AMBER Alert plan Kevin J. Kuros
14 S1191 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Memorial Fund James E. Timilty
15 S1148 An Act providing for HIV testing for at risk police officers. Thomas M. McGee
16 S1119 An Act relative to the interstate compact warrant. Cynthia S. Creem
17 S1193 An Act relative to the issuance of uniform firefighter identification cards James E. Timilty
18 S1194 An Act relative to the issuance of uniform sheriff's identification cards James E. Timilty
19 S1196 An Act relative to emergency medical services at certain prison facilities James E. Timilty
20 H2191 An act relative to the University of Massachusetts Police Department Todd M. Smola
21 S1199 An Act relative to regional 911 emergency communication districts James E. Timilty
22 S1197 An Act relative to uniform disciplinary procedures for correctional officers James E. Timilty
23 S1145 An Act establishing the 104th fighter wing fire department Michael R. Knapik
24 S1123 An Act relative to medical examinations in correctional facilities Cynthia S. Creem