Event Detail – Joint Committee on Revenue


Event Date:4/9/2013

Start Time:9:30 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Joint Committee on Revenue Public Hearing

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H2539 An Act relative to the definition of open space under the Community Preservation Act Josh S. Cutler
2 H2550 An Act relative to protection of open space Carolyn C. Dykema
3 H2640 An Act regarding recreation lands Stephen Kulik
4 H2641 An Act relative to historic residential tax credit Stephen Kulik
5 H2605 An Act relative to Title 5 Income Tax Credit reform Steven S. Howitt
Michael J. Rodrigues
6 S1409 An Act relative to exempting farmers' markets from certain property taxes Richard J. Ross
7 S1322 An Act providing home energy efficiency audits as a benefit of employment Sal N. DiDomenico
8 H2740 An Act to modernize the renewable energy property tax exemption Frank I. Smizik
Brian A. Joyce
9 H2607 An Act relative to promoting energy efficiency Randy Hunt
10 H2661 An Act to make a technical change to the Community Preservation Act Timothy R. Madden
11 H2551 An Act making corrective changes in certain laws regarding the taxation of forest, farm and recreational land Carolyn C. Dykema
12 S1398 An Act relative to the water resources funding act Anthony W. Petruccelli
13 S1418 An Act to promote reusable energy use in the Commonwealth Karen E. Spilka
14 S1327 An Act encouraging the development of new business in the Commonwealth Benjamin B. Downing
15 H2524 An Act restoring the harbors and inland waters maintenance fund Tackey Chan
16 H2502 An Act relative to expanding the septic system tax credit F. Jay Barrows
17 H2735 An Act to promote water conservation Paul A. Schmid, III
18 S1377 An Act creating the Preservation of Historic Buildings Trust Fund Richard T. Moore
19 H2677 An Act relative to the equitable taxation of ground mounted solar systems Michael J. Moran
20 H2712 An Act relative to exempting farmers’ markets from certain property taxes Elizabeth A. Poirier
21 H2595 An Act relative to exempting farmers’ markets from certain property taxes Paul R. Heroux
22 H2701 An Act relative to the taxation of chapter lands George N. Peterson, Jr.
23 H2515 An Act relative to Brownfields tax credits Antonio F. D. Cabral
Barry R. Finegold
24 S1350 An Act relative to the selection and use of plastic carryout bags in certain stores Brian A. Joyce
25 H2521 An Act reducing the sales tax and establishing a state land value tax Gailanne M. Cariddi
26 H2637 An Act extending Title V tax credits to municipal sewer tie-ins. Robert M. Koczera
27 H2639 An Act amending the historic rehabilitation tax credit Robert M. Koczera
28 H2679 An Act to establish a sales tax exemption for earth day Michael J. Moran
29 S1329 An Act relative to the equitable taxation of solar systems Benjamin B. Downing
30 H2582 An Act relative to tax exempt property Sean Garballey
31 H2569 An Act relative to establishing a disaster emergency tax credit Gloria L. Fox
Linda Dorcena Forry
32 H2759 An act increasing public access to abandoned rights of way and conservation easements Chris Walsh
33 S1386 An Act to promote business continuity and recovery after a disaster Richard T. Moore
34 S1391 An Act relative to sales tax relief in the aftermath of an emergency Richard T. Moore
35 S1381 An Act promoting the use of electric vehicles Richard T. Moore
36 S1333 An Act relative to tax exempt property James B. Eldridge
37 H2594 An Act to promote the use of electric vehicles Jonathan Hecht
38 S1428 An Act providing for a tax exemption on the sale of recycled materials. Bruce E. Tarr
39 H2505 An Act relative to solar taxation Matthew A. Beaton
40 H2755 An Act extending the brownfields tax credit program Joseph F. Wagner
41 S1435 An act regarding Septic Credit Eligibility Bruce E. Tarr