Event Detail – Joint Committee on Election Laws


Event Date:5/15/2013

Start Time:2:00 PM

Location: Wilmington Public High School

161 Church Street
Wilmington, MA 01887 Get Directions

Event Description

Hearing on bills relative to election administration, federal voting methods, candidacy requirements, and various home rules

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S311 An Act relative to the central registry of voters Sonia Chang-Diaz
2 S322 An Act relative to election officers James B. Eldridge
3 S324 An Act requiring the use of paper ballots James B. Eldridge
4 S331 An Act establishing risk-based audits of election results Anthony W. Petruccelli
5 H562 An Act relative to updating the election laws Jennifer E. Benson
6 H569 An Act relative to polling places used for the general election James M. Cantwell
7 H571 An Act relative to the distribution of personal information Mark J. Cusack
8 H573 An Act relative to municipal election ballots Diana DiZoglio
9 H574 An Act relative to state primary elections James J. Dwyer
10 H575 An Act relative to the regulating of primary elections James J. Dwyer
11 H576 An Act relative to clarity in census disclosure Carolyn C. Dykema
12 H577 An Act to ensure voter privacy and integrity Ryan C. Fattman
13 H578 An Act relative to accessibility and preservation of write in voting records Ann-Margaret Ferrante
14 H583 An Act relative to age requirements in local elections Sean Garballey
15 H584 An Act relative to the reimbursement of local costs of special elections Sean Garballey
16 H587 An Act regulating conduct at polling places. Colleen M. Garry
17 H600 An Act to ensure secure voting equipment Jay R. Kaufman
Michael Barrett
18 H601 An Act relative to reimbursement for municipalities for costs incurred in conducting special elections John D. Keenan
19 H603 An Act relative to the selection of Lieutenant Governor Robert M. Koczera
Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H591 An Act repealing national popular vote Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
2 H596 An Act relative to the voting procedures for presidential electors Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
3 H647 An Act relative to election laws William M. Straus
George N. Peterson, Jr.
4 H652 An Act apportioning electoral votes by Congressional District Daniel B. Winslow
5 H642 An Act regarding ballot voting options Theodore C. Speliotis
Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S317 An Act allowing citizens seventeen (17) years of age to vote in the City of Lowell municipal elections Eileen M. Donoghue
2 H3323 An Act authorizing local voting rights for permanent resident aliens in the town of Wayland Thomas P. Conroy
3 H590 An Act to amend the Barnstable County Home Rule Charter by adding a recall provision Randy Hunt
4 H612 An Act regarding Decennial division of wards and precincts in the city of Boston Aaron Michlewitz
5 H616 An Act amending the preparation of certain ballots in the city of Boston Aaron Michlewitz
6 H641 An Act providing for recall elections in the town of Wales Todd M. Smola
Stephen M. Brewer