Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Health


Event Date:4/30/2013

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Vital Records, Funerals and Human Remains

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H2095 An Act relative to realistic allowable costs for funerals of indigents Benjamin Swan
2 H1912 An Act relative to security of name changes and requests Cheryl A. Coakley-Rivera
3 H2094 An Act relative to funeral home expenses Benjamin Swan
4 H2106 An Act relative to organ retention Martin J. Walsh
5 S1099 An Act relative to the release of a body by a medical examiner to a person charged with or convicted of an offense which resulted in the death of the deceased Karen E. Spilka
6 S1033 An Act relative to the signing of death certificates Thomas P. Kennedy
7 H2052 An Act preserving dates of birth from city and town records Elizabeth A. Poirier
8 H2054 An Act relative to access to certain birth records Elizabeth A. Poirier
9 H2034 An Act relative to birth records James R. Miceli
10 H1910 An Act relative to timely issuance of death certificates to funeral directors Tackey Chan
11 H1908 An Act to permit the scattering of unclaimed human body cremated remains at sea James M. Cantwell
12 H2038 An Act relative to proper identification when requesting copies of birth certificates James M. Murphy
13 H1985 An Act relative to the release of a body by the medical examiner to a person charged with an offense which resulted in the death of the deceased Kate Hogan
Karen E. Spilka
14 H1895 An Act relative to tissue donation Carlo Basile
15 H1948 An Act to protect personal information Kimberly N. Ferguson
16 S1109 An Act relative to the pronouncement of death in a rest home. Daniel A. Wolf
17 S1034 An Act relative to funerals Thomas P. Kennedy
18 S1098 An Act establishing the Massachusetts Cemeteries Board of Oversight Michael F. Rush
19 H1989 An Act relative to death certificates Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
20 H1991 An Act relative to comporting state laws with Department of Defense rules on the disposition of service members' remains Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
21 H1999 An Act relative to cemetery and crematory inspections and penalties Louis L. Kafka
22 H2110 An Act relative to the transporting of deceased persons Steven M. Walsh