Event Detail – Joint Committee on Education


Event Date:10/17/2013

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

School Finance

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H457 An Act reviving the foundation budget review commission Alice Hanlon Peisch
Jason M. Lewis
2 S207 An Act reviving the Foundation Budget Review Commission Sonia Chang-Diaz
3 H434 Resolve relative to improving the calculation of foundation budgets Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
4 S278 An Act to establish a commission on full and fair education funding and administration James E. Timilty
5 H374 An Act establishing a Chapter 70 foundation budget study group James J. Dwyer
6 H359 An Act relative to recovery high schools James M. Cantwell
7 S243 An Act relative to the transfer of funding for recovery high school summer programming John F. Keenan
8 H409 An Act to provide state aid reimbursement on account of attendance in the public schools by certain students living on federal military reservations Kenneth I. Gordon
Michael Barrett
9 H439 An Act relative to equity in education funding Jason M. Lewis
10 S211 An Act relative to establishing a Chapter 70 equalization fund Katherine M. Clark
11 H441 An Act Relative to Target Share Funding James J. Lyons, Jr.
Marc T. Lombardo
12 H423 An Act relative to total amounts distributed to cities and town for the purpose of education Bradford Hill
13 H381 An Act relative to education funding Lori A. Ehrlich
14 H339 An Act relative to chapter 70 Garrett J. Bradley
15 H447 An Act relative to determining the distribution of local state aid for education Brian R. Mannal
16 H408 An Act relative to school funding Anne M. Gobi
17 H433 An Act relative to holding Chapter 70 funding harmless Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
18 S249 An Act providing Chapter 70 accountability for adequate access to school nursing Richard T. Moore
19 S239 An Act including transitory student enrollment in the calculation of aid under Chapter 70. Patricia D. Jehlen
20 H488 An Act relative to promoting excellence and accountability for the education of mobile student populations Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
21 H486 An Act to increase accountability in school choice reimbursement John W. Scibak
22 H485 An Act to establish a school choice circuit breaker John W. Scibak
23 S1804 An Act prohibiting a municipality or regional school district from using public funds or other public resources for the recruitment of students from outside the municipality or regional school district Richard T. Moore
24 H400 An Act to promote fairness between traditional public schools and regional vocational schools Colleen M. Garry
25 S271 An Act increasing accountability of DESE contracts Bruce E. Tarr