Event Detail – Joint Committee on Financial Services


Event Date:6/20/2013

Start Time:1:00 PM

Location: A2 Get Directions

Event Description

Auto Insurance: Reform, Rate Setting, Labor Rates

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H985 An Act providing consumer choice and environmental protection by authorizing pay by the mile auto insurance Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
2 S463 An Act relative to group market plans for automobile and homeowners insurance Michael O. Moore
3 H919 An Act relative to a stay of surcharge pending appeal hearing Anne M. Gobi
4 S444 An Act relative to reduction in premiums for safe drivers. John Hart, Jr.
5 S442 An Act pertaining to cancellation of motor vehicle liability policies John Hart, Jr.
6 H832 An Act authorizing insurance providers to extend motor vehicle liability insurance rebates to customers with safe driving records Bruce J. Ayers
7 S419 An Act to preserve the financial assistance feature in automobile insurance rating William N. Brownsberger
8 S420 An Act to stress user-controllable factors in automobile insurance premiums William N. Brownsberger
9 H844 An Act requiring the Commissioner of Insurance to study the labor rates paid by auto insurers for the repair of damaged motor vehicles and the laws governing the repair of damaged motor vehicles Carlo Basile
10 S475 An Act providing additional protection against insurance fraud in the repair of damaged vehicles Anthony W. Petruccelli
11 S476 An Act relative to auto insurance repair programs Anthony W. Petruccelli
12 S440 An Act relative to motor vehicle service contracts Barry R. Finegold
13 H969 An Act reforming labor rates paid by insurance companies to auto repairers in the Commonwealth Kathi-Anne Reinstein
14 H834 An Act relative to arbitration for automobile insurance property damage Bruce J. Ayers
15 S497 An Act reforming labor rates paid by insurance companies to auto repairers in the Commonwealth James T. Welch
16 H856 An Act to protect consumers in the issuance of automobile insurance policies and bonds Garrett J. Bradley
17 H857 An Act to repeal no fault motor vehicle insurance Garrett J. Bradley
18 H949 An Act relative to encouraging volunteerism for non-profit organizations providing transportation options for seniors Ronald Mariano
19 H953 An Act relative to auto insurance reinspection requirements. Christopher M. Markey
20 H831 An Act reforming the process of appraising motor vehicle damage covered by auto insurance policies Brian M. Ashe
21 H913 An Act relative to compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance Sean Garballey
22 H952 An Act providing additional consumer protections in the repair of damaged motor vehicles Paul W. Mark