Event Detail – Joint Committee on Public Health


Event Date:10/1/2013

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Marketing and Sale of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Clinical Services

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 H1949 An Act to allow a sixty-day bulk purchase of prostate cancer medication John V. Fernandes
Richard T. Moore
2 H1950 An Act prohibiting clinical laboratory self-referrals John V. Fernandes
Garrett J. Bradley
3 H1962 An Act relative to the substitution of generic drugs William C. Galvin
4 H1996 An Act relative to medical equipment suppliers Louis L. Kafka
5 H2018 An Act to define modest meals and refreshments in prescriber educational settings Jason M. Lewis
6 H2020 An Act to reduce healthcare costs by promoting non-biased prescriber education Jason M. Lewis
7 H2061 An Act prohibiting advertising by pharmaceutical companies Kathi-Anne Reinstein
8 H2082 An Act establishing a statewide discount program for pharmaceuticals John W. Scibak
9 H2084 An Act relative to keep people healthy by removing barriers to cost-effective care Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
Patricia D. Jehlen
10 H2096 An Act establishing a special commission to study and recommend improvements in the delivery of prescription drug benefits for the citizens of the Commonwealth Walter F. Timilty
11 S1013 An Act prohibiting clinical laboratory self-referrals Barry R. Finegold
12 S1032 An Act relative to the in-office sales of medical devices and products John F. Keenan
13 S1050 An Act to reduce health care costs by promoting evidence-based prescriber education Mark C. Montigny
14 S1051 An Act to prevent undue influence on prescriber behavior Mark C. Montigny
15 S1052 An Act to restore integrity in the marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices Mark C. Montigny
16 H2003 An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy Jay R. Kaufman
17 S1091 An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy Marc R. Pacheco
18 H3639 An Act modernizing tobacco control and protecting the health of minors Jeffrey Sánchez