Event Detail – Joint Committee on Education


Event Date:6/21/2011

Start Time:10:00 AM

Location: B-2 Get Directions

Event Description

Personnel and virtual schools

Item Bill Number Bill Title Sponsor
1 S207 An Act ensuring adequate nursing services at public schools. Jennifer L. Flanagan
2 H1907 An Act relative to the dismissal of teachers Garrett J. Bradley
3 S208 An Act relative to dismissal rights for K-12 educational support personnel. Jennifer L. Flanagan
4 S257 An Act to improve the attracting excellence to teaching programs. Steven A. Tolman
5 H139 An Act relative to the employment of public school teachers. John J. Binienda
6 H1932 Resolve relative to teacher additional compensation Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
7 H1936 An Act Relative to Ensuring Teacher Quality for Teacher Licensure Applicants Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
8 H159 An Act to promote the successful transition of students with disabilities to post-secondary education, employment, and independent living Tom Sannicandro
Steven A. Tolman
9 H158 An Act improving outcomes for high school students with disabilities Tom Sannicandro
10 H1089 An Act relative to principal leadership in schools Martha M. Walz
11 H166 An Act preserving retired teachers' certification. Todd M. Smola
12 H1090 An Act relative to virtual charter schools Martha M. Walz
13 H1915 An Act relative to further defining good cause for the purpose of nonrenewal of contracts for educational administrators Robert F. Fennell
14 H1948 An Act to provide occupational therapists with professional teacher status Alice Hanlon Peisch
15 S177 An Act to improve and coordinate teacher professional development in the Commonwealth. Steven A. Baddour
16 H1088 An Act relative to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Martha M. Walz
17 H150 An Act relative to school business officials Bradford Hill
18 H1050 An Act establishing a virtual school working group James J. Dwyer
19 H143 An Act relative to teacher recertification requirements Antonio F. D. Cabral
20 H1054 An Act relative to educator excellence Sean Garballey
21 H1910 An Act to Incorporate Suicide Prevention Training into Educator Professional Development Plans Antonio F. D. Cabral
22 H1045 An Act relative to school business administrators Angelo L. D'Emilia
23 H1068 An act relative to the Mandating Elementary School Counselors Todd M. Smola
24 H1960 An Act relative to virtual public schools Martha M. Walz
25 H1927 An Act relative to educator licensure Patricia A. Haddad
26 H1917 An Act relative to the membership of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Sean Garballey
27 H2718 An Act composition of Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Kay Khan
28 H1928 An Act relative to providing feedback on educator certification tests Patricia A. Haddad